Deconstruction of Magazine Advert


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Deconstruction of Magazine Advert

  1. 1. Deconstruction of my Magazine AdvertIn this PowerPoint I have deconstructed different elements of my product to show how I have met the conventions of the genre.
  2. 2. My Magazine Advert The Magazine advert which I created meets the different conventions of the genre it needs too. My advert is simple at shows a continual theme with my other products. Throughout the PowerPoint I have took elements from the Advert and deconstructed as to why I completed what I did.
  3. 3. Deconstruction 1The album name is the main focus for my Advert. The bold red against theblack background allows it to be clearly seen. I have made sure that thereaders know exactly what ‘Best girl’ is with Debut Album above. Thegraphics that runs through the title works well with the band name itself being‘Checking Pulse’ and the heart link the two together. This meets the genreconventions by the use of colour and text type. I have made sure the text hasa clear strong edge like the genre itself. The way at which I have completed ithas allowed representation of the artist.
  4. 4. Deconstruction 2The name of the band is also a key focus of the Advert being slightly biggerthan the additional information but not too big to distract readers from the mainfocus. The text is also used in the Digi Pack and the same colours have beenused. The colour again works on the black background and meets theconventions of the genre. Information is needed and seen throughout existingMagazine Adverts. I have made the date of release smaller than the Bandname. I have evenly balanced out the colours that I have used. The layout isorganised and works well for the genre conventions. For the genre what yousee is what you get; taking that concept has allowed me to get a good overalladvert.
  5. 5. Deconstruction 3This part of the magazine advert which gives all of the needed information forthe readers. The record label works well with the black and white. I chose thisrecord label due to the fact they always have bands like the genre of my band.The review from a magazine will appeal to the readers as they are interestedby the fact they are liked by a popular magazine that they read. My genrealways read magazines so this is a good convention of my genre. The websiteis smaller than all the other text as it isn’t as important but is there for extrainformation if the readers want it. The colours work to meet genre conventionsand help the layout by not taking over.
  6. 6. Overall Layout:- the layout of the magazine advert is easy and structured. The structure doesn’t however go against the genre conventions. It works with the conventions by the way it is easy to read and doesn’t confuse in any way. The layout is clear with all the information together and then the graphic (main focus) being at the top and of main importance. Visuals:- the visuals are strong with the dark background and the strong bold, coloured font which works well to meet genre conventions by not being over the top. The colours meet genre conventions and are striking. Colour pallet is the same as the Digi Pack. Copy:- being simple and not saying much works with genre conventions. Unusual band name, what genre expects.