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A Twitter Primer
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A Twitter Primer


Quick guide how to start using Twitter. …

Quick guide how to start using Twitter.

Published in Education , Technology , Design
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  • 1. Marie K. Shanahan University of Connecticut October 2011 A Primer
  • 2. Why Twitter matters
    • Twitter is fully public, unlike Facebook
    • Real-time reach
    • Influential audience, different from Facebook
    • Focused on niches: Lots of techies, news junkies
    • Twitter drives people to traditional media
    • Crowdsourcing tool
  • 3. Brevity http:// www.zazzle.com /know_your_limits_twitter_140_characters_reminder_ornament-175821205964568381
  • 4. Twitter Basics
    • Seek to gain “followers”
    • @username
    • Retweets: RT, MT
    • #Hashtags
    • URL Shorteners
    • Use lists to sort topics
    • Follow Twitter etiquette
    • Twitter.com/search
  • 5. #Hashtags
    • The # symbol, referred to as a hashtag within Twitter, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet.
    • Created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.
    • # turns any word into a link.
  • 6. How Roy Peter Clark tweets…
    • “ I will quickly write out what I want to say. I write short, but not that short. I look up at the character counter which leads me to revision. I can then begin the process of cutting out every word, every letter that does not contribute to the message. ” ( poynter.org )
  • 7. Shorten your URLS
    • bit.ly
    • goo.gl
    • tinyurl.com
    • ow.ly
  • 8. How To Use Twitter Daily
    • Tweet! Something interesting. Something topical. Use #hashtags, give credit to source
    • Check @ messages . Check to see who has publicly referenced you in their tweets and acknowledge, answer or respond.
    • Check DMs . Check direct messages (DMs) to see if anyone messaged you privately.
  • 9. How To Use Twitter Daily
    • Check your Twitter Timeline and Twitter Lists. See what the people you are following are saying. Seek out appropriate opportunities to retweet, respond, engage.
    • Check Your Saved Searches . Topics, brand names, keywords pertaining to your business or industry.
  • 10. Retweeting
    • Like an SMS message, it is acceptable to change word spellings to make a retweet fit the character limit.
    • Twitter offers a built -in retweet button, but it is not preferred. It comes across as robotic.
    • Personalize retweets by adding a comment at the beginning or end.
  • 11. How To Retweet: Three Options
    • Add “ RT @twittername ” to the beginning of the tweet
    • Add “ MT @twittername” to the start of the tweet if you make any modifications to the original words
    • Add “ via @twittername ” at the end of the tweet.
  • 12. Twitter Fail Whale
    • If Twitter gets overloaded, expect to see the Fail Whale until the system regroups.
  • 13. Some Useful Twitter Tools
    • TweetDeck
    • HootSuite
    • Followerwonk
    • Listorious
    • WeFollow
    • Klout
    • yfrog
    http:// www.digimantra.com /blog/ wp -content/uploads/2009/07/ twitter_bird_profile.png