Degrees of the adjectives comp


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Degrees of the adjectives comp

  1. 1. ESCOLA BÁSICA BARTOLOMEU PERESTRELO SCHOOL YEAR / 2006 / 2007 ENGLISH WORKSHEET - Degree of the adjectives - Comparative of Equality / SuperiorityA. Complete the table.ADJECTIVE COMPARATIVE OF SUPERIORITY ADJECTIVE COMPARATIVE OF SUPERIORITYShort FastOld BigYoung LongFat SmallThin UglyFriendly CheapPretty NiceHot CoolHealthy PoorHigh RichB. Write complete sentences using the comparative of superiority.E.g.: Mary / Rose (tall) Mary is taller than Rose.1. T-shirt / blouse (small)______________________________________________________2. Building / house (high)______________________________________________________3. Plane / car (fast)______________________________________________________4. Sofa / chair (big)______________________________________________________5. River Nile / River Tagus (long)______________________________________________________6. February / March (short)______________________________________________________7. My father / my mother (old)______________________________________________________8. Doing exercise / smoking (healthy)______________________________________________________9. German / English (difficult)______________________________________________________10. Susan / Sally (nice)______________________________________________________C. Find these words. 1
  2. 2. older younger taller shorter faster stronger than whoY O U N G E R Y T G W H O R U SA Y P S V M E H L W R Y I P K O L A F A S T E RE O L D E R H TR T H A N N P ES T R O N G E RD. Complete the sentences. Use the words in exercise C.1. Lucy is t ________________ than Carol.2. Carol is st________________ than Paul.3. Jack is f________________ than Lucy.4. Bill is y________________ than Paul.5. Sarah is o________________ than Paul.6. Lucy is sh________________ than Sarah.E. Look at the pictures. Are the sentences True or False?1. Anna is taller than Karen. ____True _____2. Anna is stronger than Karen. ______________3. David is taller than Paulo. ______________4. Paulo is shorter than David. ______________5. Carl is faster than David. ______________6. Carl is taller than David. ______________ 2
  3. 3. F. Correct the sentences.1. Anna is strong than Karen. ___Anna is stronger than Karen. _________________2. Karen is older of Anna. _________________________________________________3. Paulo is taller Anna. _________________________________________________4. Anna and Paulo are both taller. _________________________________________________5. Who is shorter, Paulo and David?________________________________________________6. Who is tall, Carl or David? _________________________________________________G. Fill in the gaps with the correct word.1. tall / taller Johnson is tall. He’s taller than O’Neil.2. fast / faster Mario is _______________ than Mike. Jim is _______________, too.3. than / who _______________ is taller? Maria is taller _______________ her brother.4. short / shorter Are you _______________ than me? We’re both _______________.5. is / me My sister _______________ younger than my brother. My brother is younger than _______________.H. Look at the picture and answer the questions. 3
  4. 4. 1. Who is taller than Mathew?__________________________________2. Who is shorter than Mathew?__________________________________3. Who is younger than Jan?__________________________________4. Who is stronger than Mike?__________________________________5. Who is older than Jan?__________________________________I. Look at the picture in exercise H. unscramble the questions and answers.1. Mathew is stronger or who Mike? ________________________________________________2. Mike Mathew than stronger is. ___________________________________________________3. or Jan shorter Mathew is who? __________________________________________________4. shorter is Mathew Jan than. _____________________________________________________J. Look at the picture. Complete the sentences.1. (tall) Tina’s horse is taller than Joe’s horse.2. (heavy) Joe’s horse is __________ __________ Tina’s horse.3. (slow) Joe’s horse is __________ __________ Tina’s horse.4. (young) Tina’s horse is __________ __________ Joe’s horse. 4
  5. 5. 5. (old) Joe’s horse is __________ __________ Tina’s horse.6. (fast) Tina’s horse is __________ __________ Joe’s horse.K. Look at the chart and answer the questions.Mike Not thin Tall Slow Not strong BigTom Thin Not tall Fast Not strong Not bigAlex Not thin Not tall Fast Strong Not big1. Who is thinner, Mike or Tom? 4. Who is stronger, Alex or Tom?Tom is thinner than Mike.______ _______________________________2. Who is taller, Mike or Alex? 5. Who is bigger, Tom or Mike?_______________________________ _______________________________3. Who is faster, Tom or Mike? 6. Who is bigger, Alex or Mike?_______________________________ _______________________________ 5