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Download - Welcome to AHEAD! | AHEAD: Association on Higher ... Document Transcript

  • 1. Working with College Students with Asperger’s Disorder<br />By Leslie Carter, Ph.D.9600 SW Oak Street, Suite 280, Tigard, Oregon 97223<br />(503) 807-7413 www.DrLeslieCarter.com Lcarter004@earthlink.net<br />9:00 The Big Picture – Common Challenges Asperger’s Students Face<br />9:30 Coping Strategies for Students (Anger Management, Anxiety Coping) <br />10:00 Sensory Integration problems (Vision, Hearing, Eating, etc.)<br />10:30 Practical Techniques for Instructors<br />11:00 Social Perspective Taking<br />11:30 Current Trends in ASD Research <br />12:00 Lunch <br />Working with College Students with Asperger’s Disorder<br />Autism Resources and References <br />By Leslie Carter, Ph.D.<br />9600 SW Oak Street, Suite 280, Tigard, Oregon 97223<br />(503) 807-7413 www.DrLeslieCarter.com Lcarter004@earthlink.net<br />Diagnosis:<br />www.DSM5.org – Official website for proposed DSM-5 changes. <br />American Psychiatric Association: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition. Text Revision (DSM-IV TR). Washington, DC, American Psychiatric Association, 2000. <br />Tests:<br />Adaptive Behavior Assessment System II (ABAS). Los Angeles, CA, Western Psychological Services. 2003. www.wpspublish.com<br />Asperger’s Symptom Diagnostic Scale (ADSD). Los Angeles, CA, Western Psychological Services. www.wpspublish.com<br />Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BREIF). Los Angeles, CA. Western Psychological Services. 2000. www.wpspublish.com<br />Gilliam Asperger’s Disorder Scale (GADS). Austin, TX, Pro-ed. www.proedinc.com<br />www.incrisis.org This is an on-line crisis evaluation tool for adolescents called Step On for Parents.<br />Learning Disabilities Diagnostic Inventory (LDDI). Austin, TX, Pro-ed. 1998. www.proedinc.com<br />Sensory Profile. USA, Psychological Corporation. 1999. www.pearsonassessment.com<br />Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory – II (MCMI/MACI). USA. Psych Corp. www.pearsonassessment.com<br />Mental Health Treatment Resources:<br />Attwood, T. (2004). Exploring Feelings: Cognitive behaviour therapy to manage anxiety. Arlington, TX. Future Horizons Inc. <br />Baker, J. (2008) No More Meltdowns: Positive strategies for managing and preventing out-of-control behavior. Arlington, TX. Future Horizons, Inc. <br />Baker, J. (2006). Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond. Arlington, TX. Future Horizons Inc. <br />Conner, M. (2006). Crisis Intervention with Adolescents: A guide for parents and professionals. Bloomington, IN. Author House.<br />Gray, C., Editor. (2004) Gray’s Guide to Bullying: The original series of articles, parts I – II . Jenison Autism Journal: Creative Ideas in Practice. Jenison, MI. Jenison Public Schools.<br />Kolberg, J. (1998) Conquering Chronic Disorganization. Decatur, GA. Squall Press, Inc.<br />Kolberg, J. and Nadeau, K. PhD. (2002) ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life: Strategies that work from a professional organizer and a renowned ADD clinician. New Yord, NY. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. <br />Moles, K. CSW. (2001) The Relationship Workbook: Activities for developing healthy relationships & preventing domestic violence. Plainview, NY. Wellness Reproductions & Publishers. <br />Monastra, V.J. (2008). A Model for Clinical Practice: Unlocking the potential of patients with ADHD. Washington DC. American Psychological Association Press.<br />Rubin, K., PhD. The Friendship Factor: Helping our children navigate their social world—why it matters for their success and happiness. New York, NY. Penguin Books.<br />Spradlin, S.E.,MA. (2003) Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life: How dialectical behavior therapy can put you in control. Oakland, CA. New Harbinger Publications, Inc. <br />Wehrenberg, Margaret. (2008). The 10 Best-ever Anxiety Management Techniques. New York, NY. W.W. Norton.<br />Wehrenberg, M. & Prinz, S. (2007). The Anxious Brain: The neurobiological basis of anxiety disorders and how to effectively treat them. New York, NY. W. W. Norton & Co.<br />Selected ASD Related Books: <br />(2009). Special ASD Theme Issue. Optometry & Vision Development, 40, 131-201. Journal<br />Aston, M. (2008) The Asperger’s Couples Workbook: Practical advice and activities for couples and counselors. London. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.<br />Attwood, T. (2006). The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome. London. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.<br />Baker, J. (2005) Preparing for Life: The complete guide for transitioning to adulthood with autism and asperger’s syndrome. Arlington, TX. Future Horizons Inc. <br />Buron, K.D. (2007) A 5 Is Against the Law!: Social boundaries: straight Up! An honest guide for teens and young adults. Shawnee Mission, KS. Autism Asperger Publishing Co.<br />Carley, M. (2008). Asperger’s from the Inside Out: A supportive and practical guide for anyone with Asperger’s syndrome. New York. Penguin Group Inc. <br />Edelson, S. & Rimland, B. (2003). Treating Autism: Parent stories of hope and success. San Diego, CA Autism Research Institute.<br />Edmonds, G. & Beardon, L. (eds). (2008) Asperger’s Syndrome and Employment: Adults speak out about Asperger’s syndrome. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.<br />Elder, J. (2006). Different Like Me: My book of autism heroes. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.<br />Grandin, T. and Duffy, K. (2004) Developing Talents: Careers for individuals with Asperger Syndrome and high-functioning Autism. Shawnee Mission, KS. Autism Asperger Publishing Co. <br />Grandin, T. (1995). Thinking in Pictures: And other reports from my life with autism. New York, Double Day. <br />Grandin, T. and Barron, S. (2005) Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships: Decoding social mysteries through the unique perspectives of autism. Arlington, TX. 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Fragile Success: Ten autistic children, childhood to adulthood. Baltimore, ML. Brookes Publishing. <br />Willey, L. (1999). Pretending to Be Normal : Living with Asperger’s syndrome. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. <br />Winner, M.G. (2005) Worksheets! For Teaching Social Thinking and Related Skills: Breaking down concepts for teaching students with high functioning Autism, Asperger syndrome, nonverbal learning disability, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. San Jose, CA. Think Social Publishing, Inc. <br />Wrobel, M. (2003). Taking Care of Myself: A healthy hygiene, puberty and personal curriculum for young people with autism. Arlington, TX. Future Horizons.<br />Selected ASD Web Resources:<br />(Local resources)<br />www.otac.org The Oregon Technical Assistance Corporation has grants to provide technical support for disabled people to live as independently as possible within the community. Person Centered Planning is their project.<br />www.providence.org The Swindells Center at Providence Portland Hospital has a valuable lending library, resource personnel, video library, speaker series related to public education about children and teens with disabilities including autism and asperger’s. <br />www.oregonautism.com The Autism Society of Oregon has a website including area information, support groups, activities, and speakers. They also have a limited respite care program. <br />www.orpti.org The Oregon Parent Training and Information Center provides educational program about IEP planning and transition planning, conferences, trainings, lending library and other resources. <br />www.disabilitycompass.org Disability Compass is a new website still in slow development whose mission is to be a central website for Oregon Disability related services, events, etc. <br />www.autismnwaf.org Northwest Autism Foundation is an important fund raising organization that has helpful staff to refer people to community resources and organizes conferences and trainings. They also publish an Autism Resource Directory listing the big players in the greater Pacific Northwest.<br />www.orfirst.org Oregon Families Information Referral Service and Training Program is a federally funding Portland area resource for IEP planning, speakers and support groups.<br />(national autism sites)<br />www.autism.com Autism Research Institute is a non-profit organization that strongly supports research on the medical problems common in autism. They have excellent research lists and general information about autism on their site. <br />www.MassMutual.com/autism Is the website hosting the Easter Seals Parents of Autistic children study.<br />www.Ianproject.org The Kennedy Krieger Institute is part of the autism treatment network nationally. They are currently hosting the interactive autism network which includes collection of data from people who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and summarizing it. Their site includes information on children and adults. I encourage clients who are interested to participate. <br />www.autismspeaks.org Autism Speaks is a non profit organization with strong media contacts that is working to keep the growing autism population and their needs in the public eye. <br />www.sarnet.org The Schafer Report is a weekly email newsletter providing easy to read updates about research releases and popular topics in autism.<br />www.TonyAttwood.com Dr. Attwood is an Australian college professor who has been writing about asperger’s for years his site is useful.<br /> www.TempleGrandin.com Dr. Grandin is a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, but is more widely known as the most famous example of an openly autistic individual who has written extensively about her experience growing up with ASD. <br />www.FHautism.com Autism book publishing and supply company that also has Tony Attwood and Temple Grandin speak in the area periodically. <br /> <br />