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Welcome to Horizon

Welcome to Horizon

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  • 1. What is the Horizon Program?0 The Horizon Program is designed to support students with Emotional Disturbances0 We have students that range from ages 6-90 Services Provided • Mental Health Services • Door to Door Transportation • Behavior Support Plans • Individualized Education Plans
  • 2. How is Horizon Different?0 Smaller class size 0 Students are supervised0 Extra support by staff all day, during • Teacher lunch and recess breaks • 2 Paraeducator 0 All lessons are modifies • Psychologist to fit each student’s • Behaviorist individual needs • Mental health clinician 0 Daily Progress Reports
  • 3. Our Goal0 Support students academically and emotionally0 Find Motivators for Students0 Teach Calming Strategies0 Help students mainstream
  • 4. Rewards and Motivators0 Daily Points 0 Students get to earn • 10 pts can be earned activity or break time students can earn up to after completing each 100 pts Daily subject • For every 10 or 9 0 Points are displayed so received students earn students can see $1 to go towards progress Student Store
  • 5. Levels0 Bottom Level • Working their way up0 Level 1 • 87 Points Free Snack, PE time, get to play with balls at recess time, buy from student store After School0 Level 2 • 90 Points Same as above + Free Breakfast, class helper, buy from student store at Lunch & After School0 Level 3 • 93 Points Same as above, PE Helper & Lunch Helper, Buy from student store at Breakfast, Lunch, & After School
  • 6. 0 8:15-8:30 Breakfast0 8:30-9:00 Circle0 9:00-9:30 PE0 9:30-10:00 Journal0 10:00-10:25 Spelling0 10:25-10:50 Recess0 10:50-11:30 Math0 11:30-12:00 Science/ Social Studies0 12:00-1:00 Lunch & Recess0 1:00-1:30 Writing0 1:30-2:00 Reading0 2:00-2:30 Art/ Social Group
  • 7. Questions and Concerns
  • 8. Contact information Marcie Schrunk Horizon Teacher (530) 999-9999