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Estro Harmony from Xymogen

Estro Harmony from Xymogen

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  • References1. Williams RE, Kalilani L, DiBenedetti DB, Zhou X, Granger AL, Fehnel SE, et al. Frequency and severity of vasomotor symptoms among peri- and postmenopausal women in the United States. Climacteric. 2008;11:32–43.[PubMed]2. Guthrie JR, Dennerstein L, Taffe JR, Donnelly V. Health care-seeking for menopausal problems. Climacteric. 2003;6:112–117.[PubMed]3. Hoerger TJ, Downs KE, Lakshmanan MC, Lindrooth RC, Plouffe L, Jr, Wendling B, et al. Healthcare use among U.S. women aged 45 and older: total costs and costs for selected postmenopausal health risks. J Womens Health Gend Based Med. 1999;8:1077–1089.[PubMed]4. Owens GM. Gender differences in health care expenditures, resource utilization, and quality of care. J Manag Care Pharm. 2008;14:2–6.[PubMed]5. Joffe H, Massler A, Sharkey KM. Evaluation and management of sleep disturbance during the menopause transition. SeminReprod Med. 2010;28:404–421.[PubMed]6. Kravitz HM, Ganz PA, Bromberger J, Powell LH, Sutton-Tyrrell K, Meyer PM. Sleep difficulty in women at midlife: a community survey of sleep and the menopausal transition. Menopause. 2003;10:19–28.[PubMed]7. Bromberger JT, Kravitz HM, Matthews K, Youk A, Brown C, Feng W. Predictors of first lifetime episodes of major depression in midlife women. Psychol Med. 2009;39:55–64. [PMC free article][PubMed]8. Woods NF, Smith-DiJulio K, Percival DB, Tao EY, Mariella A, Mitchell S. Depressed mood during the menopausal transition and early postmenopause: observations from the Seattle Midlife Women's Health Study. Menopause. 2008;15:223–232.[PubMed]9. Avis NE, Ory M, Matthews KA, Schocken M, Bromberger J, Colvin A. Health-related quality of life in a multiethnic sample of middle-aged women: Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN) Med Care. 2003;41:1262–1276.[PubMed]10. Nappi RE, Lachowsky M. Menopause and sexuality: prevalence of symptoms and impact on quality of life. Maturitas. 2009;63:138–141.[PubMed]11. Reed SD, Ludman EJ, Newton KM, Grothaus LC, LaCroix AZ, Nekhlyudov L, et al. Depressive symptoms and menopausal burden in the midlife. Maturitas. 2009;62:306–310. [PMC free article][PubMed]12. Stahl SM. Vasomotor symptoms and depression in women, part I. Role of vasomotor symptoms in signaling the onset or relapse of a major depressive episode. J Clin Psychiatry. 2009;70:11–12.[PubMed]13. Thurston RC, Sutton-Tyrrell K, Everson-Rose SA, Hess R, Matthews KA. Hot flashes and subclinical cardiovascular disease: findings from the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation Heart Study. Circulation. 2008;118:1234–1240. [PMC free article][PubMed]14. Thurston RC, Christie IC, Matthews KA. Hot flashes and cardiac vagal control: a link to cardiovascular risk? Menopause. 2010;17:456–461. [PMC free article][PubMed]15. Thurston RC, Kuller LH, Edmundowicz D, Matthews KA. History of hot flashes and aortic calcification among postmenopausal women. Menopause. 2010;17:256–261. [PMC free article][PubMed]16. Rossouw JE, Prentice RL, Manson JE, Wu L, Barad D, Barnabei VM, et al. Postmenopausal hormone therapy and risk of cardiovascular disease by age and years since menopause. JAMA. 2007;297:1465–1477.[PubMed]17. Crandall CJ, Tseng CH, Crawford SL, Thurston RC, Gold EB, Johnston JM, et al. Association of menopausal vasomotor symptoms with increased bone turnover during the menopausal transition. J Bone Miner Res. 2010
  • Effects of s.c. administration of 8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN;C; 400 mg/kg per day), 8-PN and ICI 182,780 (:; 400 mg/kg perday and 200 mg/kg per day respectively) or peanut oil (&; 1 ml/kg)on tail skin temperature (TST) in the ovariectomised rat. Shaded areafrom days 4 to 8 indicates period during which treatment was given.Shown are the mean changes in TST (GS.E.M.) compared with themean values on day 1 (DTST). Temperature measurements weretaken from the dark period (1900–0700 h) of telemetric monitoring.Administration of ICI 182,780 completely blocked the effect of 8-PN. *P!0.05 vs vehicle control on the same day. nZ7.


  • 1. Cooling the Fire of Hormone Imbalance XYMOGEN Introduces:
  • 2. Disclaimer • The information that follows represents XYMOGEN’s choices for presentation of studies, comments, and/or opinions. • It is assumed that the practitioner will investigate the topic further and not use this presentation as a sole source of information from which to derive an individualized patient protocol.
  • 3. Time and Money Relief for hot flushes, a predominant symptom of menopause is among the most common reasons for clinical visits of mid-life women and a major cost in health care expenditures. The median duration of moderate to severe hot flushes was 10.2 years…The most common ages at onset of moderate-to-severe hot flushes were 45– 49 years
  • 4. Hot flushes are associated with: • poor sleep • depressed mood • decreased quality of life • may worsen depressive symptoms • signal the onset or relapse of a major depressive episode • possibly mark underlying vascular changes that are associated with subclinical cardiovascular disease • greater incident coronary heart disease, may be a risk factor for poor bone health. • Obstet Gynecol. 2011 May;117(5):1095-104. doi: 10.1097/AOG.0b013e318214f0de.
  • 5. 8-PN effects on Skin Temperature Treatment Started Treatment Ended
  • 6. Menopausal Women Benefit from 8-PN phytoestrogen preparations containing this standardized hop extract (8 PN at 100 mcg/day) may provide an interesting alternative to women seeking relief of mild vasomotor symptoms.
  • 7. Small Dose that is Fast and Effective Heyerick A, Vervarcke S, Depypere H, Bracke M, De KD. A first prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the use of a standardized hop extract to alleviate menopausal discomforts. Maturitas. 2006 May 20;54(2):164-75.
  • 8. Starts changing the balance after one dose Pharmacokinetics and systemic endocrine effects of the phyto-oestrogen 8-prenylnaringenin after single oral doses to postmenopausal women. Rad M, Hümpel M, Schaefer O, Schoemaker RC, Schleuning WD, Cohen AF, Burggraaf J. Source Centre for Human Drug Research, Leiden, The Netherlands. Abstract AIMS: Pre-clinical data suggest that the racemic phyto-oestrogen 8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN) may have beneficial effects in postmenopausal women CONCLUSION: and may become an alternative to classical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) treatment regimes. The aim of this study was to investigate the pharmacokinetics, endocrine effects and tolerability of chemically • synthesized 8-PN indoses of up women. mg 8-PN were well tolerated by postmenopausal Single oral postmenopausal to 750 women. METHODS: • The studypharmacokineticrandomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, dose-escalation design with three The was performed using a profile of 8-PN was characterized by rapid and probably groups of eight healthy postmenopausal women. In each group six subjects received 8-PN and two subjects placebo. complete enteral absorption, high metabolic stability, pronounced enterohepatic 8-PN was given orally in doses of 50, 250 or 750 mg. Drug concentrations in serum, urine and faeces were measured up recirculation and tight dose linearity. to 48 h and follicle-stimulating hormone/luteinizing hormone (LH) concentrations up to 24 h. • The decrease in LH serum concentrations found after the highest dose RESULTS: All demonstrates the ability of 8-PN to exert systemic endocrine effects in treatments were well tolerated and associated with a low incidence of (drug unrelated) adverse events. Serum concentrations of free 8-PN showed rapid drug absorption and secondary peaks suggestive of marked enterohepatic postmenopausal women. recirculation. Independent of the treatment group, approximately 30% of the dose was recovered in excreta as free compound or conjugates over the 48-h observation period. The first C(max) and AUC(0-48 h) showed dose linearity with ratios of 1 : 4.5 : 13.6 (C(max)) and 1 : 5.2 : 17.1 (AUC). The750- mg dose decreased LH concentrations by 16.7% (95% confidence interval 0.5, 30.2). CONCLUSION:
  • 9. Don’t confuse 8-PN with other Hops Extracts • Dr. Arne Heyerick is from the Integrated Multidisciplinary Center for Molecular Nutrition Laboratory of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Ghent University – Ugent • ”The mode-of-action and target applications for 8-PN vs reduced Iso-alphaacids (RIAA) are completely different. RIAA are anti-inflammatory compounds and would work via inhibition of specific kinases in inflammatory pathways. RIAA do not have any effect on estrogen-related targets.” • “8-PN is a phytoestrogen and interacts with estrogen-related targets to modulate estrogen-related pathways. 8-PN can exert both pro-estrogenic effects (eg. through estrogen receptor alpha and beta) and anti-estrogenic effects (eg. through aromatase) and therefore acts as an estrogen modulator rather than a pure estrogen such as estradiol.”
  • 10. Hot flushes are associated with: • poor sleep • depressed mood • decreased quality of life • may worsen depressive symptoms • signal the onset or relapse of a major depressive episode • possibly mark underlying vascular changes that are associated with subclinical cardiovascular disease • greater incidence of coronary heart disease • may be a risk factor for poor bone health. • Obstet Gynecol. 2011 May;117(5):1095-104. doi: 10.1097/AOG.0b013e318214f0de.
  • 11. 8-PN on CVD Progression “8-PN exerted anti-aggregatory and antiadhesive effects on human platelets…” “8-PN may represent a useful tool in the therapy and prevention of vascular diseases associated with platelet aggregation, such as atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, and thrombosis.”
  • 12. 8-PN and Breast Health “These data suggest that hops extracts possess cancer chemopreventive activity through attenuation of estrogen metabolism mediated by 8-PN.” Cancer Prevention Research (Philadelphia, Pa.) [Cancer Prev Res (Phila)] 2012 Jan; Vol. 5 (1), pp. 73-81. Date of Electronic Publication: 2011 Oct 13.
  • 13. 8-PN in Bone Health “Bone properties with 8-PN supplementation reached a level similar to that seen after estrogen supplementation.” “Estrogen and 8-PN showed superior results in the analysis of bone mineral density compared to calcium...” “Treatment with 8-PN resulted in very good biomechanical properties and showed an increased Bone Mineral Density (BMD).”
  • 14. Flax for Hot Flashes • In an open-label, pilot study, flaxseed (40 grams/day) was found to decrease mean hot flash scores after 6 weeks of ingestion in women with moderate to severe menopausal symptoms. • 57% reduction in hot flashes but 50% of women experienced GI symptoms and 6 (21%) withdrew from the study. • J Society Integrative Med 2007;5:106-12. Graphic:
  • 15. Less is MORE with HMRlignan Hot Flashes Changes: Start: 4.5 per day Week 4: 2.7 per day (-37.2%) Week 8: 2.0 per day (53.5%) 80 times more Flax for similar results on hot flashes 40 grams 0.5 grams 8-week controlled study in 20 menopausal women (age 50-75 years.) Presented at Scripps Integrative Medicine 5th Annual Natural Supplements Conference, January 2008
  • 16. Plant lignans create far reaching benefits after they have been ingested and converted by intestinal bacteria to mammalian lignans. OH SecoisoLariciresinol O Enterodiol OH HO Gut microflora (FLAX) O OH O O Matairesinol O HO O OH Gut microflora Hydroxymatairesinol (HMR) O • In humans, 7-HMR is a direct metabolic precursorO H of the mammalian lignan, enterolactone (ENL). Enterolactone O O O HO O HO O OH OH
  • 17. Vegetarians have high Enterolactone Levels Small doses HMRLignans significantly increase enterolactone levels in humans.* lignan.pdf This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This formula is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • 18. In humans, HMR Lignan is a direct metabolic precursor of the mammalian lignan, enterolactone (ENL). Study type Group, N Result Reference Casecontrol BC diagnosed Pre-mp =68 Post-mp =126 Controls = 208 Serum ENL significantly inversely correlated with BC risk in both pre- and postmenopausal women Pietinen et al., Cancer Epidemiol Biom Prev 2001;10:339-44. Casecontrol BC diagnosed Pre-mp = 220 Controls = 237 Piller, et al., Eur J Premenopausal BC risk Cancer Prevent decreased with increasing 2006;15:225-32. plasma ENL but not genistein. Cohort study Palpable cysts, n= 258 A direct correlation between serum and cyst fluid ENL. Inverse correlation between cyst fluid ENL and EGF. Boccardo et al., Breast Cancer Res Treat 2003;79:1723. Cohort study 381 cases 381 controls ER negative cancer, protection at over 20 nmol/L ENL Olsen et al., Cancer Epidem Biom Prev 2004;13:2084-9.
  • 19. Enterolactone Benefits for CVD •Serum enterolactone (ENL) has been shown to decrease Plasma F2-isoprostane (a measure of lipid peroxidation) • Atherosclerosis 2002;160:465–9. •Serum enterolactone (ENL) levels are inversely correlated with risk of coronary heart disease-related and cardiovascular-disease-related mortality. • Arch Intern Med 2003;163:1099–1104.
  • 20. We have reviewed scientific evidence that appears to demonstrate that lignans and 8-PN are important for healthy hormone balance. We have mentioned cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and anti-inflammatory activity. •It’s important to remember that dietary supplements CANNOT mitigate diseases or replace drugs. • However, XYMOGEN products CAN give your patients their best chance to stay healthier longer*
  • 21. Estro Harmony™ *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • 22. Menopause Symptom Scores decreased in 4 weeks with Estro Harmony† Case Studies by David Haase, MD †Case studies represent results of a single participant. Consumers should weigh these results with other scientific data and should not expect the same results as those found in case studies alone.
  • 23. Estro Harmony ensures that the standardized amount of 8 PN and HMR Lignan are at clinically validated levels for optimal results. Most hops formulations cannot make this same statement.
  • 24. Clinical Applications • Helps Protect Breast Cells* • Relieves Normal Menopausal Symptoms* • Hot Flashes* • Supports Healthy Cardiovascular Status* • Supports Bone Remodeling* • Supports the Body’s Natural Process of Healthy • Aromatase Activity* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.