Presentation TEDx Transmedia, Rome 2011


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Presentation TEDx Transmedia, Rome 2011

  1. 1. OUT OF THE BOXPUSHING CREATIVITY FORWARDMarieke Hermans (NPO) | TEDx Transmedia Rome | September 30th 2011
  2. 2. I dont know if there is such a thing as an innovational genebut I was born with it.I’m always improving and making things better.As innovation manager at the Dutch Public BroadcastingCompanyI work as an intermediate between creatives anddecisionmakers.Everyday I am confronted with the happy creative power ofmedia professionalsand the difficulties they face trying to get their brilliant ideasto be taken into production.
  3. 3. I am fascinated with these dynamics of the creative processWhy are ok ideas taken into production and brilliant ones not?How do you get the best idea to win?Off course the competitive rules of evolution also apply to thiscreative process.But I want to share with you my vision on why and how wecan become better at helping the brilliant ideas to win.Storytellers look for a stage and in the past they chose us
  4. 4. For prime time was the place to be if you wanted to catch abig audienceBut now the web is the stage to reach and interact with thatsame audience
  5. 5. Today’s storytellers are not only depending on PublicBroadcasting any more.And I wonder if we are reacting in the right way to this effectof the digital revolution
  6. 6. This is what we do: 1. we explore new technologies 2. we try to understand audience on line behaviour 3. teach ourselves to extend our narratives 4. And we tell our decisionmakers to catch up:
  7. 7. So the good news is we’re moving.But we need to speed upFor the next generation media consumers is quickly gainingcontrol over the remoteHere come’s Nafiesa…
  8. 8. we work in the interest of the public
  9. 9. The public, that’s our audiencein this confusing digital age, we need to realise impactwith journalistic, cultural and educational public content orelse we’re done for.So not only do we need to speed up to catch up with ouryoung audienceWe also need to focus on impact
  10. 10. For impact we need content,For content we need storytellersTherefore storytellers are the core value of PublicbroadcastingWe need to invest in this valueWe need content creators with high credibility and madconvincing personalities
  11. 11. We need to attract this 2.0 talent now for they alreadystarted without us:Using facebook, twitter and youtube as their platformswitching between tv, radio, audio, video, public andcommercial contentEasily connecting with their audienceThey play with it and even make money doing soFor them media are the means to an end.So, how do we get themto choose us public broadcasting as their stage?
  12. 12. Imagine yourself being a young creative with the enormousdrive to tell a compelling story.No, even better imagine yourself being the piece of paperwith his brilliant idea on it.You try to get in the Walhalla of storytellers then this is whatyour up against:
  13. 13. Yes, we have become big institutionsstuck in matrix like structures and low cost productionmethodsThat’s the change we need nowthat’s the box we got stuck inand let me tell you these young ones don’t have the patiencefor the elevator to come all the way downWe need to get ‘unstuck’…quickly
  14. 14. I try to convince my bosses to take ownership of this change:speed up, open upfocus on impactattract 2.0 storytelling talentfor starters I made this book for themthis off line succesful formula on paperAnd in this book:
  15. 15. we connect and acknowledge 149 content creators all 2.0 andunder the age of 45 itWhy 149?Dunbar, scientist who found out that we operate best ingroups of 150, without too much hassle or proceduresTribes, army troops and factories like Gore Tex are based onthis principle.We chose one less cause it’s always good to have room forone more
  16. 16. I am convinced that without this creative 2.0 media talentwe cannot take public content into the next phase of thedigital revolution.Therefore I want to leave you with a question to ask yourselvesand to take home and ask your chief or boss:
  17. 17. Marieke Hermans (NPO) |