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  • 1. Advising in Banner
    How to Navigate the Advising Process in Our New Computer System
  • 2.
    You will still be able to access HillNet through the Spring semester for access to academic history
  • 4. Today you will learn how to:
    Look up a student
    Access a student’s general information
    View a student’s transcript
    View your advisees
    View Class Schedule for fall 2010
  • 5. myHill- Home Page
    Once you sign in to myHill, you will come to this home page. Your homepage will have several tabs depending on your profile (faculty, advisor, etc). As an advisor and faculty member, you will use the Faculty Services tab. Please keep in mind this is the test system and there are still changes being made.
  • 6. Banner- Faculty Services tab
    On this tab you will be able to access advisee and class information.
  • 7. Advisor Dashboard
    In order to look up a student’s information, you must first select the term. You will be prompted to do this every time you want to look up a student. If you do not enter the term, you cannot access any information. Type in the student’s last name to access the record
  • 8. Advisor Dashboard- Student Option
    If you enter a student’s name and select the ‘student’ option, the system will only search within students in your classes.
  • 9. Advisor Dashboard- Advisees Option
    If you enter a student’s name and select the ‘Advisees’ option, the system will only search within your currently assigned advisees.
  • 10. Advisor Dashboard- Both Option
    If you enter a student’s name and select the ‘Advisees’ option, the system will search within your current students and currently assigned advisees.
  • 11. Advisor Dashboard- All Option
    If you enter a student’s name and select the ‘All’ option, the system will search within the current student population.
  • 12. Advisor Dashboard- Class Standing
    If you click on the class standing , it will take you to a disabled link for a degree audit system. The link will eventually be disabled.
  • 13. Advisor Dashboard- Major
    If you click on Major, you will be linked to the student’s General Information page.
  • 14. Student General Information page
    The general student information page will list a student’s current standing, residence, citizenship, advisor, graduation date, level, program, and current term. The ability to access a student’s phone number and email has not been enabled yet. This will be accessible through clicking on their names in your advisee list.
  • 15. Advisor Dashboard Tools
    If you click on the first small icon, you will be linked to the student’s transcript.
  • 16. Transcript – Level and Type
    Select “All Levels” or “Undergraduate” We have only Undergraduate Transcripts at the present time.
  • 17. Transcript- Top View
    This is the information which will show at the top of the student’s transcript. It will display their program, major, degree, institution credit and GPA.
  • 18. Transcript View- Semester
    Here is an example how one semester is displayed in Banner.
  • 19. Transcript View – Transcript Totals
    Add the bottom of a student’s transcript, you will be able to view their total attempted hours, passed hours and earned hours.
  • 20. Advisor Dashboard Tools- Test Scores
    If you click on the second icon, you will be linked to the student’s test scores. This link will likely be disabled.
  • 21. Advisor Dashboard Tools- Email
    If you click on the third icon, it will open a blank email message to the student.
  • 22. Faculty Registration Tools
    Please keep in mind that this is a test system and some of the current views and links may not be available during the production stage. In production, you will be able to access current course listings and a list of your advisees.
  • 23. Look Up Classes - Select Term
    As mentioned earlier, before you search for anything within Banner, you will generally need to first select a term.
  • 24. Look Up Classes- Search Options
    On this page, you will be able to search for classes in a number of ways. You can search the entire current catalog by selecting all subjects or you can search for specific courses by titles, CRN numbers, credits, instructors, attributes*, times and days.
    *an attribute is a descriptive term used to classify or in some cases restrict courses (for example: Moral Inquiry, Honors Scholars).
  • 25. Look Up Classes- Class View
    This is an example of how a course listing will look in Banner. It lists the CRN number, title, course number and section, term, level, attribute, instructor(s), type of instruction, credits, time(s) and day(s). Some items are hyperlinked.
  • 26. Look Up Classes- Detailed Class Information
    You can access this page by clicking on the course title. Here you will find information on waitlists as well as prerequisites and requirements for courses. Each prerequisite is also hyperlinked to a course description.
  • 27. Look Up Classes- Catalog Entry
    You can access this page by clicking on Catalog Entry link in Detailed Class Information. One important detail of this page is the attribute. In this example, a student who is a Neuroscience major will receive major credit for this course.
  • 28. Advisee Listing
    This feature is currently not available for faculty in test but will hopefully be accessed through the Faculty Services tab. Here you will find a list of current advisees with their ID numbers and several links. The Student Info link will take you to the General Student Info page. The Transcript link will take you to their transcript. The links for Holds, Test Scores and Degree Evaluation will likely be disabled for the time being.
  • 29. Course Registration Worksheet
    This is the form the students will fill out prior to signing up for courses. It will help them make sure all the courses they need will fit into their schedule. It also provides space for alternate courses.
  • 30. Course Approval Form
    This is the form students will use to get courses approved if an attribute blocks them from adding the course themselves . For example, if a senior needs a course which is designated as a junior course, they would get this form signed and return the form to the Registrar’s office for approval.
  • 31. Thank you for attending this Banner training session. You will be receiving additional updates through emails so be sure to check them! Any questions or concerns you may have can be directed to Academic Services or the Registrar’s Office.