As law session two


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As law session two

  1. 1. AS Session 2: Section B Questions
  2. 2. Starter: Can you match up the arguments? D has many Reasonable suspicion Same budget covers protections in an provides clear the prisons and the interview guidance on when to judges. S&S Judges D is less have likely to be 5/6ths of people are D is more likely to besecurity of sent to released on police bail convicted. tenure prison. The interviewer will Young black men are 7 often assume that the 20% of those on bail times more likely to be suspect is guilty going go on to commit a involved. in. further offence
  3. 3. Introduction: So what are part B questions? They are all, regardlessof section, worth 12 marks In section A this means... ... well actually they’re worth... Evaluate... You need to aim for Discuss....three well developed Consider....(discussed) points.NO lists In section B this means...Include a fourth for luck!Must have a conclusion... Apply...Even if it’s just a Advise...statement.Develop the arguments...
  4. 4. Develop those introductory points... You are Example: going to In the Magistrates Court, D is more likely to be convicted as they convict 70%turn two of of defendants, compared to 44% in the Crown Court so he may want to opt for the Crown Court instead. However, although the Crown court is less likely these to convict, they are more likely to send the defendant to prison, and so D willstatements want to take this into account in deciding where to go - they may think that a into well jury is more likely to feel sympathetic towards them.developed points which are Key tips:essential to  Develop both sides of the argument!achieving a  Use evidence to develop your argument. No lists! level four.
  5. 5. What is the difference between the marks?Read the following sentence:“Code A makes sure that the rights of the individualare protected by ensuring that a suspect will not bestop and searched without independent evidence or facts.”Is it a:PointDeveloped pointWell developed pointVery well developed point Now mark yours!
  6. 6. English Legal System Section A This will ask you to Discuss or Debatean area of the law you have described.
  7. 7. Now... 10 Minutes to write up...
  8. 8. Swap and try to mark it! PART B Mark Scheme Highlight the level you think your work has hit This is slightly different My Assessment:0  Any statements or ‘bald points’ A = something you have done amazingly1  Point + reason =12  Point + reason + illustration/more detail – 2 B= something that could  Point + reason + illustration/more detail + be better3 contradiction – 34  Point + reason + illustration/more detail + contradiction + illustration/more detail – 4 C = how confident are you in the skills requiredAdd up the total points. to be successful in the question.But: Can not get above 7 without at least one 3 pointdiscussion.
  9. 9. Any Questions?
  10. 10. English Legal System Section B This will ask you to apply or discuss an area of the law in a scenario. Applied pointsUse D’s name to get out of Level 2If there is no application but relevantpoints have been identified then a maximum of toplevel 2 marks can be achieved as the criteria for level3 will not have been met. Conclude!Make sure you address all elements
  11. 11. What is the difference between the marks? Read the following sentence. Hamish has the right to free legal advice. However this may simply be a duty solicitor via the phone which may not give the individual (Hamish) sufficient help with his case.Is it a:PointApplied pointWell applied point
  12. 12. So, how would you tackle this one? In your groupsbrainstorm your answer!  Any statements or ‘bald points’  Point + reason =1 Now you have 3 examples in front of  Point + reason + illustration/more detail – 2 you.  Point + reason + illustration/more detail + contradiction – 3Can you mark them?  Point + reason + illustration/more detail + contradiction + illustration/more detail – 4Do you understand what the Add up the total points.examiner wants? But: Can not get above 7 without at least one 3 point discussion.
  13. 13. Consolidation: Have a go at producing three well developed points for this question:(b)* Pedro is pleading not guilty to a charge of the theft of a wallet from his colleague’s desk atwork. Theft is a triable either way offence.Discuss the matters Pedro should consider when choosing in which court to be tried.[12]
  14. 14. Are you understanding? For each of the following statements, decide whether they are true, false or maybe. You need to describe A You should spend 12 the areas of law it point, development minutes answering it brings up and however will get you three marks You need to include You should bullet at least one well point your answer You should use the developed point name of the person Both section Bs are Six well explained approached the You just need to look points will do it! same. at one side of the argument.