Book a bike; a green innovative idea!
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Book a bike; a green innovative idea!



Let's have a deeper look to the post in this presentation worth looking at !

Let's have a deeper look to the post in this presentation worth looking at !



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Book a bike; a green innovative idea! Book a bike; a green innovative idea! Presentation Transcript

  • The Green Hotels, a hospitality revolution Being eco responsible is the big buzz word, the big trend, the go- to hype as a marketing and sales tool. Being responsible to their environment is a philosophy that mirrors today numerous hotel values.  Customers are more and more sensitive to the environmental responsibility of the hotel they are going to stay in. The eco responsible approach that the hotel is committed in has become a crucial factor for the guest hotel decision.  Hoteliers are getting more than ever aware of the importance of such green revolution and it is today crucial for them to adapt a green eco friendly and responsible strategy towards their environment in order to lure the customers.
  • Book a bike at a resort, a green innovative idea  Facing the Green revolution, hoteliers are more than ever eager to devote themselves into this new dynamic trend for their hotel success. Thus, many are who come up with creative ways to deliver a green guest services in order to delight and even more surprise customers. Booking a bike is one idea that is well worth taking in consideration not only for the benefits of using such transportation way for the guest but as well for the hotel value.
  • Book a bike, an inconsiderable value for the hotel guest  The bike is by far known as the best way to get arround a city avoiding the stress of the public transport  A good way to keep fit while enjoying sightseeing and venturing out the many local gems!  Green services are seen today for the customers as a real premium quality service that help making their experience more meaningful
  • Book a bike, an inconsiderable value for the hotel  Implement such transportation service is a good way to diversify the hotel guest service offer and better delight the customer  Develop an innovative environmental responsibility and act as a real citizen of the green world  Sustainability represent today an important consumer need and is now an integral aspect of product quality, crucial factor today to reach a business success  Innovative green service or products such as the bike idea is an important way to develop the consumer value, brand enhancement and company competitiveness
  • Book a bike, towards a competitive hotel asset  Facing an ever changing environment and a highly competitive market, pressure is on each hotel to distinguish itself from the competition and highlight its potential asset allowing it to add value to the market  Book a bike is seen as a tremendous competitive advantage whose focus ‘GOING GREEN’ is coming up to the fore as a real society buzz today (Everyone think green and want to act grenn so touching such key point is the key for success). Opting for such green hotel asset will help the hotel to stand out from the crowd and reach success.  It is more than ever crucial to keep attracting customer with news innovative ways, choosing such innovative aspect will enable the company to perfeclty match the current green customers needs and extend its customer market.
  • A step forward toward innovation  Hotel look for innovation to save the Hospitality Industry and redynamise the market  The innovation is now assigned an important place in terms of economic growth and business development  Many are the hoteliers to think about innovative ideas to shape the customer experience and add extra value to their stay and to the service overall delivery  The main goal of the innovation is not only to please the guest but to manage to raise its satisfaction bar and turn the customer into a completely devoted one
  • THINK GREEN, ACT GREEN TOWARDS A NEW HOSPITALITY FUTURE SUCCESS The green competition is upon us…. Let’s be innovative and surprise our guest!