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Android is an open source platform owned by Google, and it has become popular within a very short time. Owing to the several gaming-friendly features offered by the latest Android operating systems, gaming with Google Android has its own charm.

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Android Games Development - Open The World For You

  1. 1. Android Games Development - Open The World For YouAndroid is an open source platform owned by Google, and it has become popular within a veryshort time. Owing to the several gaming-friendly features offered by the latest Android operatingsystems, gaming with Google Android has its own charm. To develop successful Google Androidgames, you need the services of experienced game developers who have the skills to transformyour imagination into gaming reality.To produce a catchy and engaging game is a daunting task and you should take help ofprofessional Android Game Developers or Android game developing company. GDI is one of thepreferred professional games developing company providing services at affordable rates. OurAndroid game developers use Java SE development Kit (JDK) which provides all necessarydevelopment tools to develop and deploy Android games.The features that users can experience from our android Game Development Company 1. Excellent graphics 2. Custom 2D & 3D games 3. Integration of Java for exiting games 4. Cross platform compatible games 5. Unique user interface designs 6. Interactive, flexible and easy handling game development 7. Development of games as per international class standards those are more appealing for the gamers.Develop games for all types of categories from fungames to gun games like action, puzzle, arcade,sports, learning, adventure, thrilling, racing, multi-player games and much more. Our Android GameDevelopment Company offers services at reliable and reasonable prices taking into considerationof the effort of developers involved. Our developers have capabilities to integrate and implementevery feature that you expect from gaming.Popular Choice for Entertaining Android Development GamesAndroid Game Development has become a popular choice within a short span of time due to thenumerous advantages it promises to offer.
  2. 2. Being an open platform, Android lacks the limitations of Apple iOS, which makes Androiddevelopment more attractive and cost effective for individuals and businesses. It helps them toextend their gaming solutions independently from a third party platform provider and exercisevirtually unlimited control over the development and release.There is no standardization in Android Game Development and Android OS does not havelicensing with one particular mobile phone manufacturing company so that the android phones candiffer significantly in features or hardware specifications. This makes it very easy for AndroidDevelopment professionals to identify a phone that meets their hardware requirements perfectly.Our Android Programming team and Android Developers leverage this feature to createenthralling and highly engaging Android Development Games. Android game development has some distinct advantages like Low cost development Android is a opensource so you need not to pay any license fee, you need to pay only our development charges and those are minimum because we work in market competition so you can afford our charges. Robust and stable game development Android is based on Linux kernel that prevents abnormalities to creep in the game so it never crash and you will have a stable, reliable and robust game on this platform. Customized Android game developmentOur Android game developers have more freedom to customize your game right from initial stageas Android game applications are built on Linux core. We convert your idea in to perfect reality.Enhanced gaming experienceWe provide in-built 2D and 3D graphics along with SQLite database to enhance your gamingexperience.Fast developmentAndroid is Java based so our Android game development team utilize Java game engine which isfast in development and consume less time in compare to other platform so you have overallbenefit in development cost. We use Java engine to access wide range of libraries and tools tocreate interesting games within shortest time.I hope you will convince that Android game development at GDI is a perfect choice for yourproject and you will end up with a robust and engaging game so get a free quote.