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The Kooks

  1. 2. The Kooks  are an English indie pop band formed in Brighton, East Sussex, in 2004. Formed by Luke Pritchard (vocals/guitar), Hugh Harris (lead guitar), Paul Garred (drums), and Max Rafferty (bass guitar), the lineup of the band remained constant until 2008 and the departure of Rafferty. Dan Logan was drafted in as a temporary replacement, until Peter Denton joined the band on a permanent basis in October 2008. I decided to analyse The Kooks, as I think that their style in dress sense and genre are similar to that of Inside View’s, and therefore, I could effectively be analysing a mainstream band and integrating it into the progress of a local band, which means I could potentially forecast Inside View’s future fan base, and popularity, by comparing them to existing bands.
  2. 3. This is the Kooks album cover for, Inside In Inside Out. It has a simple layout, but remains aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as it portrays the band members, which the fans would like to see. By having the title of the album in red, this makes it stand out from its monochrome background, and potentially making it eye catching toward their audience. It shows all the members of the band with their instrument, and because they are in a bright room, this make them stand out. The font also remains the same on the cover.
  3. 4. This is the advertisement for their album, Inside In/ Inside Out. It is directly linked to the album cover, which enforces the audiences reaction to immediately link the two together. It also uses the same font as the album, and has the band name in large bold font at the top, with the album name in red once again for it to stand out against the monochrome background. The advertisement has the date on which it will be released, and what specific songs are on the album, including additional ones.
  4. 5. By releasing further merchandise like tee shirts and accessories, The Kooks have increased their promotional out look, and thus increasing their popularity. The majority of mainstream bands do this too, in order to entertain their fans, and make more capital.