Smart Phones for Real Estate (property of HAR)


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Smart Phones for Real Estate (property of HAR)

  1. 1. Smart Phones & Apps forReal Estate & REALTORS ® Brought to you by:
  2. 2. What is the best smart phone for you? -Must define use: email/apps/ carrier/etc.
  3. 3. Do you know what these icons represent?Cell Network Wi-FiConnection Connection
  4. 4. As of February 2011, iTunes hit 10 BILLION Downloads
  5. 5. The New iPhone 5• Taller than earlier iPhones, meaning a bigger screen (four inches diagonally), but also hogging up more room in your pocket• That said, at 7.6 mm thick, it is 18 percent thinner than the iPhone 4S, and weighing 112 grams, 20 percent lighter.• 326 PPI Retina display (same as before)• Five rows of icons (as opposed to four on earlier models)• Apps that are optimized for the new screen size will show more information (more emails, more calendar events) per screen. Those that arent will display black bars at the top and bottom so they will render like the did on older iPhones.• LTE support for a maximum hypothetical download speed • Runs iOS 6, with enhanced 3D maps, more of around 100 megabits/second. integration with iCloud and Twitter.• Its chip, the A6, will be twice as fast and apps will load • Pre-orders start Friday, and the phones will ship about twice as quickly, even those with music and images. September 21 to nine countries including the U.S. Its also 22 percent smaller. • Battery life:• Camera: 8 megapixel sensor, 3264 by 2448, backside • 3G talk time = 8 hours illumination, hybrid IR filter, 5 element lens, f/2.4 aperture, • LTE or 3G browsing = 8 hours new panorama mode, new social stream to share photos • WiFi browsing = 10 hours with friends and family • standby = 225 hours• Video: 1080p HD video, improved video stabilization, face • Price detection • 16 GB = $199• FaceTime now possible over cellular networks • 32 GB = $299• No longer uses Apples standard 30-pin cable. Instead • 64 GB = $399 plugs into a new design called "Lightning". Adapters will be • iPhone 4 and 4S prices now drop: free for the 8 available for hooking it up to your dock and other GB iPhone 4 model, and $99 for the 16 GB accessories. iPhone 4S• No More Google Maps; YouTube App not pre-installed Source: Rebecca J. Rosen is an associate editor at The Atlantic
  6. 6. The New iPhone 5Message from Supra Regarding iPhone 5Dear Customer,Apple has announced that the new iPhone 5 will be orderable in September. This newphone has an updated operating system called “iOS 6” and a different connector called“Lightning.” The Lightning connector is much smaller than Apple’s previous 30-pinconnector. As a result, the current eKEY iPhone Adapter will not plug directly into the newiPhone 5. Apple also announced it will release a 30 pin to Lightning adapter.Supra will obtain an iPhone 5 and Lightning adapter from Apple as quickly as possible.Please be advised that, until we have tested our application and eKEY adapter withApple’s products, we cannot confirm that they will operate correctly. Supra customerswho wish to run the eKEY application on an iPhone 5 may want to consider delaying theirpurchase of the iPhone 5 until Supra’s testing is complete.Supra plans to support the iPhone 5. We will confirm compatibility as soon as we obtaintechnical information from Apple and will make engineering changes to our products ifrequired. We are also exploring a fob/adapter design that may not require Apple’sLightning adapter, and we will provide more information on that as it becomes available.Thank you,Supra Support Team
  7. 7. TopAndroid Apps
  8. 8. TopBlackberry Apps
  9. 9. Top iPhone Apps
  10. 10. Most DroidApplication devices offer Swype...…a faster way to type.
  11. 11. Blackberry App WorldApp Stores for each platform/device: iPhone/iTunes App Store Android Market
  12. 12. Always Sync your device to your PC, iTunes or the Cloud 1. Connect your device to yourcomputer through your USB cable into the USB port2. Use synchronization wizard or some automatically start3. Most smart phones come with a disc for your computer or you can download from the internet 4. Choose what data to sync
  13. 13. On to the Apps...
  14. 14. MAPS
  15. 15. Finds Fastest Directions to Enter/Modify Address: Destination: Start Generate directions by: 1. Car 2. Mass Transit 3. Walk Finish Multiple Options: 1. Hide Traffic 2. Drop Pin @ a location 3. See Satellite Version 4. Hybrid MapFinds your exact location via GPS 5. List
  16. 16. TRAFFIC FEATURE:Green: more than 50/mph•Yellow: 25 - 50/mph•Red: less than 25/mph•Red/Black: very slow, stop-and-gotraffic•Gray: no data currently available
  17. 17. facebook 1. Check into places2. Upload mobile photos 3. Update status 4. Directory of friends5. Slideshow of pictures 6. Chat 7. Manage/See Events 8. See Newsfeed9. Receive Notifications 10. Manage page(s)
  18. 18. twitter
  19. 19. LinkedIn
  20. 20. foursquare & gowalla
  21. 21. Important to know what consumers are using to search forproperties. You can drive by a home for sale and get info in real time. May be able to help when showing buyers.
  22. 22. Available to members and consumers.New – Share properties to client via email; folders/subfolders; Instant CMA; Appt request from consumer; take pic from iPad/iPhone and add it to listing; push notifications
  23. 23. Zillow.comKnow that consumers in other markets don’t have a
  24. 24.
  25. 25. AroundMe & Yelp!If you haven’t been reviewed on Yelp, you won’t come up on SIRI searches!
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Google GogglesOpen TableTaxiFind My iPhone (pre-installed oniOS6) or Wheres My DroidFind My Friends orGoogle Latitude
  28. 28. Mobile Banking
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Available for iPhone and Android
  31. 31. Weather Apps: Phone default, The Weather Channel, WeatherBug, etc.
  32. 32. Music Apps
  33. 33. Dragon Dictaton
  34. 34. Description MagicPlan MEASURES your rooms and DRAWS your floor plan just by taking pictures. You can then get your floor plan in PDF, JPG and DXF format or publish an INTERACTIVE FLOOR PLAN on the web. With MagicPlan, EVERYONE CAN CREATE A FLOOR PLAN IN FEWMagicPlan MINUTES ONLY.By Sensopia • Downloaded by more than 2 MILLIONS fans. • Apple App of the Week in 92 countries. • #1 iPhone Utilities in 63 countries. • #1 iPad Utilities in 71 countries. MagicPlan is the ideal app for Real Estate Agents, Craftsmen, Adjusters, Firemen, Architects, Home Inspectors, Interior Designers, Small Businesses, Furniture Retailers and many more. MagicPlan is not another floor plan drawing application. Get immediate results while walking through your house: • No need to measure; • No need to draw; • No need to move furniture; • No need for expertise; • No need to program; • No need to spend money.
  35. 35. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Customize this section with your picture, background and experience, and company/contact information, or delete if you are adding this to an existing presentation Customize this section with neighborhood sales information, including comps and homes for sale nearby Delete this section if you do not have a Facebook business page with the Social Connections App installed Delete this section if you do not have Showcase℠ Listing Enhancements from® Delete this section if you do not have Buyer Assist by ® Delete this section if you do not have Featured Homes℠ on® Delete this section if you do not have Top Producer® CRM For information on additional products and services from® or questions about this listing presentation, please call 800-878-4166. ListingPresentation for iPad or PPT
  36. 36. MoreApps:
  37. 37. And More Apps!