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What is healthy food and why do we need it?

What is healthy food and why do we need it?



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  • Feel goodNot sickLots of energySleep wellFeel happy
  • We need all parts of our body to be working well to feel healthy, because we don’t feel really great if something isn’t working well. Like, we don’t feel great if we feel worried, or tired, or have a headache.Mrs David and Mrs Kennedy have invited me here because I have a special interest in food, and how eating healthy food makes your body work the way it is supposed to, so that is what I would like to share with you today.
  • So I would like to start with a question...
  • But we can’t just “feed” it anything – you need to make the right choices to get it to do what you want it to do.What would happen if you filled your car up with water?What sort of “food” does your car need?
  • What do we call the fuel we put in our bodies?
  • Can you give me some ideas? Vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, nuts...A healthy food is something that is just how nature made it. It doesn’t need machines or factories to make it, orpowders, colours, flavours or chemicals added to itAnd it can’t sit on a supermarket shelf for months because it will go bad.
  • The more things we do to food, the less healthy they become. Lets look at an apple for example.If you pick it from the tree and eat it straight away, it is super healthyIf you pick it from the tree, send it to a shop with loads of other apples, buy it from the shop a couple of weeks later and then eat it, it’s still very good for you, but not as good for you as the one straight from the treeIf we cook it, it’s still apple, but it’s not fresh anymore, and some of it’s vitamins are gone If we dry it, again, it’s not fresh, and most dried apples have chemicals added to then so they don’t go brownIf we make apple juice, we usually take out all the fibre and skin (the bits you have to chew, which are good for you), so all we get is the sweet juice. If we eat our apple in a cake or biscuit, it’s not the same as eating an apple fresh, is it?What about cordials and lollies that say they are made with real apple juice? They are not the same as eating an apple either. There are some lollies that are better for you than others, but none are healthy.
  • Lets go back to thinking about cars for a minute...When we are born, we start with a full tank of petrol. We have what we need to get our bodies growing healthy.But just like Mum and Dad need to fill up the car with more petrol, we need to fill up our bodies with more food. But our bodies are so much more clever than cars. What do you think would happen if Mum decided to put some milk in the car instead of petrol?If we put the wrong foods in for a little while, our bodies can usually keep on growing and working just fine. We might get a bit of a tummy ache if we have too much junk food, but we won’t stop growing. But if we keep on putting the wrong foods in, we will have problems one day.
  • Remember how we talked about what “healthy” feels like?Unhealthy can mean different things too. It’s not just about catching too many colds or getting too many tummy aches.“Unhealthy” can also feel like you are Worried or sad all the timeCan’t sleep You are tired when you shouldn’t be (like, at school)Have itchy skin rashesGet lots of headaches, sore throats, ear achesTeeth get cavities in them
  • Because every body is different, sometimes a food that is healthy for one person can be unhealthy for another person. Have you heard about allergies (someone is allergic to something)? Some people are allergic to nuts, some people to milk and cheese, some people to eggs... If there is a food that you know makes you sick, you need to stay away from it.Variety: if we only eat carrots, our bodies only get what carrots give us. Cucumber gives our bodies different things to carrots, and they are just as important as the things in carrots. Blueberries give us different things again. So does broccoli. Usually the colour will give us a clue – if we only eat white or orange things, we are missing out on the wonderful things in green and red foods.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Presentation Transcript

  • What does healthy mean?
  • These things all have something in common... What is it? They all have an engine!
  • How do we make an engine run?• We need to feed it!• What happens if we give it the wrong food?
  • Why is she talking about engines?
  • Our bodies are engines too• They need the right kind of fuel• They need the right amount of fuel• They need to be looked after or they might break down
  • What does healthy food do for you?• Gives you energy• Gives your body what it needs to grow• Gives your body the tools it needs to fix problems• BUT... Only the right foods will give your body these things.
  • What is a healthy food?
  • What is an unhealthy food? The more we do to food, the less healthy it becomes. Lets think about an apple... • Fresh from the tree • Older apple from the shop • Cooked • Dried • Juiced • In a cake or biscuit • Apple flavoured foods
  • Our bodies are very clever
  • What sort of problems?
  • How can we eat a healthy diet?• Eat mostly fresh food• Drink mostly water• Stay away from the things that make us sick• Eat lots of different foods, especially a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.• Half of your food should be vegetables and fruit• Only eat “sometimes foods” sometimes – no more than once per week.