Amman Diplomatic Quarter - Vision & components


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Masterplan in Amman. Marimon Casas

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Amman Diplomatic Quarter - Vision & components

  1. 1. Amman Diplomatic Quarter - Vision and Project Components - 31st August 2005 a EuroPraxis Co.
  2. 2. Objectives of the document  Present the conceptual vision of Amman Diplomatic Quarter  Present the components of Amman Diplomatic Quarter 2
  3. 3. Index Project Vision Project Components Project Boundaries 3
  4. 4. Project VisionProject ComponentsProject Boundaries 4
  5. 5. Project Vision Amman Diplomatic Quarter will be an exclusive mixed-use development which will offer a place for living, a place for working and a leisure/retail centre A place for living A place for working A place for leisure A unique environment where high A distinguished location, and well A natural environment of great earning families set up a first or equipped for setting up embassies, beauty, with shops and equipment What is it? second home offices and celebrating meetings for the enjoyment of leisure time and conventions Jordanian families, immigrants, ex- Embassies, first rate national and Residents at ADQ and families with patriates and the temporarily international businesses and liberal a high buying power in the area ofFor whom? displaced professionals influence A hard-to-better life-style of luxury A location with class, with a A space for enjoyment alone or What are and high quality of life complete offer of services and with with the family, with a wide rangethey buying all the expected comforts of possibilities from us? ADQ offers the greatest quality of ADQ is well connected and has all ADQ is a pleasant and agreeable life in Amman, the best the services and commodities environment, safe and with aWhy come to environment and high-quality required by the professional and varied range of training ADQ? services to enjoy a desirable life- the diplomat, enjoying an open style environment Amman Diplomatic Quarter will be a landmark for Amman and a point of reference in Jordan and the Middle East with respect to quality of life and the offer 5
  6. 6. Project VisionA place for living – Necessary elements Well cared for urban and Wide range of services Wide range of activities architectural environment Preserved natural Shopping area Nature areas environment Restaurants and coffee Sports First rate landscaping shops Ridding club Easy mobility Sports facilities Cinemas First rate urban environment Personal services Spa / Fitness Security / Cleaning Services for the home Pedestrian friendly International school 6
  7. 7. Project VisionA place for living – Experiences Living in Amman Diplomatic Quarter Phrases associated with the idea (spoken by a resident at ADQ) • “At Amman Diplomatic Quarter I have found the quality of life that I wished for” • “I like to enjoy the tranquillity and the feeling of security that I have at Amman Diplomatic Quarter” • “The residences at Amman Diplomatic Quarter are first rate” • “At Amman Diplomatic Quarter I can enjoy the services I need” • “I like living in a place where nature has been preserved” 7
  8. 8. Project VIsionA place for working – Necessary elements Well cared for urban and Wide range of services Facilities for events Easily accessiblearchitectural environmentPreserved natural Security service Convention hall Good connection withenvironment Transport (taxi, shuttle, Banquet hall railway networkFirst rate landscaping etc.) Meeting rooms Close to the capital cityEasy mobility Technical assistance Hotel Close to the airportFirst rate urban environment Restaurants Serviced apartments Catering service 8
  9. 9. Project VisionA place for working – Experiences Working at Amman Diplomatic Quarter Phrases associated with the idea (spoken by a professional working at ADQ) • “The offices are perfectly equipped and we have access to the latest technologies” • “Amman Diplomatic Quarter is well connected with the surrounding areas and the airport, while at the same time it is separate from the hustle and bustle of the city” • “Holding conventions and business meetings at Amman Diplomatic Quarter is comfortable and everything is provided for” • “In our spare time we have access to first-class restaurants, exclusive shops and leisure offer” • “At Amman Diplomatic Quarter I find a natural and architectural environment of great beauty” 9
  10. 10. Project VisionA place for leisure – Necessary elements Open spaces Shopping centre offer Wide range of activities Preserved natural environment Top international brands Cinemas First rate landscaping Variety of offer Equestrian club Open areas to take walks and Parking area Sports facilities practise sport in the open air Restaurants, bars and Spa centre coffee shops 10
  11. 11. Project VisionA place for leisure – Experiences Enjoy your free time at Amman Diplomatic Quarter Phrases associated with the idea (spoken by a resident or visitor in ADQ) • “At Amman Diplomatic Quarter we can enjoy being close to nature” • “I like going shopping in Amman Diplomatic Quarter, where I can find top international brands and I enjoy all the comforts” • “The leisure offer is wide and for all the family” • “The restaurant offer at Amman Diplomatic Quarter is of a high and innovative category” • “Amman Diplomatic Quarter is a lively, pleasant and safe place” 11
  12. 12. Project VisionProject ComponentsProject Boundaries 12
  13. 13. Project Components Amman Diplomatic Quarter will be structured into 3 different but complementary spaces A place for living A place working A place for leisure × × Theresidential area “Forest Plaza” × × ×The park × The residential area will have a more private and secluded character than the “Forest Plaza” and The Park areas, which will be more public 13
  14. 14. Project Components Residential area The residential area will be exclusive and will contain embassies, luxury villas and a 6 star hotel  Different types of embassy may be found given the different needs of each country. From the start three types of embassy have been considered:Embassies  Big embassies, equivalent to double the size of a large villa  Big embassies, equivalent to double the size of a large villa  Standard villas  Standard villas  “Multi-delegation” buildings where different countries will share a single building  “Multi-delegation” buildings where different will share a single building  The residential offer at Amman Diplomatic Quarter will be first class and of great variety, forming a space of great authenticity and quality. Within it three types of residences will be found: palaces, large and medium sized villas Exclusive  The atmosphere in the residential area will be very peaceful, private, with aReal Estate carefully maintained landscape, controlled circulation of traffic and a 24 hour security service  An first class international school at the service of the residents  In the residential area the Boutique 6 star hotel (“hors classe”) will be found, born out of the desire to become the best hotel in Jordan Hotel  This hotel will become an international point of reference with respect to luxury, design and service 14
  15. 15. Project Components “Forest Plaza” (I) “Forest Plaza” will be the heart of the development and will contain accommodation offer, retail and leisure offer and offices  The Hotel will be a luxury hotel (5 stars) managed by an international chain Luxury Hotel  The hotel will manage convention and spa facilities as complementary products  The Hotel will manage a number of serviced apartments which will be located in Serviced a tower that will become the landmark of the complexApartments  These serviced apartments will be a luxurious form of accommodation with all the amenities for the ex-patriate community  There will be a first class Spa linked to the hotel and it will be accessible to the hotel’s and serviced apartments’ customers and to day visitors Other  There will also be a number of multi-screen high class cinemas facilities  Residents may access the existing health club (Dune) located near to the development  There will be a Convention Center to hold meetings, conferences and conventions 15
  16. 16. Project Components “Forest Plaza” (II) “Forest Plaza”’s will become the most dynamic and lively place in Amman Diplomatic Quarter  The shopping area at Amman Diplomatic Quarter will offer a wide selection of the top international brands in all areas Shopping  The facilities will be first class, wide-ranging and with all the amenities  In Amman Diplomatic Quarter high class offices will be found for rental Offices  The offices will meet international standards and will provide fantastic views, design and the latest technologies  The restaurant offer at Amman Diplomatic Quarter will be exclusive and first classRestaurants  Different types of specialist restaurants may be found 16
  17. 17. Project Components The park The Park will be a great open space which will form a unique natural environment for Amman Diplomatic Quarter  The existing pine grove will be preserved and cleaned-up in order to create a park of great natural beautyGreen areas  High quality landscaping and viewpoints will help to enjoy this unique environment of autochthonous vegetation  The Equestrian Club will be a social centre at Amman Diplomatic Quarter, whereEquestrian it will be possible to enjoy a variety of equestrian disciplines Club  The park will have access to an area of the pine grove for the ridding of horses Activity  Different circuits and paths will be created in order to take walks and practise corridor sport in the open air 17
  18. 18. Project VisionProject ComponentsProject Boundaries 18
  19. 19. Project Boundaries All along the development there will be a mixed-use and mixed-typology approach GFH Land: • Embassies • Villas • Retail offer • Offices offer • Leisure offer • Luxury hotel • Serviced Apartments • Spa • Convention Center Municipality Land:• Parc H.M. the King of• Activity Corridor Bahrain Land:• Equestrian Club • Palaces • Boutique 6 star hotel 19