JCI Galway - Online Marketing in Galway Presentation (April 29 2013)


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JCI Galway - Online Marketing in Galway Presentation (April 29 2013)

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JCI Galway - Online Marketing in Galway Presentation (April 29 2013)

  1. 1. Get Involved –Somethingdifferent!April 29th2013 @ 7 pmPlace National or Local Organization logo hereColoca el logotipo d tu Organización Nacional oLocal aquíInsérer ici le logo de l’Organisation nationale oulocale
  2. 2. Who are (JCI) International?• Branches in over 100 countries all overthe world• International network of business peopleand young professionals.• Branches in USA, Australia, Canada, UKGermany, France, Belgium, Japan…… thelist goes on. Visit jci.cc for more info
  3. 3. Who are (JCI) International? Contd.• Internationally recognised organisation• Membership based 18-40 age group• Four areas of opportunity:B
  4. 4. What does JCI offer?• International network of friends andbusiness contacts.• Organisation to contact if you areemigrating.• Professional contacts in other markets.
  5. 5. Who are JCI Galway• Out of hours professional and personaldevelopment organisation for peoplebetween the ages of 18-40.• Over 50 years promoting business andcommunity projects in Galway City.• We organise projects under the four areasof opportunity: Community, business,international and individual.
  6. 6. What do JCI Galway do?• Most popular projects are;– Galway Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards– Friendly Business Awards– Galway Tourist Guide and– Active citizenship week– Outstanding Young Person of the Year Awards• Meet on second Tuesday of each month in theHarbour Hotel Galway.
  7. 7. Business ProjectsJCI Galway
  8. 8. Business Projects• “Provides members with an opportunity tocontribute to the development of theeconomic infrastructure”
  9. 9. Friendly Business Awards• Award excellence that businesses havemade in the following categories:1. Customer Care/Friendliness2. Eco Friendliness3. Shop layout/ design4. Disability access5. Digital Friendliness
  10. 10. Friendly Business Awards• Application forms will be available fordownload by May 31st2013.• Application deadlines June 29th2013.• Awards to be held in July date tbc.• Come and talk to me or email me on:president@jcigalway.org
  11. 11. Galway Young Entrepreneur of theYear Awards 2013• Entrants must be between 18-40• Must be in business for at least 12 months• Process up to date Tax ClearanceCertificate.• 2013 GYE will commence in August• Registering interest this evening.
  12. 12. Benefits of EnteringGYE• Opportunity to compete for a fantastic prize fundof in excess €40k (Advertising, training, finance,PR and consultancy).• Superb business networking and businessdevelopment opportunity locally.• Feedback available from judges who are wellestablished business people in Galway• PR and Marketing exposure through advertisingcampaign in the Galway Advertiser and JCIGalway social media channels.
  13. 13. GYE Finalists 2012
  14. 14. Opportunities for membersPersonal and professionaldevelopment
  15. 15. Public Speaking Training• April 6th2013 Malahide Dublin
  16. 16. Leadership Academy• Annual 2 day Leadership Training• Identify your leadership style• People Management• Delivered by qualified trainers.
  17. 17. Leadership Training 2013
  18. 18. JCI TOYP Programme• JCI Galway hold an awards to recognisethe best attributes of young people acrossten categories.• JCI Galway hosted their local awards onApril 23rd2013 Galway City Hall
  19. 19. 2013 TOYP JCI Galway Winners
  20. 20. JCI Galway Community Projects• Worked with Conradh na Gaeilge andTradSoc in NUI Galway to hostinternational students for Irish music anddance evening• Summer Charity Concert working withLocal performing arts groups June 28th2013.
  21. 21. International Opportunities• International Network across 100countries• Opportunities to make internationalbusiness contacts• Annual Area Conference in Europe• 2013 conference is in Monte Carlo• Promotional video of the conference.
  22. 22. JCI Galway and Social MediaFacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTube
  23. 23. Benefits of Social Media forJCI Galway• Communicate with members, pastmembers, the wider community and ourinternational network• Projects such as GYE, FBA TOYP createinterest and drive online activity byincreasing views on linkedin page andincreasing friend requests on FB.
  24. 24. Facebook Facts• 1,916 friends on facebook• Create groups to make communicationeasier.• Create events on Facebook for meetingsand training events• Keep in touch with members from otherbranches across Europe
  25. 25. Benefits of Social Media in General• Promotes the branch in the Galway area• Increase awareness of JCI GalwayProjects and events.• Post details of Projects completed onLinkedIn• Post links to project web pages onjcigalway.org website• Enhance members skills and interests ontheir LinkedIn profiles.
  26. 26. Summary• Next meeting on May 14th2013 at 8 pm inthe Harbour Hotel.• Registering interest for Galway YoungEntrepreneur of the Year Awards thisevening.• More information on Friendly BusinessAwards by Friday May 31st 2013.
  27. 27. Thank youPresented by Olivia HayesJCI Galway President 2013