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  • 1. Job Interview Simulation Activity
  • 2. Honeywell Company
    • Students have to get in pairs, where one will be the interviewer (student A - employer) and the other will be the interviewed person (student B – prospective employee)
  • 3. Honeywell Company
    • Student A will have a list of questions predetermined and Student B will answer all questions and perform in a professional way using only English.
  • 4. Student A
    • Questions done by the Interviewer:
      • 1. Welcome, what is your name?
      • 2. Why are you interested in working for our company?
      • 3. What do you know about our company?
      • 4. What do you expect to gain from our company?
      • 5. What skills do you expect to develop if selected for this job?
  • 5. Student A
      • 6. Describe yourself.
      • 7. What things make you a better candidate for this position than the others who have also applied for this job?
      • 8. Is there something that you have doubts about or would like to ask me about this job?
      • 9. Thank you for your time. We will communicate with you in the next days to confirm if you where chosen for this position. Good evening!
  • 6. Switching turns
    • After Student B answers all questions and finishes his interview, the student will change position and now become the one who makes the listed questions.
    • Student A will now answer all questions in English and cannot copy answers from student B, he/she must be creative and give different answers in line with what is being asked.
    • If wished, students can change partners!
  • 7. Audio - example
    • Interviewer
      • Have fun, be creative and professional answering these questions!
      • Listen to the audio if you have doubts about the listed questions (optional example).
      • Remember: Only English is allowed through all the interview!
  • 8. Post activity
      • After doing this activity with your classmate, write a one-page journal entry of your overall feelings about this activity, and what things you suggest to add or delete from this simulated job interview.
  • 9. Learning Module
    • Created by:
      • Marielis Sexto
      • As a requisite for ENGL 6180