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Honeymoonpwpt 2

  1. 1. Honeymoon The Greek Islands
  2. 2. Why Honeymoon?● Occidental tradition from England● Only the nobility could afford it, the first moment of intimacy• Used to be called: « voyages à la mode anglaise »• A market more and more democratised• Growth market in term of future
  3. 3. Summary• The guests motivations• The Push and Pull factors• The product
  4. 4. The Questionnary survey• Target: a young new married couple (25-30 years) with a restricted budget → realize an original honeymoon• Objective of the study: find a new tendancy in the honeymoon market• Results analysis:
  5. 5. The Travel motivationsHoneymoon, a truly Romance● To rediscover one another out of the usual environment• Enjoy the privacy in a romantic place (romantic private moments shared) with your partner
  6. 6. The Travel motivationsHoneymoon, a truly Escape-Isolation● Relieve from stress accumulated before the mariage● To get away with your partner from the hustle and bustle of the daily life● Being away from the crowds of people in a secure and safe environment
  7. 7. The Travel motivationsHoneymoon, a need of recognition● The guests need to be taken care of them (massage, champagne, flowers)● They want to be surprised by unexpected attention (room upgrade, free entrance into the spa…)
  8. 8. The Travel motivationsHoneymoon, a seek of a new experience● The couple is looking for a truly sensation of novelty● A desire to conquer an unknown environment● Get an original honeymoon adapted to the new needs; a changement of the usual honeymooners destinations
  9. 9. The Travel motivationsHoneymoon, a new way of self development/actualization● A desire to diversify its activities over the stay (a relaxed and cultural stay at the same time)● Interest into the cultural aspect of the destination (self accomplishment)
  10. 10. The Push and Pull factorsThe Push factors : Why go on Honeymoon ?• To evacuate all the stress of the wedding• To mark the beginning of a « new life » with the partner• Use this special occasion to discover a new destination• To relax physically• To satisfy the desire to be somewhere else
  11. 11. The Push and Pull factorsThe Pull factors : Why choose the Greek Islands ?• The heritage of Greek Islands• The beautiful landscapes• Accessible to small budgets• Same currency• Proximity with France
  12. 12. The product• Not the main destination for honeymoon.• More original• A 7 days cruise on a sailboat• Good alternative to long and far travel, with the crisis
  13. 13. The product The boat• Maximum of 30 people• Personalized services• An intimidate stay• Focus on massages, spa, cures, cocktails• Mix relax and culture The destination• Not very far, not very expensive• Wonderful landscapes, blue lagoon water• Small boat = small distances
  14. 14. The product The traject
  15. 15. The productOur "plus"• Re-celebrate wishes for newly- wed . But also for people married since several years = renew their wishes. Simple and intimate ceremonies on the beach• Propose an extension of 3 or 4 days in a 5 star hotel in Santorin island.