Faculty Recruitment


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Faculty Recruitment

  1. 1. Faculty Advertising & Recruitment Academic Human Resources Office of Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action International Scholars Office
  2. 2. Agenda • Non-national searches • National searches • Current Reviews • International concerns • Affirmative Action essentials
  3. 3. Non-national Advertising • Applies to non-professorial and annual appointments • Click here to be directed to job class code descriptions • Advertisements are recommended, but not required • If requested, AHR will review, post advertisement and notify department via e-mail • Please include advertising template, specific titles and EEO statement
  4. 4. National Advertisement Requirements 1. Include advertisement template 2. Specific titles/ranks 3. Terms of the appointment 4. Appropriate degree requirements 5. “Teaching, research and service” 6. EEO Statement
  5. 5. Short and Long Ads • AHR can review short and long ad versions • Wait for ad approval before submitting to print journals
  6. 6. National Advertising Process Submit ad to acadpers@uw.edu Ad is reviewed by AHR and ISO Ad has been approved on the hiring plan Ad has NOT been approved on the hiring plan AHR will post advertisement and send AAIR and Applicant Flow Report links to department Hiring committee will review ad and issue an approval or denial If approved, AHR will post advertisement and send AAIR and Applicant Flow Report links to department
  7. 7. Reminders of Current Reviews • Hiring Committee • Revisions to Hiring Plan • What ads/hires need to be seen by the Hiring Committee?
  8. 8. Helpful Information • For more information, please click here to access the Faculty Recruitment Toolkit ▫ General search tips ▫ Resources for enhancing diversity ▫ Language for ads and announcements ▫ Benefits and resources for new hires • Planning a search • Advertisement Template • Advertisement Guide • Additional information on advertising • Recruiting resources • Job Class Codes • Interviewing
  9. 9. What is missing in this advertisement? The University of Washington in Seattle, WA is accepting applications for a research psychiatrist at the rank of Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor. This position involves conducting research on developmental neurobiology, transcriptional regulation of neural gene expression and the etiology of mental illness. The position requires certification by the ABPN in general psychiatry, a PhD in basic neuroscience, and prior research experience. Please send cover letter and CV to Greta Davis, MD, Professor and Chair, University of Washington Medical Center, 1959 NE Pacific St. Box 356560, Seattle, WA 98195. Questions? E-mail: davisg8@uw.edu or call 206-616-1656 a. This ad looks great!! b. Missing EEO statement c. Missing “teaching, research and service” statement d. B and C
  10. 10. International Concerns • What if you select a candidate who needs a green card? • Eligible titles: •Assistant Professor •Associate Professor •Professor •Research Assistant Professor •Research Associate Professor •Research Professor •Senior Lecturers
  11. 11. Position Eligibility • Full-time • Permanent (expectation of continuance) • Paid UW salary at prevailing wage • Involve some actual classroom teaching ▫ “classroom” & “teaching” not defined in the regs
  12. 12. Foreign Candidate Eligibility • Selected pursuant to a competitive recruitment • More qualified than U.S. applicants • Fully qualified for the job at the time of selection • If possibility of ABD, state this in the ad
  13. 13. Department of Labor, Permanent Labor Certification Program Final Regulation Frequently Asked Questions April 7, 2005 College and University Teachers Question: Does the use of an electronic national professional journal satisfy the advertisement requirement under the college and university teacher’s special recruitment and documentation provision? Answer: No, use of an electronic national professional journal does not satisfy the optional special recruitment provision’s advertising requirement. The employer must use a print publication.
  14. 14. Competitive Recruitment • Close not sooner than 30 days from ad date • Retain records for five years • Don’t promise a green card • How can you know if a candidate has visa issues? • If your top candidate is foreign, invite ISO to discuss visa issues • LCA filing deadline is 18 months from “selection” date (Chair’s offer letter)
  15. 15. Understanding Affirmative Action • Affirmative Action Laws ▫ State AA vs. Federal AA • Federal AA requirements • Identifying problem areas ▫ Underutilization ▫ Disparate impact
  16. 16. Collecting Affirmative Action Data • OFCCP regulations 41 CFR 60-1.12© • Self-identification • UW’s method: AAIR form IMPORTANT: Each job announcement has a unique AAIR form that is to be used only for those applicants. Reusing AAIR forms for multiple job announcements jeopardizes the integrity of the data
  17. 17. AAIR • Questions on the form Name Sex Race Veteran Status Opportunity to provide disability information, if desired
  18. 18. Applicants • Applicant vs. job seeker We only need to collect AA data on applicants. All applicants (interviewed or not) need to be sent the survey to voluntarily provide data.
  19. 19. Managing Applicant Flow • Keep track of ALL people who respond to the announcement ▫ Name ▫ Status ▫ Comments
  20. 20. Sample Applicant Flow Sheet Name Disposition Code Comments Jane Fuller 11 – Not best qualified Less experience than selected appointee Garth Bonya 15 – Not selected after interview Answers lack specific information, was vague Randi Rhodes 07 – Not able to contact No response Harley Magik H - Hired
  21. 21. Disposition Codes • NEW: effective ?? ▫ After announcement closes and a selection is made, every person on the list needs to be assigned a final disposition code • What are disposition codes?
  22. 22. Disposition Codes 1. Did not follow application process 2. Incomplete application 3. Application arrived too late 4. Lacks required ability to work in US 5. Lacks interest/willingness to travel 6. Salary request is too high 7. Not able to contact – 2 or more requests 8. Lacks basic (minimum) requirements 9. Withdrew application 10. Lacks favorable references 11. Not best qualified 12. Cancelled or failed to show for interview 13. Not selected after initial screening 14. Not selected after phone screen 15. Not selected after interview 16. Not selected after department review/vote 17. Declined job offer H. Hired
  23. 23. Completing the Recruitment Complete the Applicant Flow Report in the link provided to you by Academic HR Follow existing procedure in submitting New Hire packet to Academic HR
  24. 24. Record Keeping • Maintain for a period of 2 years ▫ Job descriptions ▫ Job postings and advertisements ▫ Applications/resumes received ▫ Interview notes ▫ Test/test results ▫ Records of job offers
  25. 25. Why is it So Important? • OFCCP collected over $67.5 Million in recent years from back pay and alleged discrimination • Overwhelming findings occur in the hiring/selection process - $$ paid to unsuccessful applicants not hired, but employers failed to document or provide evidence why non-selection was made • Inability to explain hiring decisions led to discrimination findings –OFCCP “infers” lack of documentation is due to unfavorable actions • The BEST method to defend ourselves is to EXPLAIN through appropriate documentation
  26. 26. Contact Information Academic Human Resources Greta Davis Danae Hollinger Jessica Stern Sara Votipka Anne Winkelman Pam Ziegler Shirley Runkel, Director Office of Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Torrey Tiburzi, Director International Scholars Office Curt DeVere, Director