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Lista pronomes interrogativos
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Lista pronomes interrogativos


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Pronomes Interrogativos

Pronomes Interrogativos

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  • 1. PRONOMES INTERROGATIVOS – Exercícios Básicos 1) ________ bread do you eat in the morning? Some. a) How many b) How much c) How often d) How big 2) ________ do you want this knife for? To cut that rope. a) Where b) Who c) How d) What 3) ________ car is that parked outside? It’s mine. a) Who b) How c) Whose d) Where 4) ________ do I have to take this medicine? Once a day. a) Where b) When c) How d) How often5) ________ does it have to go to São Paulo by bus? Seven hours. a) Why b) When c) How long d) how far 6) _________ is the girl with blonde hair? She’s Julie. a) Whose b) Who c) Where d) What 7) ____can I compensate you for the trouble? It was nothing. a) How b) How much c) Where d) Who 8) ________is that Picasso’s picture? It’s about U$ 1 million. a) How old b) How much c) How long d) How big 9) _________ were you born? In New York. a) What b) When c) How d) Where10) ________ don’t you go home? I have too much work to finish. a) Why b) How c) How well d) When 11) ________ books are there in the library? Some 2500. A) What b) Where c) How many d) How much 12) ________ did you manage to escape? I called for help. a) What b) How c) Who d) Why 13) ________ watch do you want? The yellow one, please. a) What b) Who c) Whose d) Which 14) ________ are you leaving to Paris? In June. a) How long b) How c) When d) How far 15) ________ is your favourite actor? Brad Pitt. a) Which b) Who c) How d) Whose Inglês para escolas militares
  • 2. GabaritoQuestão Alternativa 1 B 2 D 3 C 4 D 5 C 6 B 7 A 8 B 9 D 10 A 11 C 12 B 13 D 14 C 15 B Inglês para escolas militares