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Graduate College - Slide 1

  1. 1. Important Information ToImportant Information To Provide Prospective StudentsProvide Prospective Students About theAbout the OUHSC GraduateOUHSC Graduate CollegeCollege 2010 Counselor’s Workshop
  2. 2. Job Opportunities with GraduateJob Opportunities with Graduate DegreesDegrees Graduates make significant contributions as: ◦ Academic institutions in research and administration ◦ Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies ◦ Hospital leaders ◦ Government agencies at federal, state, and local levels ◦ Specialized clinicians ◦ Consulting firms ◦ Philanthropic and non-profit organizations
  3. 3. Website of Interest for StudentsWebsite of Interest for Students Interested in a Science CareerInterested in a Science Career Sponsored by the GREAT Group of the American Association of Medical Colleges ◦ Career paths for PhD Graduates in the biomedical sciences
  4. 4. Why Choose OUHSC?Why Choose OUHSC? Outstanding research on campus ◦ FY 2009: $140 million in external funding to OUHSC ◦ Now in the 4th year of strategic plan that focuses on Cancer, Diabetes, Infectious Diseases, and Vision/Neuroscience ◦ Students can have mentors at OMRF Expand Clinical and Translational (CTS)Research ◦ Goal to improve health by bridging bench and clinical research
  5. 5. OUHSC Graduate ProgramsOUHSC Graduate Programs  All programs are acceptance based MS Thesis/Comprehensive Exam track program dependent Graduate College offers MS & PhD degrees in 35 programs housed in all six professional colleges on campus Pharm Sciences MS and PhD: OU Tulsa Nursing MS: OU Tulsa and other selected sites across the state and country
  6. 6. The OUHSC Graduate CollegeThe OUHSC Graduate College Student DataStudent Data 563 students enrolled in fall 2010; 562 graduate faculty members Involved in research projects totaling over $31 million in extramural grants Contributing authors on 75 peer-reviewed papers Presented over 100 presentations at national and international scientific meetings Student travel awards through GREAT Symposium awarded $22,000 in travel monies in 2010
  7. 7. Programs OfferedPrograms Offered Allied Health Sciences ◦ Medical Dosimetry: MS ◦ Allied Health Sciences: MS/PhD ◦ Nutritional Sciences: MS ◦ Communication Sciences and Disorders: MS/PhD Medicine – Biomedical Sciences ◦ Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: MS/PhD ◦ Cell Biology: PhD ◦ Microbiology: PhD ◦ Neuroscience: MS/PhD ◦ Pathology: PhD ◦ Physiology: MS/PhD
  8. 8. Programs, cont’dPrograms, cont’d Medicine ◦ Combined MD/PhD ◦ Radiological Sciences: MS/PhD ◦ Genetic Counseling: MS ◦ Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (GPiBS)  1-yr interdisciplinary program  Non-degree granting leading to PhD Dentistry ◦ Orthodontics: MS ◦ Periodontics: MS Graduate College Interdisciplinary ◦ Clinical and Translational Science: MS
  9. 9. Programs, cont’dPrograms, cont’d Nursing ◦ PhD ◦ Nurse Administration/Management: MS ◦ Nurse Educator: MS ◦ Clinical Nurse Specialist: MS ◦ Nurse Practitioner: MS ◦ Post-Master’s Certificate Pharmacy ◦ Pharmaceutical Sciences MS, PharmD/MS, PhD Public Health ◦ Biostatistics and Epidemiology MS/PhD ◦ Health Promotion Sciences MS/PhD ◦ Occupational and Environmental Health MS/PhD
  10. 10. Tuition & Tuition WaiversTuition & Tuition Waivers Set yearly by State Regents ◦ Graduate student tuition: $162.20/hour plus university fees ◦ Graduate Out-of State tuition: $428.10/hour plus university fees All departments are granted tuition waiver monies
  11. 11. Funding OpportunitiesFunding Opportunities Listing of funding sources Financial Aid lists scholarship opportunities ◦ Matching of an independent fellowship by the Graduate College Graduate Assistantships
  12. 12. Graduate AssistantshipsGraduate Assistantships Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) Fall 2010: N=220 ◦ Primary responsibility is the research effort on campus – minimal Graduate Teaching Assistants ◦ GRAs eligible for non-resident tuition waivers ◦ Must work 10-20 hours/week ◦ Work related to program of study ◦ Enrollment Required: 6 hrs/ 6 hrs /3hrs ◦ Receive stipend of $6,000-$22,000/year Program dependent ◦ Appointment as GA outside program of study as long as appointment applies to program of study
  13. 13. Undergraduate Research ExperienceUndergraduate Research Experience Extremely important for biomedical science programs! ◦ Cell Biology ◦ Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ◦ Microbiology and Immunology ◦ Physiology ◦ Pathology ◦ Neuroscience ◦ Research interests of OUHSC biomedical science faculty found online at
  14. 14. NewNew Volunteer and CreditVolunteer and Credit Procedure for Biomedical ScienceProcedure for Biomedical Science UndergradsUndergrads OU Norman students may volunteer or enroll for hours credit intercampus through Norman campus Students from external institutions may volunteer or enroll for credit if approved by their institution. BMSC 4990 – Maximum 6 hours Process outline at ~ Policies and Procedures ~ Volunteers Participate in Summer Undergraduate Research Programs (SURP)
  15. 15. TimelineTimeline FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE YEAR!FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE YEAR! Freshman/Sophomore Year ◦ Must have 3.0 to be accepted in full standing to OUHSC Graduate School  Admission on probation (2.75-2.99 GPA) with departmental approval  Some departments do not allow admission on probation ◦ Stress the Importance of Undergraduate Research Participation  Best sophomore or junior year!
  16. 16. Timeline – JUNIOR YEARTimeline – JUNIOR YEAR Encourage participation in OUHSC Summer Undergraduate Research Programs (SURP) ◦ SURE ◦ InBre ◦ NARCH Take GRE in summer between junior and senior year ◦ Expected score varies between departments ◦ Specific information located on Graduate College website at ~Prospective Students~ Student or Counselors~ Graduate Programs~ Graduate Program Requirements
  17. 17. Timeline- Senior YearTimeline- Senior Year Application deadlines vary by department ◦ December is latest for most programs! ◦ Found online ~ Prospective Students ~ Graduate Programs ~ Graduate Program Requirements Recommendation Letters ◦ Science/Math Instructors ◦ Research Mentors Goals/Purpose Statement ◦ Extremely important to be clear and thorough
  18. 18. Where to Quickly Locate InformationWhere to Quickly Locate Information Counselors: ◦ ~ Prospective Students~ Counselors
  19. 19. New This Year!New This Year! Videos describing programs by many departments Located under Prospective Students~Students and Counselors~ Graduate Programs 
  20. 20. Important ContactsImportant Contacts  Jane Bowers, PhD, Assistant Dean:  Karolyn Ruffin, BS, Special Programs Coordinator:  Melissa Pinkston, GPiBS Coordinator :  Cheryl Walk, Summer Undergraduate Programs Coordinator: cheryl- • Departmental information found on Graduate College website at