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Be a Gamechanger!
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Be a Gamechanger!


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Be a Gamechanger is about people who have the passion and talents to change leadership. To help others and the world resulting in sustainable profits.

Be a Gamechanger is about people who have the passion and talents to change leadership. To help others and the world resulting in sustainable profits.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Be a Gamechanger! Let us boost our passion for people! By Marieke Schoenmaker
  • 2. In these days
  • 3. Of economic challenges
  • 4. We know we need to change
  • 5. We don’t know exactly how
  • 6. Or even where to begin
  • 7. I know we need to open up ourselves
  • 8. To make us ... as individual entrepreneurs
  • 9. As small medium enterprises
  • 10. And large corporate accounts
  • 11. More externally focused
  • 12. Across functions business units geographic regions
  • 13. Collaboration is the key
  • 14. Protectionism is no option
  • 15. Firing your most important assets ...
  • 16. Your people is even worse
  • 17. These are short term solutions
  • 18. Made by transactional focused people
  • 19. Not creative at all
  • 20. The world is in urgent need of ....
  • 21. Visionary Strategists who alter the game their business plays or conceive an entirely new game
  • 22. Creators who use innovation as the basis for sustaining profitable organic growth and for consistently improving margins
  • 23. who understand that the Leaders consumer or customer and not the CEO is the boss
  • 24. Catalysts who use innovation to drive every element of a business from strategy to organization, from budgeting and resource allocation to selecting, rewarding and promoting people
  • 25. Integrators who see innovation as an integrated end-to-end process, not a series of discrete steps
  • 26. Breakers of the chains of commoditization who create differentiated and value-based brands and businesses through innovation
  • 27. Hardheaded humanists who see innovation as a social process and understand human interaction.
  • 28. Imagine Do you possess one of these talents?
  • 29. Imagine Are you willing to combine them with others?
  • 30. Imagine Are you willing to co-create together on new insights, ideas and concepts?
  • 31. Imagine Are you willing to experiment with us?
  • 32. Experiment to find new ways to heal the world
  • 33. Imagine Do you have the passion to continuously invest your time in it?
  • 34. If your answer is Yes
  • 35. Then you are warmly invited
  • 36. To actively join the Community of Gamechangers On Slideshare
  • 37. The goal of our Community of Gamechangers to provide leaders with creative ideas in order to prevent unnecessary layoffs
  • 38. Through a different way of observing, thinking and doing
  • 39. How?
  • 40. Everyday, you read or hear news ...
  • 41. Of organizations that are firing people
  • 42. Use your imagination! What can these organizations do differently?
  • 43. Share your thoughts and ideas
  • 44. Share your solutions
  • 45. To help people
  • 46. The world
  • 47. To create durable profits
  • 48. Do you feel passionate about this initiative?
  • 49. Start sharing!
  • 50. Become a Gamechanger member to change leadership
  • 51. Yes we can! Good luck in 2009
  • 52. In collaboration with Marieke Schoenmaker Gamechanger Connector: I connect people, ideas and information to create innovative experience concepts. Orchestrator: I orchestrate changes and ideas into sustainable transformations. ✉ Entrepreneur: I learn people to discover new opportunities for further growth. Inspired by my customers, friends, the artists and great thinkers of this world