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Progress report

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Group 4 Progress report

  1. 1. T h e Y o u n g P i n a y ’s S e x L i f e -- Wh a t ’sMo m a n d G o d G o t T o Individual Religiosity and hMother-Daughter Sexual D o Wi t I t ? Communication on the Sexual Knowledge, Sexual Attitude, and Sexual Behavior of Young Adult Filipinas in Private / Public Schools FLORES, Mara JOCSON, Jean SODUSTA, Hannah YLAGAN, Kriska
  2. 2. PARTICIPANTS and SETTINGSPRE-TEST at Eulogio Amang Rodriquez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST)Proposal - 60 female young adults - 18 – 23 years old - Classroom (comfortable, conducive, quiet) - No time limit
  3. 3. Actual - 60 female participants - Classroom - Air Conditioned, conducive, quiet
  4. 4. ACTUAL TEST at Mapua Institute of TechnologyPROPOSAL - 60 female participants - 18 – 23 years old - Classroom (comfortable, conducive, quiet) - No time limit
  5. 5. ACTUAL - 60 participants - Classroom - Air Conditioned, conducive, quiet
  6. 6. INSTRUMENTSPRE-TEST RESULTS (Reliability)• Religiosity Measure Scale (RMS) = .786• Sexual Knowledge Scale (SKS) = .823• Sexual Communication Scale (SCS) = .792• Sexual Attitude and Experience Scale (SAES) • Sexual Behavior = .902 • Sexual Attitude = .950
  7. 7. REVISIONS IN INSTRUMENTS* Before the pre-test • SKS was replaced & done by Dr. Gellynck* After the pre-test • Changed the format of the scales • Rephrased some items in the scales • Deleted one item in the SKS
  8. 8. DATA GATHERINGPRE-TEST - Two (2) sets - 1st set: all scales at the same time - 2nd set: one scale at a time - Introduction - Instructions - Answering of scales - Passing of papers - DebriefingACTUL TEST - We chose set 1: give all scales at the same time then follow the same procedure and flow.
  9. 9. REVISIONS IN THE PROCEDURE• Consent form • Change “mother’s status” to “Is your mother living or deceased?” • Follow-up question: If living, are you residing with your mother?• Debriefing Statement • Debriefing will not be discussed anymore as a group, we’ll just be giving them their own copies of the debriefing statement with contact information when they are finish answering the questionnaires.
  10. 10. REFLECTIONS • What facilitated your data gathering? • Accommodating and cooperative school heads, faculty and students • What hindered your data gathering? • Few female students per class • Some faculty were absent during the actual test • Students hurrying to go back to what they are doing
  11. 11. SOLUTION• Decided to have five (5) groups of participants instead of just two (2)• Waited for the teachers to be available• Have the debriefing statement printed and be given to the participants afterwards
  12. 12. INDIVIDUAL INSIGHTThe data gathering that we are doing right now made me more responsible and independent. Responsible in a way that I have to continuously communicate with the different school heads / deans for the schedule of the actual test that we’ll be conducting in their respective schools/colleges. I have also become somehow independent because there were instances that I have to go to the different schools by myself.Another lesson I’ve learned was that I have to manage my time and balance everything I have to do. I have also learned to become more patient and assertive when talking to the different school heads. I can’t always get what I want. I need to work hard for everything I am aiming for. - Mara Flores
  13. 13. • I learned that Patience is really a virtue. From going to different universities, meeting new people, set a schedule for the pre- test and actual test, and spending money for fares, food and other expenses like printing, it was a challenge for me to widen and lengthen my patience in that kind of situation. I experienced tiredness, exhaustion and it came to a point that I want to give up. But still, I look into a positive way. I know there is always someone who will inspire us to fulfill our goals and task on time. I believe that it’s not how fast we finish the thesis, but it’s how we make it be a good example for the future researcher (quality). - Jean Jocson
  14. 14. Group 4-BReflections and Timeline
  15. 15. •Reflections• Sometimes I see our participants hurriedly answering the tests they have been given although they have been given time to answer.• Participants talking while taking the test• Some details about the results, so far.
  16. 16. •Revisions• Shorter introduction• Debriefing: Hand out debriefing sheet with contact details after survey is submitted.• Change “Status of Parent” in Participant Consent Form • Replace it with: “Is your mother living [check box] or deceased [check box] • Add: If living are you presently living with your mother? Yes [check box], No [check box] • Add if no: How often do you interact with your mother? ____• Religiosity Scale • Remove repeated option – “More than once a week” • Replace it with a “Never” option
  17. 17. •Timeline• August 1, 2012 – Giving letters to PNU, PUP• August 2, 2012 – Giving letters to PLM and UMAK• August 3-4, 2012 – Data gathering in UP• August 6-15, 2012 – Finish data gathering in • PUP • PNU • UMAK • PLM
  18. 18. •TIMEline• August 15-22, 2012 • Encoding of scores • Writing of Chapter 3