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Isaac Karimi cv updated.docx - iAMscientist: Turn discoveries into ... Isaac Karimi cv updated.docx - iAMscientist: Turn discoveries into ... Document Transcript

  • 4181475-57150Isaac Karimi<br />Assistant Professor<br />College of Veterinary Medicine<br />Razi University<br />Tel: +98(831)8322599-8329540 Fax: +98(831)8320041Email: karimiisaac@razi.ac.ir; isaac_karimi2000@yahoo.com Homepage: http://www.razi.ac.ir/isaac_karimi <br />Personal Data:<br />Nationalities: Iranian Birth: 1979 Gender: Male Marital status: Married Persian: Mother language English: Good Turkish: Fair Arabic: Good Place of birth: Iran<br />Education:<br />College of Veterinary Medicine in Shahr-e-kord University Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) (1998-2004)<br />College of Veterinary Medicine in Urmia University Doctor of Veterinary Sciences (DVSc): Expert of Physiology (2004-2008)<br />Research Activities:<br />Theses:<br />DVM: The assessment of the efficacy of progesterone during day's 3-5 post insemination on pregnancy rate in dairy cows.<br />DVSc (Ph.D.): Effects of Cannabis sativa L. seed on serum lipids, lipoproteins and apolipoproteins of Wistar rats.<br />Teaching: <br />
    • Medical Terminology in Shahrekord University (2000)
    • Biochemistry courses through the "Classmate Programme" in Shahrekord University (2000)
    • English courses in Kish Institute of Urmia (2005)
    • Physiology courses for veterinary and nurse students in Urmia Islamic Azad University (2006)
    • Physiology courses for veterinary student in College of veterinary medicine, Razi University
    • Biochemistry courses for veterinary student in College of veterinary medicine, Razi University
    • Hematology courses for veterinary student in College of veterinary medicine, Razi University
    • Laboratory animal medicine for veterinary student in College of veterinary medicine, Razi University
    Technical Skills:<br />
    • Setting up of enzymology lab in Artemia and Aquatic Animals Research Institute, Urmia University
    • Setting up of behavior (psychopharmacology) lab in Physiology Department of Veterinary College of Urmia University
    • Preparing of Animal and Surgery House in Bioscience and Biotechnology Research Center of Urmia University
    • Setting up of the rumen protistology in College of Veterinary Medicine, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran.
    • Setting up of nutritional neuroscience lab in in College of Veterinary Medicine, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran.
    • I am familiar with Electrophoresis, HPLC, TLC, GC, PCR, Western Blotting, Enzyme kinetics, Laboratory and farm animal surgery, and ICV.
    • I am familiar with all in vivo electrophysiology such as field potential, unicellular and patch clamp recordings.
    Membership: <br />
    • Member of Iranian Philosophy and Theosophy Society
    • Member of International Endocannabinoid Research Society
    • Member of SciLink group: http://www.scilink.com
    • Member of World Veterinary Association
    • Member of Iranian Society of Physiology and Pharmacology
    • Member of Advisory Board of EuroMDnet: http://www.euromdnet.org
    Invited lecture:<br />
    • What are the major pathways of xenobiotic metabolism in our body (Shahrekord Uni)
    • Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever outbreak during wool trimming in sheep (Shahrekord Uni)
    • Biochemical principles of fluid therapy in animals (Shahrekord Uni)
    • Role of endocannabinoid system in diabesity and plurimetabolic syndrome (Urmia Uni)
    • From cannabis to cannabinergic system: Developmental biology (Urmia Uni)
    • Interaction of endocannabinoid and histaminergic systems in memory and learning (Urmia Uni)
    • Marijuana and emesis: New generation of antiemetics in chemotherapy-induced emesis (Urmia Uni)
    • Xenoestrogens act as endocrine disruptors (Urmia Uni)
    • Nocebo and placebo neuroendocrinology (Urmia Uni)
    • Anti-inflammatory drugs: friend or foe (Urmia Uni)
    • Addiction and plasticity: Psychobiological approach (Urmia Uni)
    • Orthodox versus Traditional medicine in diabesity (Urmia Uni)
    • Review of G-proteins, G-protein coupled receptors and their signaling (Ahvaz Uni)
    • Endocannabinoid system in veterinary medicine: past, present and future (Tabriz Uni)
    • The role of Tachykinins as old neurotransmitters from frog to human (Urmia Uni)
    • Endocannabinoid system as an emerging target of pharmacotherapy (Razi Uni)
    • Nootropics in Traditional and Orthodox Medicines: Minireview (Razi Uni)
    Publications:<br />Karimi, I and H Hayatghaibi, 2006. Effect of Cannabis sativa L. seed (hempseed) on lipid and protein profiles of rat. Paki. J. Nutr., 5(6):585-588.<br />Hayatghaybi, H and I Karimi, 2007. Hypercholesterolemic effect of drug-type Cannabis sativa L. seed (marijuana seed) in guinea pig. Paki. J. Nutr. 6(1):56-59. <br />Karimi, I, Hayatghaibi, H,Yousofi J, Saberivand A, Zavareh S, 2007. Effects of nondrug type Cannabis sativa L. (hempseed) on hematological parameters in guinea pig. J. Cardiova. Hemato. Dis -Drug Targets. 7(4):288-290. <br />Karimi, I, Yousofi M and H Hayatghaibi, 2007. Effects of isfahanian variety of Cannabis sativa L.) on lipoprotein profile of male rats. Iran. J. Endocri. Metabol., 9(4):423-427.<br />A. Moghaddam, I. Karimi and M. Pooyanmehr (2009). Effects of short-term cooling on pregnancy rate of dairy heifers under summer heat stress. Veterinary Research Communications. 33(6):567-575.<br />J. Talebi, M. Souri, A. Moghaddam, I. Karimi (2009). Characteristics and seasonal variation in the semen of Markhoz goat bucks in western Iran. Small Ruminant Research 85(1). 18-22.<br />Chalechaleh A, Bahiraei A, I. Karimi (2009). Slaughter-based survey of gastrointestinal helminth parasite infestation in sheep in Kermanshah district. Pazhohesh va Sazandegi Journal (submitted).<br />Adel Saberivand, Isaac Karimi, Lora A. Becker, Saeed Azizi-Mahmoodjigh, Aliasghar Moghaddan, Mάsume Yousofi, Saeed Zavareh (2009). The effects of hempseed on the ovariectomized rat model of menopause. Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol (under review).<br />Chalechale A, Karimi I. (2010). Retrospective study of the prevalence of Trichomonas vaginalis infection among women of Kermanshah district, Iran during 2006-2007. Turkish journal of medical sciences (in press)<br />Isaac Karimi, Farzaneh Noori, Naser Agh, Aliasghar Moghaddam, Abdolali Chalechale, Másume Yousefi, Amir Dadyan (2010). Distribution of lipase activity in tissues of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Journal of Applied Biological Sciences (in press).<br />Hayatgheybi H, Karimi I, Dadyan A, Hadipour MM (2010). Anti-hyperlipidaemic effects of an essential oil of Melissa officinalis. L in cholesterol-fed rabbits. Journal of Applied Biological Sciences (in press).<br />Karimi, I, Yousefi J, Ghashghaeii A, 2010. Ocular toxicity caused by euphorbia sap. Iran. J. Pharma. Therapeutics. (in press).<br />Karimi I, Yousofi M, Saberivand, A. Becker L, Moghaddam A (2010) The effects of Cannabis sativa L. seed (hemp seed) on reproductive and neurobehavioral end points in rats. Developmental Psychobiology Journal (under review).<br />Ali Mikaeili, Isaac Karimi, Tanaz Bakhtiari (2010). The preliminary study on the contamination of warehouse-stored pistachios to aflatoxinogenic fungi in Kermanshah, Iran: the tip of the iceberg. Turkish Journal of Biology (submitted). <br />Isaac Karimi, Behruz Sohrabi, Abdolali Chalechale, Aliasghar Moghaddam, Hussein Mohammadi, Amir Dadyan, Reza Ali Rahmati Asl, Másume Yousefi. Effects of tail shaving on milk quality and udder cleanliness in a dairy farm. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (submitted). <br />I. Karimi, A. Chalechale, A. Bahiraie & M. Azadbakht: Larvae of Taenia taeniaeformis in the hepatobiliary system of Mus musculus. The Internet Journal of Parasitic Diseases. 2009 Volume 4 Number 1.<br />Abstracts:<br />
    • Emadi A, Yekta M, I Karimi. Serological evaluation of avian influenza in broilers of Chahar Mahal Province of Iran. The First Scientific Seminar of Veterinary Medical Students of Islamic Azad University, Iran, May 2001(in Persian)
    • Shahbazkia H, I Karimi. The role of leptin in metabolic and reproductive controls in livestock. The 1st Congress (Manuscript in Preparation) of Iranian Veterinary Laboratory Science Student, Iran, 24-26 Jul.2004 (in Persian)
    • Hayatghaibi H, Karimi I, Yousefy M, Yousefi J and H Islami. Effects of hempseed powder (Isfahanian variety) on serum lipid profile of male rat. 2nd International Conference of Biology, Iran, August 2006.
    • Karimi I, Hayatghaybi H, Aminkhah S, A Abdolazimzadeh. Effects of hempseed powder (Khorasan variety) on serum lipid profile of female rat. 14th national Conference of biology, Iran, August 2006 (in Persian).
    • Abdolazimzadeh A, Hayatghaybi H, Karimi I, S Aminkhah. Hempseed and serum protein profile of rat. 14th national Conference of biology, Iran, August 2006. (in Persian)
    • Karimi I, Zavareh S, Pourtaheri SH, M Pak. Effect of oxytocin on learning and memory in object recognition task in female rats. The 5th Veterinary Clinical Congress, Ahvaz, Feb 2007 (in Persian)
    • Hayatgheybi H, Karimi I, M Yousofi. Fatty acid content of Cannabis sativa L. seed (hemp seed) cultivated in Khorasan province of Iran: Friend or Foe. The 9th Congress of Iranian Biochemistry & the 2nd International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Shiraz. Iran, Oct 29, Nov, 1, 2007.
    • Karimi I, Hayatgheybi H, Yousofi M, Islami I, Bakhtyarkia S, D Naseri. Does preoperative nutrition alter anesthesia profile? An involvement of marijuana seed in guinea pigs. 2nd International Symposium of Veterinary Surgery (ISVS) & 7th Iranian Symposium of Veterinary Surgery Anesthesia and Radiology (ISVSAR), April, 21-24, 2008, Kerman, IRAN.
    • Karimi I, M.R. Shoelepash, M. Yousofi, N. Agh. (2009). Characterization of fatty acid composition of black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) seed cultivated in Southern Khorasan province of Iran: friend or foe. 1st International Congress of Food Hygiene; Tehran, Iran; 25-26.
    • Karimi I, M.R. Shoelepash, M. Yousofi, (2009). The role of drought on possible epizootic outbreak of metabolic diseases and preventive strategies against it. National Exhibition of Bovine Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, Birjand, Southern Khorasan province of Iran (in Persian).
    • Karimi I, A Dadian, A Moghaddam, A Chalechale, M Yousofi, M Rahmatiasl (2009). Effect of tail shaving on milk quality and subclinical mastitis. High productive dairy cattle symposium, Shiraz University (in Persian)
    • Zakari I, S. Azizi Mahmoodjigh, I. Karimi (2009). Effect of the omentoplasty on psychophysiological recovery after experimental sciatic nerve crush injury in rats: verifying of novel in vivo rapid test. 19th Iranian Congress of Physiology & Pharmacology, Tehran, Iran
    • Chalechale A, Karimi I (2009). Antiparasitic remedies in Kurdish ethnopharmacology: a neglected treasure trove. 5th International Joint Conference of Agricultural Sciences, Saint Petersburg, 8-9 October 2009, Russia (accepted orally)
    • Karimi* I, Zavarreh S, Becker L, Saberivand A, Azizi-Mahmoodjigh S (2009). The effects of hempseed on metabolic and psychophysiologic profiles of ovariectomized rat model of menopause. The 8th International Congress of Endocrine Disorders” together with  the 2nd Arab & Iranian Congress of Endocrinology and Diabetes  and  the 2nd Iranian Congress on Prevention  and  Management of Obesity (accepted orally)
    • Ranjbar F, Karimi I (2010). Pharmacognosy of anticonvulsant and antiepileptic remedies in Kurdish ethnomedicine: Minireview. The First Scientific Seminar of Application of Medicinal Plants, Ahvaz University, Iran. Code: 1187(in Persian: poster)
    • Moatamedi S, Karimi I (2010). Ethnopharmacological survey of analgesic and anti-inflammatory remedies in Isfahan, Iran. The First Scientific Seminar of Application of Medicinal Plants, Ahvaz University, Iran. Code: 1461(in Persian: oral)
    • Fathi M, Karimi I, Amirian M, Olfati S (2010). Phytochemical aanalysis of Oak as a functional food in Kurdish ethnomedicine. The First Scientific Seminar of Application of Medicinal Plants, Ahvaz University, Iran. Code: 1464 (in Persian: poster)
    • Isaac Karimi, Azadeh Karimi, Másume Yousefi (2010). Reference intervals of serum lipid profile and atherogenic index of sampled population in Kermanshah, Iran.
    • Isaac Karimi, Seyed Hassan Pourtaheri (2010). Hempseed is an adoptogen! 17th International Congress of Neurology & Clinical Electrophisiology of Iran (accepted).
    • Isaac Karimi, Seyed Hassan Pourtaheri, Másume Yousofi, Ali Jalili, Maziar Fathi (2010). Maternal intake of hempseed as a “junk nut” did not alter stress, depression, and psychomotor profiles in rat offspring at post-weaning. 15th seminar of Iranian pharmacy students, Kerman, Iran (submitted)
    • Isaac Karimi, Aliasghar Moghaddam, Sirous Bahadori, Daryoush Komazani (2010). Effect of in ovo injection royal jelly on hatchability outcomes in broiler chickens. EAAP, Greece (accepted)
    • Aliasghar Moghaddam, Isaac Karimi, Sirous Bahadori, Daryoush Komazani (2010). Effect of Royal Jelly Injection in Hy-line Eggs on Embryonic Growth, Hatchability and Gonadotropin Level of Chicks: Double-sided sword. EAAP, Greece (accepted)
    • Abdolali Chalechale, Isaac Karimi (2010). Larvae of Taenia taeniaeformis in the hepatobiliary system of Mus musculus in Kermanshah province, Iran: The tip of the iceberg!
    Manuscript in preparation:<br />
    • Karimi I, Hayatghaibi H, Malekineghad H, Yousofi M. The effects of Cannabis sativa L. on lipid, lipoprotein, apolipoprotein and antioxidant profiles of mature rats. In prep - to be submitted to Nutrition Journal.
    • Saberivand A, Karimi I, Azizi MJS, Yousofi M, Zavareh S. The effects of black seed (Nigella sativa L.) on hormonal profile and spermatogenesis in juvenile rats. In prep - to be submitted to Andrology.
    • Moghaddam A, Karimi I. The steroid hormone profile of Markhoz doe throughout estrous cycle and gestation period. In prep - to be submitted to Animal Reproduction Journal.
    Chalechale A, Karimi I. Monthly variation of Giardiasis in Kermanshah district, Iran during 2006-2007: A retrospective study. In prep - to be submitted to Open journal of parasitology.<br />Hussein Hayatgheybi, Isaac Karimi. Dose and time-dependent hyperlipidemic effect of Salix aegyptiaca in cholesterol-fed rabbits.<br />Student's theses and projects<br />1. Ethnopharmacology and Ethnomedicine of Ghasr-e-Shirin district, Kermanshah, Iran. MS project <br />2. Antiparasitic remedies in Kurdish ethnopharmacology: a neglected treasure trove <br />3. The application of geographical information system (GIS) and spatial analysis in veterinary science.<br />4. An attempt to revive and document Iranian ethnoveterinary medicine: From shepherds mind to neglected textbooks.<br />5. The comparison of nutrient values of hempseed and oak fruit as two popular nuts among Kurdish tribes in Kermanshah: food chemical analysis<br />6. Reference interval of bilirubin level in inhabitants of Kermanshah province of Iran.<br />7. Reference interval of lipid profile in inhabitants of Kermanshah province of Iran.<br />8. Roles of probiotics in normal and abnormal physiology.<br />9. Craniomorphological, craniomorphometrical and stereotoxic studies of the skulls of two Iran native sheep breeds: Sanjabi vs. Mehraban<br />10. What is oxidative stress?<br />11. The effects of hempseed oil on CCl-4 induced hepatotoxicity in male adult rats.<br />12. The effects of pomegranate on CCl-4 and paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity in male adult rats.<br />13. Evaluation of decoction of Astragalus verus Olivier. against clinical isolates of Trichophyton verrucosum: in vitro and in guinea pig<br />14. The effects of pomegranate on cyclophosphamide-induced testicular toxicity: Biochemical and psychological investigation.<br />15. Is Tharkhina as a traditional food in Kurdistan ethnomedicine, a functional food? Immunopsychophysiological view.<br />16. The effects of aerial parts of Astragalus verrus against Candidia albicans both in vitro and in guinea pig model of candidiasis <br />17. The measurement of reference intervals of lipid and lipoprotein profiles and its association with morphometric indices in Kalkohi sheep<br />18. Reference interval of lipid profile in Markhoz goat, an indigenous Iranian breed.<br />19. Craniomorphological study of the skulls of Iranian water buffalo<br />20. The biolochemical and psychopharmacological effects of Aquilaria sinensis in rats<br />21. Neuroeconomics of food hoarding in rats after several psychophysiological stresses.<br />22. The psychophysiology and lipid profile of handicapped rats<br />23. Dose and time-dependent hyperlipidemic effect of Salix aegyptiaca in normal rabbits.<br />24. Effect of Alfalfa Extract (Polysavone) on Lead Toxicity in Broiler Chickens<br />Recent activities: <br />
    • Dysregulation of the endocrine system can occur in various ways and physiologically during aging. The human ovaries become unresponsive to gonadotropins with advancing age, and their function declines, so that sexual cycles disappear (menopause). I and our colleagues; Dr Saberivand (Molecular Theriogenologist), Dr Zavareh (Veterinary Theriogenologist) and Dr Azizi (Animal Surgeon) were motivated to evaluate the effect of phytoesterogens and high fat diets on ovariectomized rats: animal model of menopause. We hypothesized that feeding ovariectomized rat with high- fat diet and nuts that contain phytoestrogen would increase circulating 17 beta estradiol (E2) levels. The oil contained in hempseed is 75-80% polyunsaturated fatty acids: PUFAs. Arachidonic acid (a metabolite of n-6 PUFA) also can increase aromatization of androstenedione to estrone via prostaglandin E2-induced activation of P450 aromatase. Recently our team concentrated to compare the effects of soybean and hempseed in preventing of metabolic and psychic symptoms of menopause.
    • The supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) is important for optimal fetal and postnatal development. In the present project, I and my coworkers: Drs Saberivand and Yousofi evaluate the effect of maternal dietary intake of hempseed, the rich source of (n-3), (n-6) PUFA and phytoestrogen, on the leptin content in rat milk, serum leptin levels in suckling pups, sex ratio, postnatal physiological growth indices in pups, neurobehavioral and reproductive end points, mammary gland development, puberty onset, immunotoxicity tests and breast cancer risk among female rat offspring.
    • Larvae of marine fish are very immature at hatching and undergo major developmental changes over several weeks. In particular, the switch from endogenous to exogenous feeding is concomitant with morphology and functionality transformations of the digestive tract. The influence of diet on enzymatic regulation during postnatal development has been widely demonstrated for many species. I and my coworker Dr Noori (Fish physiologist) were setting up enzymological assay for digestive enzymes such as trypsin, chymotrypsin, lipase, amylase, and the chief hormone CCK in the GI system of salmon and other Persian varieties of fish following different diet formulae. Our goal is to introduce the most suitable diets for different stages of growth of aforementioned fish.
    • The rumen is populated with many types of micro-organisms, which degrade and ferment the feed eaten by the animal. However, from a production point of view, not all the micro-organisms present in the rumen are essential or provide efficient conversion of feed to protein1. Many studies have shown that if protozoa are removed from the rumen, a process known as defaunation, wool growth can be increased due to increased microbial protein outflow to the small intestine. However, successful defaunation methods can be laborious and impractical in normal animal husbandry settings and chemical-based methods can be detrimental to animal health. I and my colleague; Dr Abdolali Chalechale (Parasitologist), in collaboration with the most prominent scientist Prof Dehority from Ohio university were motivated to characterize fauna of protozoa in Iranian breeds of sheep and goats because we sense their meager in current literature of protistology.
    • My special interest is studying in the field of translational physiology. The theme of translational physiology is defined as the interacting contributions of clinical and laboratory research in advancing the understanding of normal and pathological physiology. The idea is to take a research program from ‘‘bench to bedside’’, an area that is receiving increasing support. This area enable us to produce animal models for human and animal diseases such as menopause, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, obesity, MS, epilepsy, addiction … and knockout animals. I have produced four animal models: Andropause, Menopause, DM and Diet-induced obesity in Urmia University successfully.
    Honors: <br />
    • Ranked 1th and being top student in all high school classes.
    • Ranked 2th in the Nationwide Preclinical Veterinary Basic Science Examination of Iran. Veterinary Faculties among 300 participants, 2000.
    • Ranked 1th in Residency of Veterinary Physiology in all terms, 2003-07.
    • Ranked 1th in the Nationwide Board Physiology Examination of Iran Universities among all participants, Tehran 2007.
    • Ranked 1th in the score of thesis in Urmia University, 2008 (19.92 out of 20).