Promotion through Social Networks


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Strategy for promoting the Httpool Contextual Product through different Social Networks

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Promotion through Social Networks

  1. 1. Diploma Thesis “Promotion through Social Networks” Author:Mentor: Marija Trajkovska 52235Ph. D. Nada Sekulovska Department of e-business Faculty of Economics, October Skopje 2012
  2. 2. Social Media and BusinessesIt is important for a company to better meet: Its audience; Social media advantages; Social way of promoting.The main purpose of the social networks: to engage people and keep them coming back for more. If used in a proper way, the social networks can soon make the audience a circle of potential users.
  3. 3. Why Social Networks? A lot of people, including target audience use them quite often. Building relationships between brands and people.Why promotion? Not advertising and traditional marketing but conversation and listening tools.“Different social network tools,different messages.”
  4. 4. Social Networks: tools and tactics that help theoverall strategy to succeed.  Facebook: for entertainment, grabbing user’s attention;  LinkedIn: for connecting specific people in a business way, B2B directly reaching target audience;  Twitter: real time broadcasting, one-to-one marketing;  Wordpress: for blogging, writing content;  Youtube: channel, video promotions.
  5. 5. Httpool Contextual Product Httpool Contextual enables creation of online adverts that can be displayed on the most visited websites in Macedonia. The targeting is done with chosen keywords; System for independent campaigning; Cost per click (CPC); Limitation of daily spending; Real-time report.
  6. 6. Strategy for theContextual Product Objective: 1. Explain contextual advertising, reach target audience, engage followers; 2. Make a good SEO with the content and it’s relation with the social networks; 3. Increase interaction, ask questions and encourage discussions; Target: small business, business owners from abroad, individuals that have web pages. Social network tools: Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Wordpress and YouTube.
  7. 7. Facebook Strategy:Objective: Increase our fan base to over 1000 during the next 3 months. Promoted posts; Make the timeline cover and profile picture integrated with the campaign; Highlighted posts; Pin the blog stories that we will post once a week; Milestones; Polls.
  8. 8. LinkedIn Strategy:Objective: Increase the number of followers to over 300. Httpool Group for discussions; Discussions on other groups (Online advertising); Sharing WordPress posts; Request recommendations for the product; Use the “What is Contextual Advertising?” video for the Httpool Contextual product page.
  9. 9. WordPress Strategy:Objectives:  Have at least 10 shares of the posts;  Have at least 10 Comments on the posts. Use SEO with titles and words that closely identify the content; Educative content; LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter widgets.
  10. 10. Twitter Strategy:Objective: Make the follower base to over 1000. Social Bro application features:  Finding influential people in our target circle;  What topics the audience talks about;  Easy follow/unfollow users;  When our followers are online;  Interdependence of our tweets and number of followers.
  11. 11. YouTube Channel Strategy:Objective: Have at least 200 views on the videos.The presentation videos and tutorials will be integrated with other networks: Httpool company video; Successful campaigns of Contextual Advertising; What is Contextual Advertising; Video tutorials for how to make a contextual ad; Answering on the people issues from the survey; How to use social networks better (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  12. 12. Measuring results Facebook: Number of likes, shares, comments, insights, “people talking about”; Twitter: Number of retweets, followers, hashtag usage; LinkedIn: Page views, number of clicks on content, number of followers, questions and comments; WordPress: Number of shares and likes on the posts; YouTube: Number of views on the videos.
  13. 13. Survey: Online Advertising in Macedonia Goal: what people are thinking about the onlineadvertising and whether there is interest for buying of the product. Дали некогаш Ефект од рекламирање преку испитаниците се огласувале Интернет преку Интернет: 17% 4% Ефектот е одличен, рекламите на Да 31% Интернет се важни за успешна кампања 83% Не Ефектот може да биде различен, зависи од изведбата на самите 65% реклами Што мислат испитаниците за рекламите Не сум задоволен/а од и огласите на Интернет рекламирањето преку Интернет 8% Мислам дека се Conclusion: we have potential audience to 41% здодевни which we can present the product, but we Ретко им обрнувам внимание need to explain what the effects of using the 51% Мислам дека се product are. интересни
  14. 14. Што е Контекстуално Огласување: Огласи кои ги содржат потребните информации и не можат да се отворат 6% Огласување преку Интернет 33% со препознавање на клучни зборови 6% 55% Огласи кои имаат иста функција како фиксните банери Дали би се огласувале ако цената е 1200 денари за 150 Огласи кои мора да се кликови: кликнат и отворат за повеќе информации 46%Conclusion: we have a potential customer 54% Даbase that knows the product well, but also we Неneed to inform them about the productfeatures.
  15. 15. Using a Social Network strategy is proof that acompany is characterized by one of the mostimportant features of a modern company:flexibility.Thank You!