Accenture Social Media Round Table 6 march 2013


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Accenture Social Media Round Table 6 march 2013

  1. 1. Social Media RoundtableAmsterdam, March 6, 2013
  2. 2. AgendaWelcome 17:00Opening & introductions 17:30Introduction to the themes 18:00Round table dinner 18:30Wrap-up 20:45Closing & drinks 21:00 2
  3. 3. IntroductionsWhat’s on your LinkedInprofile?What would you like tocontribute to this group?What would you like to getout of this group? 3
  4. 4. Attendees Marjolein Poot KPN Social Media Strateeg Kors van Wyngaarden Philips Sr. Marketing Director Imaging Systems Clive Roach Philips Senior Web Program Manager Patrick Hart Philips M2O Business Platform Lead Blake Cahill Philips Head of Digital & Social Marketing Sander Nube ABN AMRO Social Media Manager Particulier Frank Jan Riseeuw ING Social Media Manager Maarten Keijser Onderlinge Manager Communicatie Pascal Hopman BMW Social Media Mgr Tom Zwart NS Social Media Manager Mark Bastiaans Argos Online Marketeer Fedor van Herpen Eneco social media manager Hilde Albregts Shell Global Loyalty/B2C payment operations team lead 4
  5. 5. The pitches 5
  6. 6. Social Media & CustomerService (webcare)Social Media RoundtableAmsterdam, March 6, 2013
  7. 7. Should webcare be afull service channel?What are the keychallenges? 7
  8. 8. Should webcare be a fullservice channel? 8
  9. 9. Do my customers really want to engage on social media? 9
  10. 10. Is social customer service relevant for all industries? 10
  11. 11. What is the goal of social customer service? Goal: decrease service costs while delivering a service experience that not only fulfills your request, but that is personalized, is delivered when and where you want it – at speed Engage Customer Acquisition Customer Experience Customer Innovation Using Social Media to Using Social Media to Using Social Media to Market and Sell Serve, Grow, and Retain Solicit Ideas and Collaborate your products & services your customers with your customers Listen Customer Insight Using Social Media to Listen to and Understand your customers 11
  12. 12. How are other companies doing social customer servicing?Giffgaff outsourced their webcare to their customer community, with a small customerservice team which provides further support when issues cannot be directly resolved 12
  13. 13. How are other companies doing social customer servicing?AirAsia manages all Tweets directly on their main profile, using a singular point ofcontact 9 13
  14. 14. How are other companies doing social customer servicing?AT&T makes their social media interactions personal by adding the name of thecustomer service agent to their replies 14
  15. 15. How are other companies doing social customer servicing?UWV is very active on other forums instead of sticking to their own social accounts 15
  16. 16. What are the keychallenges? 16
  17. 17. What are the key challenges in social customer service?1. Choosing a monitoring & engaging tool for your webcare team2. Recognizing your customer on social media channels (e.g. link usernames on twitter to customers)3. Defining KPI’s for the webcare team & measuring the success of the webcare team in both customer satisfaction and efficiency (e.g. costs per webcare contact versus costs per call)4. Organizing the webcare team within the organization (part of the contact center or not?) 17
  18. 18. Social Media & CorporateCommunicationsSocial Media RoundtableAmsterdam, March 6, 2013
  19. 19. Monitor and managereputationGenerate insights fromlisteningBecome a mediaagency 19
  20. 20. Monitor and managereputation 20
  21. 21. What to do when…Your brand is associated with unwanted events ? 21
  22. 22. What to do when…You receive 100.000+ new slogans consumer created slogansand they get upset theirs is not chosen? 22
  23. 23. What to do when…A fake account of your brand is created or your account is beinghacked? 23
  24. 24. What to do when…Activists claim your Facebook page? 24
  25. 25. What to do when…Your employees create some buzz for you? Tg_o _PcqI38 25
  26. 26. Generating insights fromlistening 26
  27. 27. Insights by methodologydifferent levelsMonitoring listening on 1 Top Story Identification 3 Topic Seismograph 2 Reputation Alert 4 Event Observation 27
  28. 28. Social media helps to identify networksTraditional Social Isolated customer Customer and environmentCopyright © 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. Accenture Confidential Information. 28
  29. 29. Key questions 1 Relationships Who communicates with whom? 2 Communities What is the structure of existing relationships? 3 Influence dynamics How do information and influence flow? 4 Individual roles Who is influential? Who is influentiable?Copyright © 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. Accenture Confidential Information. 29
  30. 30. Identify several types of communitiesBusiness Community Bridge CommunityDirect Community Residential CommunityCopyright © 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. Accenture Confidential Information. 30
  31. 31. Becoming a mediaagency 31
  32. 32. Becoming a media agency 32
  33. 33. Social Media: Change andGovernance in organisationsSocial Media RoundtableAmsterdam, March 6, 2013
  34. 34. Key Questions1 How do we organise Social reactions to Operating be treated by the appropriate model department?2 How do we develop efficient workflows for Social activities within the Processes organisation?3 How do we bring about change with our Change management people and our ways of working?4 Roles & How do we set up R&R which areResponsibiliti scalable, flexible and are well es coordinated and get executive support? 34 34
  35. 35. Social Media contributes to several business goals, whichmakes governance and change a greater challenge Influence Customer Enhance Brand Reduce Costs Behavior Increase Customer Increase Sales Innovate Satisfaction 35 35
  36. 36. The more types of Social interactions, the more profoundimpact of Social on your organisation Outside Company Inside CompanyPeer-Peer Interaction Employee-Customer Interaction Employee-Employee Information sharing Information sharing Interaction Relationship building Relationship building Information sharing Opinion sharing Opinion sharing Relationship building Discussion Discussion Opinion sharing Idea sharing Idea sharing Discussion Complaints Complaints Idea sharing Questions Questions Questions Jokes Data Collection/Mining News Gossip Sentiment Monitoring News, etc Brand association monitoring Marketing ROI assessment Which interactions are you looking to enable, support and manage? 36 36
  37. 37. Your Social Media strategy identifies business opportunitiesand defines the prioritized capabilities to be developedSocial Media Capability Overview WHY? HOW?ServeIT, multichannel Multichannel integrationDriveMarketing (op)Sales, Recruiting Engagement Seed tracking & attribution management (ROI)SupportCustomer Care Off-board Social Media Profile-based optimizationReact Social mediaPR, IR, monitoring & alertsCom Social media On-board Social Media CRM integrationLearn analysisR&D, MarketingCustomer Insight Listen Engage Optimize Social CRM Transformation Program 37 37
  38. 38. Organizational Design – How do you organize your socialmedia capability and how are resources allocated?Source: Altimeter Group 38 38
  39. 39. Case : Fedex transitioning from a Centre of Excellence to aDistributed modelFrom CoE > inability to scale, fewexperts and ‘one trick pony’To Distributed model >• greater efficiences & benefits• define broader social agenda• increased adoption & social courageEnablers:• C-suite prioritization• Shared objectives and responsibilities• Integrated KPIs and keep focus 39 39
  40. 40. Organizational Performance in changing times performance Changing Times Change performance Future Situation Current Situation Social Medias Traditional Change Management Approach “valley of despair” time 40Copyright © 2012 Accenture All Rights Reserved. 40 40
  41. 41. How to adopt Social Media for Change Managementcapabilities Collaboration Change Communications Measurement Social Media Employee Learning & Involvement Training Knowledge Capital 41 41
  42. 42. Social Media integration with ATLMarketing campaignsSocial Media RoundtableAmsterdam, March 6, 2013
  43. 43. 1. ATL – BTL; What are Marketeers doing? 2. Why integrate ATL with Social Media? 3. What are successfull examples? 43
  44. 44. There is a progressive shift across industries towards a morecustomer-insight-driven marketingFrom name-less Consumers to Named Customers Above Above + Below The Line The Line Indirect Product-Centric ‘Historical’ Consumer FMCG Marketing Relationship Marketing School Direct Customer Customer-Centric Customer Insight Marketing Marketing Relationship School Brand and Brand & Creativity + Creativity Data-driven Insight 44
  45. 45. The shift to customer-insight-driven Marketing is supported byan increase in BTL spending * 1. BTL spending grew relatively harder than ATL 2. Digital spending has grown the most * 3. Highest growth in spending for Mobile and Social*Source: Winterberry Group, 2013 45
  46. 46. What can be the role of Social Media in a successful TVcommercial? Likeability of TV comm. Conversation Impact on Sales + Source: InSites Consulting samen and Vlaamse Media Maatschappij , 2011 46
  47. 47. Case 1: Krave by Kellogg’s 47
  48. 48. Case 2: The Great Football Experiment by Nivea for Men 48
  49. 49. ConclusionSocial Media integration with ATL Marketing..1. Accelerates the conversation your adds initiate2. Increases brand engagement3. Generates customer insight4. Improves customer relevancy ..But what are your experiences? 1. Success stories or failures? 2. Potential challenges? 3. Results? 49
  50. 50. Thank you! 50
  51. 51. Accenture &Social Media 51
  52. 52. Download all PoV’s via our new Accenture Interactive iPad appCopyright © 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. Accenture Confidential Information. 52
  53. 53. Copyright © 2013 Accenture. All rights reserved. Accenture Confidential Information. 53