Musicademy vocals master class


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Notes to a vocals Masterclass by Musicademy includes a link to the audio recording.

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Musicademy vocals master class

  1. 1. Musicademy Vocals Masterclass• This presentation is composed of the detailed class notes that Vocals Coach Jennifer Moore presented. You can listen to an audio recording here: ©
  2. 2. About Musicademy• MusicademyDVDsGuitar, Vocals, KeysDrums, Bass, OrchestralBACKING TRACKS• Worship Backing Band ©
  3. 3. 5 Top Technique Tips1. A basic that we often forget: breathe!!! Any phrase sounds SO much better if you have enough breath in your lungs!2. Another back-to-basic to remember is to MOVE your mouth! If you allow space and annunciation then your tone will sound a lot more open and full!3. Another basic: practice!!!! If you want to get better at singing, then work at it and make time to practice!4. Make sure you are using both your chest voice and your head voice and making the most out of all of your voice that way. Work on blending the two.5. Resonating in your cheek bones; lifting the tone into your nose and cheek bones to help with reaching high notes with ease ©
  4. 4. The MusicademyWorship Vocals Course• Transform your singing with this step-by-step programme• Realise your vocals potential with professional techniques for breathing, projection and control, harmony skills and spontaneous singing all built around well known worship songs.• Hear your voice change day-by-day with exercises to extend the range, tone and power of your voice.• Each DVD contains approximately two hours of vocal coaching from professional singing teachers, warm-up, breathing and vocalisation exercises as well as advice from worship leaders Brenton Brown, Vicky Beeching, Tim Neufeld (Starfield), Tommy Walker, Leeland Mooring, Lloyd Wade and Noel Richards.Click through for more information about theMusicademy Worship Vocals Course ©
  5. 5. 5 Backing Vocals Tips1. If there are 2 of you then STICK TO YOUR PART. Learn that discipline if you haven’t already. Talk to the other singer and decide together whether you will go for the 3rd or the 5th (the higher or lower backing vocal line).2. Space is just important as filling it- sometimes more important! Just because you have a beautiful voice, does not mean you have to sing BVs all through the song. Especially if you are singing sections of the song in 3 part harmony; think about just allowing the other BV to sing alone so that the song only uses one harmony part where appropriate or even having no BVs at times if the song asks for space. Put the song first and think musically about what the overall sound needs, not just what you fancy singing ;). I find just asking God what and where to sing helps and being connected to him throughout. Again, kind of an obvious one but it is surprisingly easy to over-think and disengage the spirit! ©
  6. 6. 5 Backing Vocals Tips3 Consider varying between a harmony and improvisational licks (according to how connected you are with the song and what you therefore naturally hear in the wider arrangement).4 If you are a lone BVer then do the opposite of top tip 1: Be adventurous! Jump between high & low harmonies as you feel the music expresses.5 Try Inverting as a harmony tool for effect. For example, if you are the only BV then you could start on the lower harmony and invert up to the higher harmony later in the song to lift the chorus and bring more umph and dynamic into the song. If there are two of you, you could both invert. Dont be afraid to try stuff out in the rehearsal and go for it- you are as much part of the band as keys or guitar so if you need a minute to work something out then ask for it! ©
  7. 7. Harmony & Backing VocalsDVDs• Learn to sing harmonies and discover the art of backing vocals A total of 5 hours instruction on two DVDs designed for both male and female singers at any level whod like to learn how to harmonize or improve their backing vocals skills. Together the DVDs contains high quality backing tracks to 20 worship songs with: – 20 instructional video lessons covering harmony and BV technique – 2 separate harmony parts for each song to copy and learn – on screen words – and a full version of every song to practice toClick through for more information about theHarmony & Backing Vocals DVDs ©
  8. 8. Be Encouraged! Just be you, and enjoy the gifts God has made you to have. He doesn’t make mistakes!!You are here for a reason and you can sing for a reason! ©
  9. 9. 5 Tips for the Worship Leader1. In your practice: PLAY with your voice. Every sound that you possibly CAN make (no matter how awful you THINK it sounds) can be used and incorporated as a colour into your singing palette when good technique is applied. Remember that the purpose of Worship is to connect with God and use the supernatural qualities music added to powerful lyrics to COMMUNICATE and reach people’s soul’s what a privilege!!! Seek to use your full voice to achieve this- don’t be satisfied living in only a corner of your voice. ©
  10. 10. 5 Tips for the Worship Leader2. In the band: Dont neglect the backing vocalists! -If you are a worship leader, I know you have the whole band to think about and a lot going on, but though its tempting (especially when juggling the whole arrangement) try not to ignore the backing vocals- they tend to get the least comment, feedback and direction and they can really make or break the worship! The human voice is immensely powerful in communicating the message. Make time to experiment with harmonies and using backing vocals as another instrument to add dynamic and colour. Also try varying from time to time; sometimes use just one BV, sometimes use two or even three for different effects. When organizing the rota try to figure out which voices blend best together and who is great at singing alone etc. If you are booking two BVs then pick one who has a higher range and one with a lower range etc.. ©
  11. 11. 5 Tips for the Worship Leader3. For your nerves: If you suffer with nerves dont worry thats normal!! We seem to think that just because it’s worship that we should be immune to nerves: not true. Hold on to this thought: that singing is COMMUNICATING in a much more powerful deep and spiritual way then speaking ever could. If you are in the worship band in your church then that’s because you can sing (no matter what ‘level’ you place yourself at with that gift- that’s irrelevant). If you can sing, then that means that you have a wonderful gift to pour powerful messages into people’s souls (nerves or not) and deliver the message in the song. Part of what makes us so good at communicating a spiritual message through music is that creative people tend to feel the emotions and be passionate about the message strongly ourselves. This makes us ‘sensitive’ to emotions and sometimes therefore naturally more prone to nerves! Nerves can work in your favour as they make you more humble and reliant on God on stage. Sometimes it helps to keep all these things in perspective. ©
  12. 12. 5 Tips for the Worship Leader4. In your singing: Use adlibs powerfully but intentionally. People need to be lead in the MELODY otherwise they can get lost. (Aside from singing in the spirit obviously!) Try to stick to the melody in the first half of the song. As the song develops you can make a few expressive developments but dont veer off the main melody more then a note or two here or there. Only fill the gaps intentionally for the purpose of expressing the meaning of the song the and not just because you can or think you should! (again may seem obvious but sometimes we need to reinstate the obvious!). Just apply your own objective taste! Don’t be afraid to be you though! Sometimes we can be so worried about fitting in to a box that we don’t leave room for God to make us into the type of leader that he wants- we are each different from each other after all. Lots of guidance and practice on adlibbing on the Musicademy Advanced Vocals Workout CD ©
  13. 13. 5 Tips for the Worship Leader5. In your musicianship and general leading skills: Practice!! When we practice something then we get better at it. Simple! If your leading worship that week or not, links between songs, transposing them to your key, practice singing and playing them, practice connecting your spirit –actually worshipping God in your heart with the lyrics of the song your singing! (kind of an important one!), practice learning how to get from the last note of one song to the first note of the next song in your head without needing an instrument to help you (whether or not the song is in the same key or not), practice leading the band in your mind and listen to the arrangements of other recordings of bands in order to expand your understanding of how all the instruments work together and what each instrument can do. ©
  14. 14. 5 Tips for the Worship Leader For example keys and guitar need to be working together; not doubling up or overplaying and clashing (which often happens as they are both harmony instruments and both read the same chords.). Play with DYNAMICS for example you can start stripped down and play with building up and stripping down in order to express the meaning of the songs. You could try adding guitar later, not bringing the drums in till the chorus or 2nd verses etc The Musicademy Worship Vocals Course contains loads of advice for worship leaders. And plenty of opportunities for practice! ©
  15. 15. For Further Information•• Sign up for free resources and to receive our weekly e-newsletter packed with useful articles and special offers ©