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Lab 8: Reading for Learning
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Lab 8: Reading for Learning


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Published in: Education

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  • Learning how to regulate your reading is key to being successful in your classes since it allows you to be effective and efficient in retaining the right kinds of information. University involves a lot of reading – and sometimes readings can be dense and difficult. In lecture you learned about what to do before, during, and after reading. This week's lab will help walk you through this process in one of your actual readings from another class.
  • When you are finished click 'submit all and finish ’ You can also save your work by clicking “save without submitting” and return to it at any time.
  • Reading is one of the informal tasks that you will often need to complete for your courses. The next activity guides you through steps to regulate your reading and make it as efficient as possible. Choose one reading for a course other than ED-D 101. This activity guides you through the process of regulating your reading:
  • Here is an overview of this weeks lab activities to help you keep track of what you have submitted. Remember all lab activities are due Friday. And have a great week!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Lab 8 Reading for Learning
    • 2. Lab 8 Activity Overview
      • Weekly PPT
      • Experimenting with Reading Strategies
        • Reading for Learning Activity
    • 3.
      • PPT 8
        • Weekly planning & monitoring
        • What did you notice in last week’s SRL progress chart?
          • Are your goals improving?
          • Is your goal attainment and confidence increasing?
          • Are you running into the same challenges each week?
          • If so, how might that be related to the kinds of goals you’re setting?
      Weekly Personal Planning Tool (PPT) Resource: View Your Week 7 PPT! Activity 1: Complete Week 8 PPT Resource: Your SRL Progress Chart
    • 4. Be an Effective Reader
      • Reading for Learning
      • Choose 1 reading you need to do in another course
        • Step 1: Pre-Read the text
        • Step 2: Activate Prior Knowledge
        • Step 3: Set goals for your reading session
        • Step 4: Select and use active reading strategies to complete the reading
      Activity 2: Regulate Your Reading Activity
    • 5. Lab 8 Activity Review
      • Have You Submitted….
      • Due FRIDAY
      • Lab 8 PPT
      • Reading for Learning Activity
      Have a Great Week!!