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Lab 6: Regulating Your Time
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Lab 6: Regulating Your Time


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  • Welcome to Lab 6! Are you a procrastinator? Do you find yourself constantly running out of time when it comes to getting work done? Most university students are familiar with time management problems. In lab we will discuss how the SRL cycle is critical for procrastination. Lab activities will give you the chance to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in your time management including your tendencies for procrastination.
  • Just a reminder that Test 1 is next week in lab. That means the lab will not be online. It will be in person on campus In Room MAC D211 On Wednesday From 6:00pm to 7:20pm. You have to be there to write the test. Remind students in lab that they have their term test next week in lab. The term test will be 45 multiple choice questions, covering topics from the first four lectures and the readings assigned to those lectures. The questions will assess students' understanding of the concepts and ability to connect and extend/apply concepts. The preparation and completion of Collaborative Challenge 1 will have helped to prepare them for the term test but they need to know all the material - not just their expertise topic. The test will take place in lab time in Moodle.
  • 1. Review of text structuring activities 2. The Weekly PPT 3 (Collaborative Challenge 1 - Reflecting on your collaboration) 4 Analyze your time use
  • AS you know, recognizing the kind of information structures in your texts will help you to be strategic in choosing your active reading strategies. Pretty much all of the readings you're assigned in your university courses are organized into common information structures. :ast week your group tried to identify the structures present in some text passages. Review the correct asnwers. How well did you do? If you think you need to know more about information structures click on the “more aobut info structures link”
  • Today’s lab starts with the 6th PPT. PPTS Should be -thoughtful/reflective, TASC goals, 10-15 Mins -Are you running into the same problems each week accomplishing your goals? If so, change things up. Start the PPT… When you are finished click 'submit all and finish’ You can also save your work by clicking “save without submitting” and return to it at any time.
  • Collaborative Challenge 1 took place in lecture this past week. The final part of this assignment is the Collaborative Challenge Reflection (PCCR). The purpose is to think back on how things went (what went well, problems you encountered), and figure out some ways you could help things go more smoothly in Collaborative Challenge 2. this is worth 5% of their final grade. The answers to the written questions in the reflection should be thoughtful & thorough. To complete this you need to listen to parts of your group’s audio recording that was emailed to you. If you haven’t received an email, let me know.
  • Activity 4: Tracking Your Time Use Good time management involves identifying weaknesses in your time management, and trying out strategies to improve your regulation of time. Last week you were asked to track your activities and keep a detailed record of how you use your time ((in the calendar provided in Lab 5 or using a different method) and upload it to your Lab Activity Drop Box on the main moodle page You will have needed to track your time for a minimum of 5 days before doing today’s time analysis activities desribed next If you haven’t uploaded last week’s time tracker, you won’t get marks for this week’s analysis which means you run the risk of getting 0 in both labs for not completing the activities. This activity is due next Tuesday. You still have time to both track your time and complete the analysis before then. Part of the time analysis activity includes aswering some questionnaires in Moodle. Just a reminder:
  • First complete the monitor and evaluate your time use questionnaire in WebQ. Think about the Time Tracking Portfolio Activity and what you found about your time use when you answer the questions, Second find out what kind of procrastination if any you tend to do (in the Adaptive Procrastination Questionnaire). Odd: 60 and Your EVEN was 20: Calculate your score by taking the "ODD" number and subtracting the "EVEN" number beside "your score" ( ignore "overall" score )., your final score reported int eh time analysis activity would be 40. View your responses to these by locating the questionnaire in your list in WebQ. And clicking “View Report” Part of the time analysis activity includes aswering some questionnaires in Moodle. Just a reminder: To login to WebQ.. Username: first part of your email (before @) Password: edd101 Remember that your scores are in red & that you can ignore the scores in blue.
  • That concludes Lab 3 Here is an overview of this weeks lab activities to help you keep track of what you have submitted. Remember all lab activities are due Friday. And have a great week!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Lab 6 Regulating Your Time
    • 2. Test 1 Next Week!
      • Test 1 in lab next week
          • ON CAMPUS! Not online
          • October 26
          • Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:20pm
          • MAC D211
      • If you miss the test, you will not be able to make it up.
    • 3. Lab 6 Activity Overview
      • Revisiting Lab 4:
          • 1 Text Structuring Activity Solution
      • Applying the SRL Cycle
          • 2 Weekly PPT #6
      • Collaborative Challenge 1
          • 3 Reflecting on your collaboration
      • Analyze your time use
          • 4 Assignment of Expertise Topics
    • 4.
      • Lab Team Structuring Activity!
        • How well did your group do?
        • Check the correct answers
      Lab 4 Solutions: Information Structures Resource: Team Info Structures Activity Resource: More about Info Structures Activity 1: Structures Activity Answers
    • 5.
      • Self-Regulating your Learning
        • How did things go last week?
        • What are you going to do this week?
      • Make PPTS work for you
        • Thoughtful / Reflective + TASC Goals + 10-15 Mins
        • Are you running into the same problems each week?
      Weekly Personal Planning Tool (PPT) Resource: View Your Week 5 PPT! Activity 2: Complete Week 6 PPT
    • 6.
      • Collaborative Challenge Reflection (5%)
        • Listen back to your group’s audio recording
        • How did things go?
        • Due Friday
      Collaborative Challenge 1 Activity 3: Collaborative Challenge Reflection (PCCR)
    • 7. How Well Do You Manage Your Time?
      • Preparing to Analyze Your Time Use
        • Review your time tracker sheet (you uploaded it to your drop box In Lab 5)
        • MUST have completed this before doing the Time Analysis Activities (introduced next)
        • If you haven’t tracked your time, return to Lab 5 and complete it now
        • Track a minimum of 5 days
      Resource: Lab DropBox
    • 8. How Well Do You Manage Your Time?
      • Time Analysis Activity
        • Asks you to complete 2 surveys
          • Monitor & Evaluate your Time
          • Adaptive Procrastination Questionnaire
        • Then interpret your scores
        • Reminder: Your WebQ Login :
          • Username: first part of your email (before @)
          • Password: edd101
          • Help with WebQ here.
      Activity 6: Time Analysis
    • 9. Lab 6 Activity Review
      • Have You Submitted….
      • Due FRIDAY
      • 1 Lab 6 PPT
      • Collaborative Challenge 1 Reflection (PCCR)
      • Due TUESDAY
      • Time Analysis Activity
      REMINDER: Test 1 in Lab Oct 26 On Campus: Wed 6-7:20pm. MAC D211