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Aide du service culturel

  1. 1. Provided by
  2. 2. 1. Assistantship2. Grants and Scholarships3. Promotion of the French Cinema4. Teacher and Student Resources
  3. 3. CONDITIONS:American citizens between the ages of 20 and 30currently pursuing at least their third year of university(or have already attained a college degree)have a basic proficiency in French
  4. 4.  Spend 6-9 months in France with a 750€ ($1.200) monthly stipend Gain unique insight into contemporary French life Master the French language through linguistic immersion Gain valuable teaching experience by teaching 12 hours of conversational English per week.
  5. 5. For application forms and general information, please visit: Under “Education” If you have any questions, please email: Tel : 202.944.6011 Registration forms available in November Deadlines: January 15th
  6. 6.  SPCD ; Stage Pedagogique de Courte Durée Franco-American Commission for Educational Exchange / Fulbright
  7. 7. Teachers of French at the K-12 levelcan receive 3 weeks of training in France to improve their linguistic and pedagogical skills. The grant does not cover the USA/ France Airfare.The applicant must be a citizen or permanent resident of the US For more information, please visit, Under « Education »
  8. 8. The Fulbright commission in France seeks to developmutual understanding between France and the UnitedStates through educational and cultural exchanges.The Franco-American Commission provides grants forundergraduate and graduate American students, teachersand scholars wishing to expand their educationalexperience with a year in France.
  9. 9. For more information regarding eligibility, deadlines,and the description of each grant category, please visit For American citizens interested in a grant to study or to conduct research in France, please contact : Dr. Amy TONDU
  10. 10. Is discovering France the lifelong dream of one of your student? Would you like to make this dream come true ? Requirements You are a student, 18-25 years old. You speak French. You would like to discover France and have a special interest in the thematics of the trips. All expenses covered except the airfare to France How to apply:Visit the website of the Consulate, Under « Cultural Services »
  11. 11. The Book Deparment of the Cultural Services of the FrenchEmbassy and FACE have coordinated financial support forAmerican universities that are interested in hostingFrancophone fiction and non-fiction authors for lectures, booksignings and other educational and cultural activities. For more information, please e-mail
  12. 12. For reservations and more info,please contact Marie MAURANNES:Email: adjoint.culture@consulfrance-houston.orgTel: 713-985-3273.
  13. 13.  brings contemporary French films to campus screens 108 participating universities this year, from 41 States and Puerto Rico $180,000 distributed in in grants in 2008, with each participating institution receiving a grant of $1,800 to show a minimum of five films. First launched in 1995conceived to help isolated universities have access to new French films that are normally only distributed in big cities. more than 250,000 students have discovered French- language films, in hundreds of universities since inception. It is hoped that participating universities will subsequently be able to launch their own self-sustaining French film festivals. Under « Tournées»
  14. 14. For Access to 3,000 documentaries, Le Bureau du Documentaire can help arrange public screenings, international festivals, or private viewing. Many of the documentaries have English and Spanish subtitles. For more information, please or visit
  15. 15. UniverscinéThis site offers more than 100 contemporary Frenchfilms with English subtitles for non-profit screenings.The films only require a DSL connection, a computer,and a video
  16. 16. Ciné2000 The Ciné2000 program, coordinated with the French American Cultural Exchange is aimed at increasing interest in French cinema among future American film professionals. The program works in partnership with American and French universities and other non-profit film institutions. It offers support for guest lectures, conferences, and Master’s classes by French directors and Contact :
  17. 17.  Official Website of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy  The largest English-language website about French culture in the United States. Promotion of the French Language (Videos, news, articles…) A general profile of France (under « Discovering France ») Data base of 800 amazing pictures of France (free of reproduction)
  18. 18. Promotional materials ,Forums about French in the US sitography for teachers and students of all levels of French as aForeign Language, and French immersion programs.This website was created to help French teachers ;  to exchange their teaching experiences  to conceive resources, exercices and activities through Internet.In addition, there are several online exchanges, forums, polls,information about grants and certifications.
  19. 19. Espacefrancophone was created by the AudiovisualOffice of the French Consulate of New Orleans to serveFrench speaking educators and Francophiles. It received the highest rating from the MultimediaEducational Resource for Learning and Online Teachingdue to its coverage of various areas of ContemporaryFrance.Cultural and educational programs are free for use inthe classroom « audiovisuel » and « podcast »> vidéothèque or audiothèque
  20. 20. Under « Langue française » Listening exercices News in simple French…. Under “enseigner/apprendre le français” Take advantage of TV5MONDEs school grant program and receive a free installation as well as a one year free subscription for your school! The website provides musical and video resources as well as quizzes and games
  21. 21. The new 24/7 international news channel Its mission is to cover international current events from a French by the "Commission européenne" and the weekly magazineCourrier international, Presseurop is a multilingual website dedicated toEuropean news.This website can be a great resource of articlesto study in class or translation exercises aseach article is translated in 10 languages ;French, English and Spanish…
  22. 22.  You can find: • A list of grants to study in France and Application forms • A PowerPoint to discover France • A Power Point with 10 good reasons to learn French • The cultural and educational newsletter : « agenda culturel », news about the French Cultures Festival on • A selection of useful resources and websites to teach French
  23. 23. For more information please contact: Marie Maurannes Deputy Cultural Attaché