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5 s powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. 5S
  2. 2. Japanese English Brief DescriptionSEIRI SORT Take out unnecessary items and disposeSEITON SYSTEMATIZE Arrange necessary items in good order for useSEISO SWEEP Clean your workplaceSEIKETSU SANITIZE Maintain high standard of housekeepingSHITSUKE SELF DISCIPLINE Do things spontaneously without being told or ordered
  4. 4. SEIRI (SORT), MEANS, “TAKE OUTUNNECESSARY ITEMS AND DISPOSE”. Step 1. Look around your workplace with your colleagues. Discover and identify items which are unnecessary to your work.. . . .Then, dispose all unnecessary items…NEVER KEEP ANYTHING WHICH ARE UNNECESSARY TO YOUR WORKPLACE!!! Step 2. If you and your colleagues cannot decide if an item is necessary or unnecessary, put Disposal Notice with the date on the item and….Set the item aside….
  5. 5.  Step 3. After a period, say three months, check if someone needed the item or not. If no one needed the item for three months, that means the item is not needed for your work. When you cannot decide yourselves, you can make the time to make decision.
  6. 6. NOTE :1. In this sorting operation, you must not forget inside all drawers, lockers and cabinets.2. Disposal can be done in either of the following : a. Sell to outside company b. Move to other department/place where the item is needed c. Throw it away, or dispose as garbage
  7. 7. d. In disposing item, it is best to make people knowwho has the authority for disposale. It is also better to make known to all where toreturn excessive stock of materials and suppliesf. While looking around for unnecessary items inyour workplace, look at every nook and corner likewhen you are looking for cockroaches!REMEMBER, it will be a BONUS to you if youfound some useful items!
  8. 8. SEITON (SYSTEMATIZE) MEANS, “NECESSARYITEMS IN GOOD ORDER FOR USE”.Step 1. Make sure all unnecessary items are eliminated from your workplaceThen, think of what things should be put where, taking into account the flow of your work, movements of equipments, if there are any, from the point of view of safe and efficient operation.Step 2. Then decide with your colleagues which things to put where also from the point of view of safe and efficient operation. The principle is to put most frequently needed item close to the user so as to minimize the movement of the person. Things which are not so often used could be placed farther away. You make a plan with your colleagues based on these principles and locate things accordingly.
  9. 9. Step 3. It is necessary to make sure that everyone at your workplace know what are kept where for efficient use. Make a list of things with their locations and put it in cabinets/lockers. Label each drawer/cupboard to show what is kept inside.Step 4. Apply the same principles and indicate the places where fire extinguishers are located, exits/entrances and whenever necessary, warning signs for safety precautions.Note:1. objective of SEITON is to make your workplace a safe and efficient place to work in. So, such a thing as a curtain on the cupboard which hide things behind should be eliminated.
  10. 10. SEISO (SWEEP) MEANS, “CLEAN YOURWORKPLACE”. There is very strong correlation between quality of products and cleanliness of the workplace where the product or service is manufactured. Accordingly, SEISO (Sweep) should be practiced everyday, and sometimes, even during the day.
  11. 11.  Do not wait until things get dirty. Clean your workplace, including machines and equipments, tools and furniture, regularly so that they do not have the chance to get dirty. Put aside 3 minutes everyday for SEISO You and your colleagues should be responsible for the work area around you. The janitors and sweepers will, then, look after the common areas only. If you hope to work in clean and safe environment, it is best for you to create such environment Never throw anything and make it your habit Cleaning is also checking If you agree, start today.
  12. 12. Note:1. In addition to 3 minutes for SEISO (sweep) everyday, you can have weekly 5S time, or monthly 5S day. Benefits of practicing 5S is much bigger than the time spent for 5S.2. Regular cleaning and checking extends the lives of machines and reduces breakdowns3. Practice of SEISO (Sweep) by the people of the work area reduces needs foe maintenance staff and janitors/sweepers. Those people could be shifted to more productive work.
  13. 13. SEIKETSU (SANITIZE) MEANS, “MAINTAINHIGH STANDARD OF HOUSEKEEPING” So as not to waste your efforts, do not stop after implementing the initial 3S’s Create a maintenance system for Housekeeping. Make a schedule for cleaning for your workplace. Interdepartmental competition is a very effective means of sustaining and enhancing people’s interest on 5S
  14. 14. Note:1. Indicate the name(s) of the person who is responsible for the work area and for the machine2. Regular inspection and evaluation by a special 5S committee members on the level of 4S by each work area is necessary3. Do not criticize poor cases, but also praise and commend good practices or good performers.
  15. 15. SHITSUKE (SELF – DISCIPLINE) MEANS, “DOTHINGS SPONTANEOUSLY WITHOUT BEING TOLDOR ORDERED”.It is to make everyone practice 4S spontaneously and willingly as habit or way of life.There is no other way to foster such culture than practicing 4S’s regularly until such time comes when everyone becomes fond of 5S
  16. 16. How:1. Treat your workplace as your (own) second home.2. You are spending more of your WAKING TIME at your workplace than at home.3. Your workplace is an important place where you make money for your self and your family.4. If you hope your home to be clean and comfortable place, why don’t you try to make your workplace as clean and comfortable as your home.Managerial people should show good examples
  17. 17. WHAT CAN YOU GAIN FROM 5SA. INDIVIDUAL1. 5s Makes Your Workplace More Pleasant in practicing 5S, you have to start from discussing and agreeing with your colleagues what items are necessary and unnecessary. Then you have to discuss and agree what to put where for efficient use by everyone. And, you have to clean the workplace together with your colleagues Such process will foster better human relations among co- employees In addition, you will see favorable changes in the working environment as 5S progresses Improved human relations and working environment will make your workplace pleasant.
  18. 18. 2. 5S Makes Your Workplace More Efficient If you have to look for something and if you have to spend so much time finding it, you are not only wasting your time. You are wasting your energy and morale, too. On the other hand, if everything at your workplace is arranged in good order and easily available for use, your workflow will always be smooth. It not only improves your efficiency but also improves the rhythm of your work Then you will enjoy your work more. If you have to work, it is better if you can enjoy it.
  19. 19. 3. 5S Improves Your Safety A clean and tidy environment where everything is properly placed, clear instructions are readily available and no one throws anything is a safer place to work with Practice of 5S improves your own safety You can enjoy your work more with less risk
  20. 20. 4. 5S Improves Quality of Your Work and Your Product/Services People affect environment On the other hand the environment also affects people If you are accustomed to work in a clean and tidy environment, you can develop your sensitivity so that you can feel and identify any defect in work. On the contrary, messy and untidy environment will adversely affect your sensitivity
  21. 21. B. COMPANY 5S is not only a matter of Housekeeping. It is an integrated approach for productivity improvement and ensures P Q C D S M to the organization which practices 5S:
  22. 22. P : 5S increases PRODUCTIONQ : 5S improves QUALITYC : 5S reduces COSTSD : 5S makes DELIVERY on timeS : 5S improves SAFETYM : 5S improves MORALE