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Τhe economic crisis in Greece in recent years, combined with the weakness or non-selection for a form of a national strategy that is consistent with international developments, has negatively affected …

Τhe economic crisis in Greece in recent years, combined with the weakness or non-selection for a form of a national strategy that is consistent with international developments, has negatively affected the Athens role in the international trend, that is followed by most cities abroad. But the emerging initiatives like the Re-launching Athens project, the Re- think project, the Niarchos project, the awarded start ups, the volunteerism, the creativity of the cultural sector are elements and actions which reveal that Athens is following global trends and starts to form a role .

We have action with participative collaboration and we have values and we have also cultural venues to enjoy.

That is now our story and we ought to promote it.

But is this the competitive advantage of Athens?
The advantage of the city is that it forms gradually a cluster of culture, of creative start ups and of volunteering participation.

In order our story to be unfolded—and that will not happen in a glance– we need our people to believe in it, because they are our ambassadors. According to Charles Landry, “creativity is the backbone of the city, and the critical resource is their people. It is the intelligence, the vitality, the imagination and most of all the creativity of people that feed the history. Indeed, the intensity of this creative power and its exploitation, is the key that will determine the progress and manage the sustainability of each city”.

Referring to our people, the Athenians of the center and of the periphery we provoke them to explore the possibilities of Athens. Exploring this possibilities, we believe that they will create a new perception about their city and gradually they will be much more involved to the project, not only through volunteering actions but participate with the completion of them, either working, either promoting the identity or proposing further actions.
Referring to the global community, we invite them to explore the possibilities of Athens, to observe the changes, to understand that the city is open to opportunities for creation, for investments, for delight. Rome, Istanbul, Berlin and Barcelona are great places but Athens is something more.

Anything could happen in this city.

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  • 3. LINKING THE PIECES OF THE PUZZLETHE COMMUNICATION PILLARS The Creation Pillar : Start ups ,Universities,business initiatives, fashion designers, private ornon-private educational initiatives and projects The Praxis Pillar: Volunteerism , Re LaunchingAthens Project of Athens Municipality, Re-ThinkProject , Niarxos Project, and all the other projectsof Athens, for example the new, ambitious plans forthe seafront Faliro-Sounion. etc The Delight Pillar: Imagine A TREE, that has manyfruits and these are a)the cultural activities thathappen in Athens, b)all the delight corners forleisure time.
  • 4. BEING EXPOSED TO THE ATHENIANCOMMUNITYEXPLORING THE POSSIBILITIESThe online platformhttps://www.google.gr/search?hl=el&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=862&q=webpage&oq=webpage&gs_l=img.3..0i19l3j0i10i19j0i19j0i10i19j0i19j0i10i19j0i19j0i10i19.1766.6156.0.6684.
  • 5. BEING EXPOSEDThrough web spotso Spots that reveal the three pillars of ourcommunicative model and philosophyPromotion through Facebook & TwitterThemeA few minutes episodes that will narratethe actions that happening in the cityAwareness
  • 6. BEING EXPOSED :THE INTERNATIONAL VERSIONhttp://www.globalize-campus.com/IGC_Services.htmlEXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIESPromotion  Video SpotsAwareness  Social Media: Facebook & Twitter
  • 7. ACTORS - ASSOCIATES - FUNDS Creators of the project:A contest for: Web Developers, Designers, Cultural Managers, FilmMakers, DirectorsThe winner takes the project : Athenian University, Technical School ,Private Entrepreneurs,  A combination of actors is needed Funding:Cost of the website platform : Low budget Payment of actors: OAED MUNICIPALITY ESPA MINISTRY OF FINANCERising the competitiveness andparticipation•Volunteers to create spots that don’texist, with the collaboration of theentrepreneurs.• Whats in it for volunteers? Promotion oftheir work - Ability to create futurecooperations –Certification about theirwork•Existing spot of the projects- Promotion ofthe actions to city’s people and to theglobal audience- Awareness
  • 8. CHECKING OUR HYPO-THESISWITH THE STAKEHOLDERSThrough the presentation of our thesisAnticipating for the feedbackFurther proposalsCustomizing the communication model
  • 9. CHECKING OUR HYPO-THESISWITH OUR AUDIENCESTrough Facebook & Twitter accountsViews & Comments: evaluation andinterpretation of the outcomeMoving to the next step of our lean start -upcommunication model
  • 11. Filling the empty space (empty shops and buildings)  in the center(emphasis on the empty spaces at Panepistimiou street, see rethink Athens)Competitions between local artistic groups . The winners  presenttheir work in key cultural sites (e.g. Technopolis) .The idea is toorganize a quality Athenian "talent show" with residents in a key role(whether as judges or as participants)Collect and Promote data on cultural activities in Athens through theplatform  relevant information easily accessible Locating together many cultural clusters  will make it easier to bevisited by Athenians and tourists.Executives of Cultural Management, Volunteers, Art productionCompaniesSynergies with Municipality, Ministry of Culture & Ministry ofTourism, Entrepreneurs, Private Firms, NGO’SDelight our Culture
  • 12. TWO MAIN AREAS:URBAN CYCLINGUrban reconstruction for creating a bike path grid.gain:• Sustainability• Forming a friendly image• Reducing of air pollutionCYCLING SPORTSMANSHIP• Parnitha, Hymettus and Egaleo Mount ideal for downhill rides• European programs to promote cycling tourism , show a growing global trend• Design proper cycling routes• Organize and promote cycling contests and eventsgain:• Global promotion of Athenss suburbs• Gain share of the global bicycle tourism• Integrate Athens with the suburbsCollaboration among the Municipality of Athens with Municipalitiesjurisdiction of such regions (Varimpompis and Aharnon, Petroupoli,Kaisarianis etc.), with cycling clubs (Acharnai Ride, Odysseus, PDO),private initiatives and the local Forestry.The Praxis for Sustainability
  • 13. Show me your neighborhoodOne citizen from each municipality undertakes to promote the imageof his neighborhood for a week. Thus, we can see activities in theMunicipality relating to all potential ages.Every month, a neighborhoodA game of competition between the municipalities of Athens. For onemonth the emphasis is on activities in each municipality.Executives of Cultural management –VolunteersSynergies with Municipality, Ministry of Tourism RegionalAuthorities, Private Firms, Start-ups (for creating a mobileapplication)Delight our neighborhoods
  • 14. Objectives To unfold the citys identity, the particular form, the true story.Narrative The city is the platform of action, the actors are the people of Athens that divulge therhythm. The ‘sites’ of the city will be areas from our communication pillars, the creation,the praxis, the delight.Philosophy The constant promotion of the city at the global audience and at the Athenian public. Promoting the image in order to increase tourism but also in order to form a perspectiveof Athens.Further action Following the global trend of film tourism-namely promoting the country throughaudiovisual media-, Athens will have the ability to boost tourism tailoring tourist routesand visits to city’s places that are being projected through the web-series.Further Details Online Promotion and Display Subtitles in English (at the beginning, gradually in other languages) . Promoting theGreek language. Greek musical background. Particular emphasis on new Greek mainstreams(in Englishlyrics) productions and other musical paradigms .DramaSchools,Universities,New talents,VolunteersTechnicalEquipment:VolunteersSynergieswith TVChannels,ProductionsCompaniesFUNDS:SponsorsMinistry ofTourismMinistry ofFinance,Municipalityof Athens
  • 15. CHECKING OUR HYPO-THESISWITH THE STAKEHOLDERS AND THE PUBLIC Through the presentation of our thesis How? Forming WEB Spots Trough the web platform, facebook and TwitterAnticipating for the feedback Further proposals Customizing the communication model
  • 16. SKETCHING OUR HYPOTHESES - THE CANVASKEY PARTNERS•Residents• Region Authorities•Volunteers•Entrepreneurs(private, non-privatesector)•University faculty &fellows•Oaed•Municipality•Espa•Ministry of Finance•Ministry of Tourism-CultureKEY SUPPLIERS•Web Developers –Webdesigners(universities,technical schools,private entrepreneurs)•Executives(management of audits)•Creativeentrepreneurs(to makethe reforms)Key resourcesfrom partners•Inventiveness•Financial supportWhat activitiesthey perform•Evaluation•Proposals•Financial advices•EntrepreneurialsuggestionsKEY ACTIVITIES•Web developing•Organizing the webspot either theexisting or themaking of•Making theplatform for thefeedback•Distribution:WWW, facebook,twitter•Customerrelationship: twowayKey Resourcesthe propositionrequire:Web accessibilityVALUEPROPOSITIONS•A brand identity in theglobal market•A competitiveadvantageProblem that wesolving:•The fragmentarynature of city’s actions•IdentificationServices to beoffered:•Participation of allcity’s actorsNeeds to be satisfied:•Identity Formation•Regional & GlobalAwareness•ConfidenceThe minimum viableproject:The web spotsGROWINGCUSTOMERS:•Facebook•Twitter•Networking•Communicativemessages•Building confidenceCUSTOMERSEGMENTSThe ones that arecreating value:•The residents•The entrepreneurswith the Projects•Our Volunteers•Our AssociatesImportantCustomersAthens Audience andGlobal AudienceArchetypes ofcustomers• Oriented to badimages•Partially informedCHANNELS•WWW,• Social mediaThe othercompetitors whatthey use:•Media,•social media• National strategies• NetworkingWorks best:A combinationCost Efficient:WWW & SocialMediaCOSTSTRUCTUREImportant:Paying theAssociates &SalaryMost Expensive:Forming WebSeries(2nd Step)
  • 17. THE CANVAS: NEXT STEPS The Customers our Fellow Citizens and ourGlobal Audience:Which customers relationships have we established?How are they integrated with the rest of our businessmodel?http://blog.marketculture.com/2012/09/13/customer-metrics-measure-what-matters-most-to-customers/
  • 18. OUR NARRATIVEEntrepreneurs& citizensCollaboration -solidarityParticipation forthe Completionof projectsCreatingValue&Super valueGlobalattentionInvestmentsFinancialboostPeopleCreativityCredibilitySustainability
  • 20. Maria Kourassanimaria_kourassani@yahoo.grwww.linkedin.com/maria-kourassaniAkrivi Gioulekahttps://twitter.com/GioulekaAkrivihttp://www.linkedin.com/pub/akrivi-giouleka/67/238/890Christiana Neokleoushttps://twitter.com/christiana_neokhttp://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=194344461&trk=hb_tab_pro_topCaterina Vaimakihttps://twitter.com/CaterinaVaimakiVivi Kopsiavivikopsia@gmail.comKaterina Vlassopoulouhttps://twitter.com/katvlashttp://www.linkedin.com/pub/katerina-vlassopoulou/17/b97/b5b
  • 21. Panteion University of Social & Political SciencesMaster in Cultural ManagementCourse: Cultural Marketing and CommunicationAthens Co-Creation Branding ProjectCourse Instructor : Betty Tsakarestou