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  • Hello everyone! My name is Keisha Sumner also known as the Ivy Marketing Mogul and I want to welcome you to mindset mondays! The focus of Mindsetmondays is to completely transform your thinking and position you to take active steps that lead you to success in whatever you set your mind to. 100% of your mind focused on your tasks leads to 100% success in your plan! So lets get started shall we???
  • This (pause) is my magic clock and in less than 5 mins, I’m going to show you exactly how this magic clock led me to….
  • A Doc McStuffins doctors bag and put over $600 in my pocket in less than 15 minutes!
  • Whoa…(Pause)….. Now there’s a catch…..yes there’s always a catch.I can’t work w/everyone & I can’t take everyone either. This information is SO valuable that I have to limit the # of people that I can help right now because I have a team that I am currently working with. So right now I am only looking for people who are willing to work closely w/me & who are determined to not quit. I only have room to work w/17 people & I don’t know when space will be available again. So take advantage of what I’m about to tell you so that if you aren’t one of my chose 17 people, you know what you need to be successful.
  • So here’s the problem…there are a number of problems that you experience as it relates to your mind set that keeps you from making money on line. And while I can’t get into everything in this video, I’ve found these to be amongst the top problems: Anxiousness. And you know where this comes from? You’re in a bad place financially and you need money so badly that you get into anything that promises you riches tomorrow. When you are in this state you don’t think clearly, not good. This leads to anger and frustration which leads to a lack of focus and zero success. But ya know what? Theres an even bigger problem out there and do you know what it is?
  • This tiny little 4 letter word is the root of so much lack your life its ridiculous! When you are in fear you lack control in your life. And it leads to not taking action on anything which equals no success. (Pause) So lets get back, how did my magic clock lead to a Doc McStuffins doctors bag and over $600 in 15 minutes?
  • I was in an exclusive mastermind a couple weeks ago and it took me less than 15 minutes to discover my purpose which is to become a doctor thus the Doc McStuffins bag! When I uncovered my purpose it caused 3 things to happen: I focused my efforts on my business, I took immediate action by implementing what I learned in my exclusive mastermind session and took control over every thing what was out of place in my life and guess what happened? I made over $600 the week I shifted my mindset. 15 minutes changed my life!
  • Had I never got started with EM I don’t think I would have ever discovered my purpose or how to shift my mindset that led to the $600. We’ve solved the problem of anxiousness, frustration and lack of focus with our exclusive mastermind sessions and our simple 6 step blueprint and our team experiences mindset breakthrus and financial success by the hour! And here are a few above.
  • If you are looking to take your life to a higher level and completely change your finances, I highly suggest you get started with my team in Empower Network because it could change your life just like it did mine! Click the link and get started now for just $25!
  • Mindset monday 052013

    1. 1. Welcometo MindsetMondays!
    2. 2. http://www.mysocialempire.net/keishasumnerd
    3. 3. http://www.mysocialempire.net/keishasumnerd
    4. 4. When you watch this videountil the end, you willdiscover the 3 exactmindset switches Imade….http://www.mysocialempire.net/keishasumnerd
    5. 5. that led to over $600 in 15minutes…..http://www.mysocialempire.net/keishasumnerdIncome Disclaimer: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income.php?id=keishasumner
    6. 6. without any prior onlineexperience…..…..and definitely withouthaving to spend any crazyupfront money…..http://www.mysocialempire.net/keishasumnerd
    7. 7. and ya know what?.....…..when you get to the endof the video….http://www.mysocialempire.net/keishasumnerd
    8. 8. you’re gonna think toyourself…”Wow!! I can not believehow easy it was to make$600 in just 15minutes……”http://www.mysocialempire.net/keishasumnerd
    9. 9. Problems keeping youfrom success online• Anxiousness• Anger and Frustration• Lack of focushttp://www.mysocialempire.net/keishasumnerd
    10. 10. Fear!
    11. 11. Discover your purpose!!!•Focus your mind (eliminatedall distractions)•Take immediate action•Take control over every thingthat is out of place in your lifehttp://www.mysocialempire.net/keishasumnerd
    12. 12. http://www.mysocialempire.net/keishasumnerd
    13. 13. http://www.mysocialempire.net/keishasumnerdGet Started Now for Just $25!!!!