Corporate Visions & Project Investments


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For the University of Panteion (Athens)
Msc Cultural Management
Course: Cultural Marketing & Communication / Professor: Betty Tsakarestou

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  • If you want to see the projects in more details:[]=CC&content[]=ICRL&search=Searchterm&intern=1[]=IC&content[]=ICSG&search=smart+grid+in+Wachtendonk&intern=1[]=IC&content[]=ICLMV&search=Power+distribution+system+in+Hong+Kong&intern=1[]=IC&content[]=ICMOL&search=Central+control+room+monitors+and+coordinates+all+public+transportation+in+Vienna&intern=1



    San Diego
    Intel general

    • PlanIT Valley(Μicrosoft-Living PlanIT)

    • Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town(Panasonic-Accenture)
    • Tianjin Eco City(Hitachi)
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  • When we are referring to large companies with international reputation in the global economy the link between Vision and Projects is indisputable. Through their intentions and the ways that companies invest in cities arises their own proposal for current and future infrastructures. The guide courses of action thus distinguished by nine pillars: sustainability, solutions for energy and transport, applications, green lifestyle, smart technologies, dialogue platforms, aesthetics and infrastructure related to health.
    Also we can see that a complementary and a very important feature of the corporate vision exists; the concern for humans. Though in all cases that have been reported not all companies promote active participation, they are implying the importance and an interest on the best way of living.
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Corporate Visions & Project Investments

  1. 1. Corporate visions A clear guide for current and future courses of action Safety a sense of ‘’Infrastructure and cities’’ security&comfort, ‘Cities are the key growth market of the future’ sustainability Low and Medium Voltage Green lifestyles Mobility and Logistics Rail Systems Building Technologies ‘’Environmentally conscious Smart-Grid cities A PEOPLES BUSINESS A BETTER WAY PROFESSIONALISM that make efficient use of SUSTAINABILITY DIVERSE DISCIPLINES AND Turning Talk into Action CHALLENGE: COMPLEMETARY SKILS energy and Move the Smart City debate URBAN INVOREMENT ACCOUNTABILITY resources by utilizing SHARING KNOWLEDGEfrom merely an academic or esoteric discussion MAKING A DIFFERENCE FREEDOM FOR INNOVATION information technology’’ to a call for action PIONEERING INNOVATION COMPAT THE EFFECTS OF CLIMAGE CHANGE HUMANISM CHARITY More effective energy production pollution reduction and improved transportation systems Building a sustainable city through the development of a smart grid Building Sustainable Cities sustainable urbanization’ improved healthcare ‘citizen centricity’ more efficient electricity ‘intelligent infrastructure’ Citizen first distribution from diverse sources Productivity effective water management schemesSocial-Environmental- better transportationFinancial Sustainability more efficient public lighting.
  2. 2. Russian Railways (RZD) fully operational at ambient temperatures as low as 40 degrees Celsius Power distribution system in Hong Kong Medium-voltag 2000 turnkey distribution substations with gas-insulated 11-kV medium- voltage switchgeare distribution Central control room monitors and coordinates all public transportation in ViennaVideo cameras are used to observe traffic flows at key intersections.These cameras are equipped with swivel and zoom functions. In case ofa traffic jam, an accident, or a truck losing its load, the traffic controlcenter can immediately implement corresponding traffic controlmeasures. Electricity network of Wachtendonk Crystal – in London (A sort of role model for Germany‟s energy transition)8,000 inhabitants get about 80 percent of their electricity from photovoltaic systems or other Siemens has opened its center for sustainable urban development in London. At sources of renewable energy. The picture shows a transformator station the heart of the Crystal is the worlds largest exhibition dedicated to the future of where local substations will stabilize the voltage. cities. The building will serve as a conference center, urban dialogue platform and center for technology and innovation.
  3. 3. Projects Link to connect with the Europe-wide high-speed rail network London to Paris : just two hours and 15 minutes Engineering excellence 109km high-speed railway. High Speed 1 in London Tunneling beneath 2,600 properties and under 67 bridges, 12km of surface railway, 600 pipelines and four London Underground stations. the longest-span, high-speed rail viaduct in Europe. Soil from construction : link to sit unobtrusively low in the landscape 250 ha of new native woodland around the line. Completed on time and within budget Regeneration areas: north Kent and east London. Helped to bring in over £10 bn of regeneration investment : new quarters for London in Stratford and King’s Cross/St Pancras and a new city in Ebbsfleet, north Kent. A crucial part of Londons 2012 Olympics Opportunity for significant long-term benefits for the capital and the country Optimum use of the available space: will be The National Aquatics Center re-used for housing the Water Cube in Beijing The Education Executive The lower energy Agency in Groningen consumption: use long-term energy storage: Energy Next to it is an historic wood storage coldness : from the home to a rare species of bat. ground and used for cooling. Bats are very sensitive to Heat: from the ground and change in their environment.Inspired by soap bubbles can be used for heating Wind studies: minimize thefive swimming pools (including a wave machine and rides) innovative ventilation change in wind conditions in thea restaurant concept based : on wood.seating and facilities for 17,000 spectatorsunique geometry :highly repetitive and buildable, organic and overpressure.random ETFE: 1% the weight of glass a better thermal insulator, around 20% of solar energy is trapped and used for heating The daylight : saves up to 55% on the lighting energy required for the leisure pool hall. 46,000m2 of office space Better thermal insulator than glass and thoroughly cleans itself with every rain shower About 20% of the solar energy : heat the swimming pools and the interior area. A single-storey underground Heat recovery from warm exhaust air for warming up the cold outside air (fresh air supply) car park : spaces for 675 cars Beijing water solution: 80% of water harvested from the roof catchment areas, pool backwash systems and overland flows: reduce the reliance and pressures on local receiving waters and the municipal water supply system by discharging directly to the sewer system. A public city garden situated on top of it Ideally suited to the seismic conditions in Beijing and is arguably the most seismically-resistant building in the world.
  4. 4. ProjectA brand new city in Paredes
  5. 5. Technology •TelePresence in every home, office and school •Remote control for homes energy use •Connection of all the building subsystems together. Projects Smart and Connected Communities Songdo, South KoreaEducation•Technology in every classroom•Laptops in the hands of first graders•Educational software•Video technology (telepresencetechnology) Environment •Windows have low U value: Reduces the amount of sunlight keeps the energy of the heat or cooling inside the building •Buildings with LED lights •Central home network system •Solar energy •Producing energy from processed human waste to run up buildings and provide heating for residential units. •Trap and store the rainfall •Gray water is used back into the city to flush toilets, to wash down streets and re-used in parks and industrial facilities •25 kilometers of bicycle lanes •40% of the city is dedicated to open space and trees
  6. 6. „‟Creating an Environmentally Conscious City Model’’ Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town A model for an environmentally-minded urban area •A “green axis” of vegetation through the town •“Wind paths” that take the wind‟s direction into consideration •Electric vehicle charging and sharing infrastructure •Unobtrusive solar panels •Urban planning scenarios that accommodate for all this car sharing and energy storage •In the home, smart appliances and energy generation and storage hardware •Energy generation and storage infrastructure for public buildings and places •Videocamera-based security system throughout the town •Health: medical facilities, senior centers and a pedestrian-friendly layout
  7. 7. Projects Tokyo This technology platform delivers sustainable, economic andYixing / China / Smart Fish Farming secure electricity supplies efficiently by integrating generators and consumers. “Smart grid” is a synthesis of energy, IT and communications infrastructure Local farmers will be able to use their mobile phones to monitor and control the water quality of crab ponds in real- time, and thus lower their energy consumption, save labor, and enhance productivity.
  8. 8. In ‘e-health Croatia’ project ,whereE-health Croatia’ project Ericsson cooperates with the Croatian government, the results are very encouraging. Greater Projects efficiency, better organization, huge savings on paper and hence environmental protection, less bureaucracy and inconvenience to citizens. A central information system that connects all the data of patients, hospitals and health care professionals, pharmacies, insurance companies and the Ministry of Health. E-health is introduced.
  9. 9. Dubuque, Iowa: The first integrated smart city Interlocking systems that are watching the interaction between water, electricity, and transport. This year, the city launched the first phase of the program, the installation of smart water meters in homes of 311 volunteers. The meters transmit consumption data to the IBM servers every fifteen minutes, for which the owners of the house can be updated directly. The point was to see if their awareness use encouraged to maintain Singapore: Smart Cards A smart card system (smart cards) for optimal routes, schedules, minimized congestion by maximizing ridership, Projects increasing the attractiveness of public transport and by reducing fares. Malta: The first world country with smart gridThe new smart grid taking into account the directconnection of electricity and water, will create a Cumbersome paper-basedsingle system framework which will identify water processes with mobile handheldleaks and electricity losses, allowing utilities to plan devices that relay information in realtheir investments in the network by reducing time. The transition from insecurity toinefficiency. Thus, the Maltese government can the security of residence is the mainprovide to citizens better information in order to goal.make smarter decisions about how and when theyconsume energy, while the country can start tryingto replace polluting power generation using fossilfuels to renewable rotating energy sources for thefuture.
  10. 10. Using smart meters, the participants in the pilot program willhave the opportunity to understand in real time how muchelectricity they consume. In this way we can adapt ourbehavior and reduce the energy costs and ultimately we canhelp to reduce CO2 emissions by 14% at least. Bucheon City: From manually counting to real time The City of Stockholm gets out of a jam data A road charging system that covers a 24-square-kilometer area of the inner city with 18 barrier-free control pointsA real-time information on traffic and alerts drivers to equipped with cameras and a mix of payment channels. Thisavoid congestion by giving them the opportunity to a project resulted in a 50 percent drop in morning traffic waitingbetter flow understand. By eliminating manual time, an increase of 60,000 passengers per day in publicprocesses. IBM has achieved the collection and the data transportation ridership and an overall improved quality of lifetraffic analysis. In this way the authorities are able to for the residents of Stockholm. Projectsdetect the traffic accidents, unusual activities on thecarriageway, and alert immediately the administrativecenter in emergencies occasions. Parallel they achievedthe ability to a quickly search using video of criminalactivity. From a web portal, bathers have access to information on the quality and suitability of the water.
  11. 11. Projects•Effective use of it‟ s natural and energy resources, improving Hyderabad, INDIA the cities financial governance and it‟s citizens everyday life. •Mobility •Water Management and Re-use) •Energy and CO2 applications •Mobile water treatment plants •GE‟s ultra filtration (UF) • Membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology •Install solar power systems on several schools and universities • Add 300 plug-in hybrid vehicles to the city‟s fleet, •Bring a series of new technologies like home energy use dashboards, smart appliances and smart-meter thermostats to pilot programs in 1,000 city homes.
  12. 12. The Sustainable Connected Cities – DublinInstall pollution and weather sensors on lamp posts, traffic lights andbuildings to log wind directions and speed to show the movement ofpollution. The city will get detailed data about the levels of harmful gasessuch as carbon monoxide and fumes from cars’ exhaust pipesA mobile app that allows the city to anticipate and react to majorevents in the city such as flooding.Programmes: The City Sensing and City Watch programmes combine theuse of:Fixed and mobile sensors to create a real time picture of what happenswithin the modern urban city environment.A participatory sensing application for use on smart phones anddevices allowing citizens of the city itself to become participants indeveloping technological innovations that will improve theirenvironment, transport systems and local services.
  13. 13. •• Create discrete digital information link. Link discrete digital information in vertical industries and integrate it in services to meetthe needs of local governments, enterprises, and the public.•• Enhance data center usage. Ensure stable and reliable usage of data center for uninterrupted flow of digital information to citiesthrough a cost-effective software-hardware compatible platform.•• Extend solution application. Meet data center application needs, such as new computing, by extending the Smart City cloudcomputing solution. Project
  14. 14. EnergySolutions
  15. 15. Applications
  16. 16. Green Lifestyle
  17. 17. Smart Technologies
  18. 18. Dialogue Platforms
  19. 19. Aesthetics
  20. 20. Health facilities
  21. 21. Akrivi Giouleka Katerina Vaimaki Xristiana Neokleous Maria Kourassani Vivi KopsiaKaterina Vlassopoulou