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Scheda Tecnica En

  1. 1. About usIn 1999, a bold and ambitious project,to restore and develop a rural Estateback to its former glory, came intobeing. The result of this vision, by fourentrepreneurs from the Marches, is LeTerre del Verde (The lands ofgreenery).We located a wonderful Estate of 410hectares in Umbria, not far from theborder with the Marches, rich in thosenatural and historical characteristicstypical of both Umbria and theMarches. The realization of thatdream, our dream, could now begin.Today, in this area, preserved from The reason.any changes that would interfere withthe delicate balance of this The revival of rural traditions is at the heart of Le Terre del Verde. The unalteredenvironment, we have completed our ecosystem of our Estate, the care dedicated to the restoration of buildings of greatmasterpiece. A truly unique proposal historical and artistic value, the commitment to re-establish a model of ruralfor tourism, one of a kind, the reality economy in the form of organic farming and sheep breeding and the processing ofof Le Terre del Verde. the resulting products, provide our profile with a rich content of qualities that can only define us as one of a kind. Neighbouring areas: Monte Subasio Park Colfiorito Park and Monti Sibillini National Park Monte Cucco Park Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  2. 2. The Estate is set in a gently Accomodation Restaurant 1 Le Terre del Verde countryhilly landscape, at an altitude History Conferences hotel (8 Historical building)of between 450 to 700 m a.s.l. SPA Health club 2 - 8 Farmhouse St.The road network within the Organic farming and cultivation Peter’s historical churchEstate itself, both roads and Laboratories producing quality food productsfootpaths, extends for adistance of over 40 kms. 3 Country House Borgo Le Case, ApartmentsThe ecosystem 4 The RestaurantThe forests consist mainly of La Muccheriaoaks, turkey oaks, horn beamsand flowering ashes, inaddition to an undergrowth 5 Healt Clubrich in protected species such SPA 650 sqmas ferns and holly. 9 Conference centreIn terms of wildlife, the Estateprovides a suitable 2 conference roomenvironment for many wildanimals such as: roe deer, 8 Historical Buildingfallow deer, wild boar, hares,pheasants, foxes, migratory 6 Processing andpigeons and squirrels. As well manufacturing area of meat,as protected species like cheese and fresh pastahawks, buzzards, grey herons, productsbadgers and porcupines. 7 Areas devoted to organic farming and cultivation Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  3. 3. General information Address: Località Badia Val di Rasina 06023 Gualdo Tadino - Where we are Perugia - Umbria – ItaliaDistances:Airports Historical and cultural towns of interest: • Camerino 65 kms• Perugia S. Egidion 35 kms • Perugia 40 kms • Rome 203 kms• Ancona Falcoara 80 kms • Assisi 29 kms• Rome Fiumicino 235 kms • Gubbio 27 kms Motorway A1 (Orte) 126 kms Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  4. 4. 4 Star Resort: 49 rooms distributed in 3 distinctbuildings: Torre, Granaio and Badiola that all date backto the 14th century. The main building Torre has 2 liftswith the breakfast room on the first floor and a bar onthe ground floor.The Resort area includes• S. pool (20 x 10 m)• 650 sqm Spa• Restaurant• Training centre• Sports facilities• Sky Park• Church Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  5. 5. Badiola: 3 Suites 22/27sqm 2 Superior 19/21sqm 2 Standard 15/17sqm 4 Single 10/12sqm Facilities: Minibar, connection to the internet & hairdryer in the bathroom.Torre:2 Presidential Suite 40mqs4 Superior 19/21mqs10 Standard 15/17mqs3 Single 10/12mqsFacilities: Minibar,connection to the internet& hairdryer in thebathroom. Granaio: 1 Suite 22/27mqs 11 Superior 19/21mqs 5 Standard 15/17mqs 2 Single 10/12mqs Facilities: Minibar, connection to the internet & hairdryer in the bathroom. Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  6. 6. The S Pietro’s Complex is a priceless building that includes 2large apartments, an ancient church and facilities.Apartments have connection to the internet and each include:Living room, 2 bedrooms (double + Twin), kitchen and bathroomwith hairdryer Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  7. 7. Borgo le Case is a complex of 10 apartments in an enclosed panoramic area with private carpark. The complex has a swimming pool, barbeque and an area dedicated to children with: The Babyclub House, football pitch and playground. The complex has a communal area with a living room , fireplace, kitchen and bathroom.There are 2 roads thatprovide access to“Borgo le Case”: thefirst is a gravel road,inside the Estate,leading to the mainentrance of the“Resort”. The second isa paved one with fastaccess from the mainroad. Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  8. 8. Apartments Sanguineto TRILO and Ground floor 44 sqm gazebo Salcetti TRILO and Ground floor 42 sqm gazebo Calcinicoli TRILO 5. kitchen + fireplace Ground floor 55 sqm and gazebo 7+2 .1 bedroom with Pietra Bianca QUADRILO private entrance and Ground floor 70 sqm en-suite bathroom.Exterior of The BabyClub House Kitchen and gazebo Stangacci TRILO and Ground floor 66 sqm gazebo Scalette TRILO and Ground floor 50 sqm gazebo 4+2Interior of The Baby S. Anna TRILO Kitchen, fireplaceClub House First floor 60 sqm and terrace of 40 sqm Bagnole TRILO and First floor 70 sqm gazebo Fangaio BILO and First floor 37 sqm gazeboCommunal area Le Brecce TRILO andwith kitchen, living first floor 60 sqm gazeboroom, T.V., fireplaceand bathroom. Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  9. 9. La Muccheria restaurant is able to cater for many different occasions, from the intimacy of only a few tables to large groups. The quality of the products used in our dishes, the great skill of our chef in re-creating traditional dishes and the courtesy of our staff is what sets us apart. The restaurant has 2 dining rooms: the ground floor and the top floor. Detail of ground floor dining room.Our organic food products areproduced in a closed cycle of foodproduction. Ground floor dining room. The closed cycle of organic food production is one of the foundation stones of the company’s mission. By controlling the origins of raw materials and the manufacturing of the final product, we are able to guarantee both the quality and flavour of certified Italian products. Detail of ground floor dining room. Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  10. 10. The Health Club is located between the “Resort” and the restaurant. In this distinct building, the Spa extends over 640 sqm, separated on 2 levels; an area on the ground floor with rooms for all our beauty treatments and on the lower floor the “humid zone” with the Spa itinerary and the massage centre. Our products: we have our products especially produced for us by a herbal pharmacy. Ground floor 5 rooms: • Fitness room • Pedispa • Manicure • Water massage Changing rooms & showersLower floor (humid zone)• 4 massage rooms (that reflect the 4 elements, air, earth, water and fire)• 1 room for beauty treatments• Turkish baths• Jacuzzi• Sauna Relaxation room Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  11. 11. Our Training Centre (indoor andoutdoor) meets the requirements of The Oro and Rubino rooms are 2 multi-functional areaseven our most demanding customers, that both become an auditorium capable of seating up toboth for conventional conference 100 people.activities and for team empowermentactivities within the 410 hectares of the They are fully equipped with independent heating andEstate. air-conditioning and the latest facilities: folding chairs, flipcharts, screen and video projector, double-sided electronic blackboard with printing capabilities, telephone, connection to the internet, video- conferencing and amplification. Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  12. 12. There are many buildings, both religious and civic, of historicalimportance on our Estate. The oldest one dating from the 10thcentury. Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  13. 13. With the idea of rediscovering typical food traditions from the Umbro-Marches Appennines,we focused on the creation of 3 specific food laboratories: pork butchery, cheese and freshpasta. All our domestic food production complies with the rigorous philosophy of a completeproduction process.All the ingredients used to manufacture ourproducts come from our farm and are thereforeall organic and certified. Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card
  14. 14. Organic agriculture respects the Organic farms. natural cycle of the seasons, using Le Terre del Verde breeds our own processes that ensure the quality of animals in the wildness, in order to the final product. This obviously guarantee a normal biological cycle, requires greater financial healthy and free from stress. investment in order to obtain a high quality result. Harmony and the natural cycle of rural traditions. The breeds that we raise with the greatest care and attention are: Limousine cattle, Cinta Senese pigs, sheep, goats and poultry. We are able to achieve the quality of our products through the care of our animals. All the fresh produce and dairy products produced by us are used in The Muccheria restaurant and are available in our farm shop.Our guests may visit and get toknow our farms up close inorder to understand the realityof Le Terre del Verde. Le Terre del Verde Presentation Card