The Marketing Institite of Ireland - About


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The Marketing Institite of Ireland - About

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The Marketing Institite of Ireland - About

  1. 1. The Marketing Institute
  2. 2. Brand Vision The Marketing Institute of Ireland is the Voice of Marketing
  3. 3. About Us   The Marketing Institute is the voice of marketing in Ireland and has been for the last 50 years. We want our members to have their voice within the marketing profession, and we want to be heard as one voice together to promote, support and elevate marketing as a key strategic business tool. Membership facilitates networking with like-minded individuals that empowers and enables development of their careers within the marketing profession.
  4. 4. Events – Network & Connect    Connecting members to the right ideas at the right time and connecting members to each other. We pride ourselves in ensuring we see new marketing trends before anyone else and we use our events as one of the key channels for us to deliver this expert content to you. These marketing insights lead to our targeted, focused and leading edge events. The majority of our members are senior marketers and our events offer the opportunity for you to network with each other while absorbing key insights and research.
  5. 5. Training – Educate & Upskill  Where does the future of marketing lie? Can Ireland keep up with the fast-pace of change we are currently experiencing with the convergence of digital marketing? How can marketers understand the empowerment of consumers by digital technologies? Our training programmes offer solutions and content that will empower, facilitate and inform members so they can react and respond to the vast and dramatic changes in the marketing arena in an educated and considered manner.
  6. 6. Messaging: Resources Resources – Inform & Empower:  Marketing insights and research, key marketing trends, ideas, concepts, theories – marketing professionals need to have a go-to place where they can be confident they will find trustworthy and reputable expert content – and this place is The Marketing Institute.  Our contacts within the industry on a global and national level mean we can bring the best in class experts, reports, publications and insights to you.
  7. 7. Career – Grow & Develop  We provide tools and resources to aid members in their career development, including regularly advertised jobs, career planning, salary surveys and new appointment announcements.
  8. 8. Member Community – Interact & Engage  We pride ourselves on the sense of community that exists between our members