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  • Sites SharePoint Sites delivers a single infrastructure to provide portal and collaboration capabilities across intranet, extranet, and Internet sites. Bring users together to share information, data, and expertise across organizations.
  • Communities SharePoint Communities empowers people to work together in ways that are most effective for them. Allow people to collaborate in groups, share knowledge and ideas, connect with colleagues, and find information and experts easily.
  • Content SharePoint Content enables all users to participate in a governed, compliant content management lifecycle. SharePoint Content makes it possible to expertly balance user experience with policy and process.
  • Search SharePoint Search give users the ability to find the content, information, and people they need by combining an integrated, easy-to-manage platform with best-of-breed enterprise search technology.
  • Insights SharePoint Insights enables users to access and interact with information across unstructured and structured data sources. Empower users to discover the right people and expertise to make better and more agile business decisions.
  • Composites SharePoint Composites empowers users to rapidly respond to business needs by creating their own no-code solutions on-premises or in the cloud, through a rich set of building blocks, tools, and self-service capabilities.
  • Roadmap SharePoint

    1. 1. Het bepalenvan eenSharePointroadmapMarijn Somers
    2. 2. Agenda Kip of ei ? Introductie SharePoint Veel gevraagde functionaliteiten Roadmap  Prioriteiten bepalen  Loc/Value diagram  Hoe faseren
    3. 3. Waarom Faseren ? Change management Bewustzijn laten groeien Best practices vorm geven Impact op manier van werken Nieuwe ideën opdoen
    4. 4. Belangrijke stappen Wat willen we doen met SharePoint? Wat is standaard en wat niet ? Wat zijn quick wins en wat wordt maatwerk ? Wat willen we eerst doen en wat later ? Kip of het ei:  Klant: Wat kan SharePoint ?  Implementator: Wat wil je dat SharePoint doet voor jou ?
    5. 5. Veel gevraagdefunctionaliteiten
    6. 6. Hoe werken organisaties metSharePoint ? Wie is wie ? Corporate Search Afdelingssites Projectsites Document management Intranet / Extranet Internet website Single point of information Meeting workspaces Specifieke toepassingen: Workflows,… Digitale factuurverwerking
    7. 7. Fantastic 40 templates Site Admin Templates  Server Admin Templates  Board of Directors   Absence Request and Vacation Schedule  Business Performance Reporting  Management  Case Management for Government   Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects Agencies   Bug Database  Classroom Management   Call Center  Clinical Trial Initiation and Management   Change Request Management  Competitive Analysis Site   Compliance Process Support Site  Discussion Database   Contacts Management  Disputed Invoice Management   Document Library and Review  Employee Activities Site   Event Planning  Employee Self-Service Benefits   Expense Reimbursement and Approval  Employee Training Scheduling and Materials   Help Desk  Equity Research   Inventory Tracking  Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking   IT Team Workspace  Manufacturing Process Management   Job Requisition and Interview Management  New Store Opening   Knowledge Base  Product and Marketing Requirements   Lending Library Planning   Physical Asset Tracking and Management  Request for Proposal   Project Tracking Workspace  Sports League   Room and Equipment Reservations  Team Work Site   Sales Lead Pipeline  Timecard Management
    8. 8. 3d party solutions Podcasting kit Harmony plugin voor Outlook Facetted Search Community Kit ChartPart
    9. 9. Oplijsten van behoeftes Het beheren van acties: Werken met kleuren Kenmerken toe te kennen op basis van prioriteit en deadline Werken met reminders Documentenbeheer Agendabeheer Urenbeheer per periode, medewerker en project Resourceplanning per periode, medewerker en project Tonen van totaaloverzichten per onderwerp Budgetbewaking per project Archivering Contractbeheer (incl. follow-up) Signaalfuncties (ook per mail) Feitenboek (Feiten/opmerking noteren per project/afdeling/onderwerp) Projectgroepinrichting (incl. autorisatie) Projectformats (noteren doelstellingen, enz.) (Voortgangs) rapportages Workflows Selecties maken, bijv. binnen acties. Opmerkingen posten. Contactpersonen Omgeving (deels) delen met externen
    10. 10. Prioriteiten bepalen Ok, we weten wat we willen gaan doen met SharePoint..  Hoe beginnen we er aan ? Fit / Gap  Standaard  Customisatie  development Waarde van de oplossing voor de organisatie
    11. 11. Loc/Value diagram 1 Low Solution B Type of business value - Strategic Level Solution C Type of business value Of Solution A - Key Operational 2Complexity Type of business value - Support Solution D Type of business value Solution E - Strategic Type of business value - High Potential High 3 3 2 Low High Value
    12. 12. Hoe Faseren ? Features Applicaties Groepen van gebruikers Per fase:  Scope  Budget
    13. 13. Per fase - template Basisdoelstelling Doelpubliek, Rollen Inhoud van fase Aangeboden inhoud in feature Personalisatie Intranet – Extranet – website Uitdaging Toegevoegde Waarde
    14. 14. Voorbeeld Fase 1 INTERNET INTERNET EXTRANET ZORGWEB Extranet User Dynamics NAV Management Applicatie ??-PORTAL INTRANET
    15. 15. Voorbeeld Fase 2 INTERNET INTERNET EXTRANET ZORGWEB Extranet User Dynamics NAV VERZORGINGSWEB Management Applicatie ??-PORTAL INTRANET Active Directory ENTERPRISE SEARCH (intranet zone) PROJECTMANAGEMENT Exchange
    16. 16. Voorbeeld Fase 3 INTERNET INTERNET EXTRANET ZORGWEB Extranet UserDynamics NAV VERZORGINGSWEB Management Applicatie ??-PORTAL INTRANET Workflow ManagementActive Directory INVOICE SOLUTION Solution (BCT) ENTERPRISE SEARCH (intranet zone) PROJECTMANAGEMENT Exchange
    17. 17. Voorbeeld Fase 4 INTERNET PUBLIEKE WEBSITE ( ENTERPRISE SEARCH INTERNET (internet zone) PUBLIEKE WEBSHOP EXTRANET ZORGWEB ENTERPRISE Extranet UserDynamics NAV VERZORGINGSWEB SEARCH Management (per extranet) Applicatie ??-PORTAL INTRANET Workflow ManagementActive Directory INVOICE SOLUTION Solution (BCT) ENTERPRISE SEARCH (intranet zone) PROJECTMANAGEMENT Exchange
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