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Newsletter third

  1. 1. Romania is a small country located in Central Europe. The Black Sea, the Danube and the Carpathians are three of the most important relief points here. The capital city of Romania is Bucharest, located in the southern part of the country. It is the most populated city and, of course, the biggest city of the country. The official language is Romanian. The people here are Romanians. Here, you can find interesting places to visit. Bran Castle was built in 1212, and became commonly known as Dracula's Castle after the myths that it the home of Vlad III Dracula. Romania destinations such as Mangalia, Saturn, Venus, Neptun, Olimp, Constanta and Mamaia (sometimes called the Romanian Riviera, as they are all along the Black Sea beach ) and are among the most popular attraction during summer. During winter, the skiing resorts along the Valea Prahovei and Poiana Braşov are booming with visitors. The forsts in Romania are populated with wild animals like bears, wolfs, deers, boars and foxes. In the Danube Delta you can find over 325 species of birds. Two of the most popular musical events in Romania are The Golden Stag festival and the Mamaia festival. A very famous band here is O-zone, a very well-known band all over the world. There are also famous sport players as Hagi, football player, and Nadia Comanici, the best Romanian gymnast. The Romanians are friendly, hospitable and outgoing. The Romanians use to receive their guests by giving them bread and salt as a sign of friendship. Here are a few of Romania's national dishes not to be missed:CIORBA - A sour soup made from fermented bran, bacon, potatoes and beef or chicken.MITITEI (Pronounced Meech) - Minced Meat Rolls with aromatic herbs. TOCHITURA - A hearty meat stew seasoned with onions and/or spices. MAMALIGA - Made from corn, a staple food that can be prepared in a variety of ways. A meal in Romania is incomplete without a drink of the local spirit, tuica. Try not to miss Romania as a holiday destination!!!!!!!!!
  2. 2. IMPRESSIONS ON TURKEY The importance of becoming an essential part in a project such as the multilateral partnership ‘EAT SMART,WORK MORE,BE HEALTY’’is unmistakable. Perhaps that the most intriguing feature of such collaboration is the communication is implies both the teachers and the students. First of all, it was highly important to notice the fact that, despite the fruitful results the opinions expressed throughout the project,on different topics, have very much variety. The students of NOVACI SCHOOL after their coming back from Turkey,France,Spain were discussing about what they had considered that one of the most striking examples - the definition of the terms ‘standards of quality of daily life’ . For instance, the students have reached the conclusion that, although the standards of quality in education,heathy life are a endlessly debated topic. The students are more inclined to think of the achievements in the educational system the main responsable for the future of our kids , while the teachers see the strict rules that, beyond any doubt, maintain the functionality of this system.
  3. 3. Second of all, it should not be forgotten the fact that the students’ activities were mostly organized and held by the students, which were mostly supervised by severalteachers. However, the discussions,their power point presentations have also been moderated by the students, who showed clear signs of an increasing independence, reaching a very interesting point in their developement as future active social members. Therefore, they have managed to meet, perhaps, the expectations of the teachers who, in the students’ view, have also the mission of preparing the students to manage themselves with healthy eating habits,advice for practicing sport. The interdisciplinarity is a way of organizing learning content strategies with implications for the entire design of the curriculum which provides a picture of various disciplines and facilitates the contextualization and application of the school knowledge in different life situations. Dogaru Raluca: School is where young people spend much of their time. Here you learn to socialize, develop your intellect, skills, how to choose the way in life. We watch various TV reports on children in developing countries, who can not afford to go to school and see the differences between us. We are amazingly lucky that the state offers the best chance of a civilization and the European Union allows us to study as much, even outside the country. MITOI DAIANA: TO BE HEALTLY! is very important. Many believe that school does not help us at all. It is now how we can better take advantage and learn or we will later regret. Farlan Elena: School is the maturation time in life when you decide that we can learn more. It represents the new knowledge acquired, the desire for knowledge and an an important moment for our future.
  4. 4. Martescu Madalina: Sport is very important to us, young people, because it helps us to be fit ,in a good shape all the time. GHEORGHITOIU RADU : I am happy with everything that our school gave us, because when I say opportunities I mean first of ALL ACTIVITIES and projects in which we were involved projects very important both for the future and for us, in personal and educational plan. Buduran Bianca: When you say Novaci school , think firstly of exemple students, now teachers, doctors, engineers etc., but also of opportunities that it offers you, in the first place the opportunity to meet new people learn new things and get involved in projects and activities that are organized. We should be proud that we learn in such a school and we can take advantage of these opportunities. RADOI CARMEN: Spanish kids and teachers have a genuine interest in learning about the countries of foreign students and teachers exposing themselves and their children to another culture by hosting. Some hold the belief that sharing is the best way to know each other . The C.E.I.P LAPACHAR SCHOOL-Spania provides: a genuinely caring environment, clean and comfortable surroundings, convenient access to school, full board,interactive ways of teaching. The culture and lifestyle of Spain or Turkey , their creative flair and enthusiam for life make the mobilities a great experience for us ,teachers and students,the best way to experience new cultures,new habits ,new approaches of the educational sistems.We also had a wonderful time in Turkey.Now ,Thanked to our great work,best empathy ,good communication we are more than parteners,we have discovered NEW BEST FRIENDS.
  5. 5. Latvia Listeni/ˈlætviə/ (Latvian: Latvija), officially the Republic of Latvia (Latvian: Latvijas Republika), is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by Estonia (border length 343 km), to the south by Lithuania (588 km), to the east by the Russian Federation (276 km), and to the southeast by Belarus (141 km),[8] and it shares a maritime border to the west with Sweden. With 2,070,371 inhabitants[5] and a territory of 64,589 km2 (24,938 sq mi)[9] it is one of the least populous and least densely populated countries of the European Union. The capital of Latvia is Riga. The official language is Latvian and the currency is called Lats (Ls). The country has a temperate seasonal climate. The Latvians are a Baltic people, culturally related to the Lithuanians. Together with the Finnic Livs (or Livonians), the Latvians are the indigenous people of Latvia.[9] Latvian is an Indo-European language and along with Lithuanian the only two surviving members of the Baltic branch. Indigenous minority languages are Latgalian and the nearly extinct Finnic Livonian language. In terms of its geographical location, territory size, and population, Latvia is in the middle of the three Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Despite subjection to foreign rule from the 13th to the 20th centuries, the Latvian nation maintained its identity throughout the generations, most notably the language, culture, and rich musical traditions.
  6. 6. Impressions about Turkey BIGA (September 22-28, 2012) Aims and objectives of the 4th mobility The fourth mobility in the framework of our Multilateral School Partnership Project ‘EAT smart, WORK more, BE healthy’ was organised by our Turkish colleagues in Biga. The aim of this mobility was to learn more about the Dumlupınar Secondary School, its pupils, teachers, administration and local community, as well as to report on existing project activities, likewise, we have done it in other participating countries. Another reason for coming together face-to- face was to evaluate the current outcomes of the project activities and to shape the next ones, as well as to negotiate the aims and objectives for the coming mobility in Latvia. Mobility outcomes and benefits Firstly, the weekly programme was masterfully tailored to suit the needs of all participants and to show the country. This was a perfect time to make ourselves sure that the project activities had been carried out with real enthusiasm from both sides of the teaching desk. In the school lobby we could observe wonderful displays of posters about COMENIUS partnership and implemented activities. We were invited to a magnificent Welcome party with the participation of District Governor of Biga, school administration, students and their parents. We enjoyed a lively and splendid performance by teachers and students of Dumlupınar Secondary School. In addition, Turkish students’ and teachers’ interest and eagerness to share experience was so obvious, that, again it proved the necessity and positive impact of a such-like project in terms of communication, collaboration, experience and global awareness. Secondly, as a language teacher, I highly appreciate the importance of using a foreign language in real-life situations. What matters is the real necessity for communication, agreeing, disagreeing, sharing opinions, explaining etc. I would outline this as one of the main benefits for the participants, which, consequently, will improve students’ and teachers’ skills and competences for the further life and career regardless their age and occupation.
  7. 7. Thirdly, thanks to the Turkish team, we could experience the richness of cultural heritage of Çanakkale province, thus developing our knowledge and understanding of the diversity of Turkish history, traditions and culture. By visiting historical cities of Troy and Assos, which we have heard about in history books and seen in historical films, as well as by wandering through the bustling streets of Istanbul under the guidance of our best guides, Harun and Firdevs, we could discover the treasures of the past and today. Finally, the mobility in Biga was a great experience in terms of customs and habits for us, especially due to the fact that Latvia is situated in the Northern part of Europe and it has different religion, beliefs and values. My colleague Einars Zods, a sports teacher, who is being involved in the project for the first time, outlined 5 most important benefits from the opportunities offered through the COMENIUS project: 1) International experience to share views with teachers and students from other European countries; 2) To enhance knowledge about geography and cultural heritage by visiting the most outstanding sightseeing places of the country; this once could be a destination of a trip for Latvian schoolchildren; 3) To improve communication skills with the colleagues from different countries, including your English; 4) To promote the participants’ knowledge about our native country Latvia; 5) And last but not the least; this is a great opportunity to acquire new friends. During our stay we experienced the true hospitality of Turkish people, and on behalf of our Latvian team I would like to express the greatest thanks to Harun and his team for organising an excellent stay in your country. Welcome to Latvia!
  8. 8. IMPRESSIONS ON TURKEY The experience Fromm the trip to Turkey has been more satisfactory than I expected, so in relationship with colleges as to know other places , another educational system and other culture and traditions. I have interiorised the true objective of the Comenius Project because we related through English language. Our Turkish partners have treated us with respect and tolerance very exquisite. I can’t say anything that didn’t satisfy me. It was wonderful to know Istanbul, Canakkale, Biga, Assos, and Troy. Their landscape, history and monuments are amazing and wonderful. Encarni OUR MEETING IN TURKEY We have to thanks our Turkish partners for their hospitality, the good organization and for everything we’ve received in Turkey. It was wonderful to visit Istambul, Troya, Assos, Biga, Canakkale and to know their monuments, history and culture. At school all staff tried to communicate with us and to offer their help. It was enriching and interesting to know the work in the classroom and the kindergarten. It was very nice and lovely the typical dances and the party with parents. We could know the varied, healthy and tasty Turkish food, and the most traditional Turkish sport, the archery. We missed the French group a lost. We hope that they can be at the next meeting. Aurora
  9. 9. OUR MEETING IN TURKEY First of all, I wanto to thank Turkish team for their hospitality. They made a big effort to develop a week program during our stay in their country and we are so thankful for that. We enjoyed the activities and it contributed to know Turkish culture, cuisine, lifestile, educative system... Our expectatives are fullfilled. Spanish team is happy for have being wellcome in Biga and at school. People is kind, pupils, teachers, parents and town inhabitants in general. We found Turkish culture very interesting because it’s quite different from our. Each mobility is better than the former because we are closer and we know each other better and better. We dare say that we missed French team but we suppose that they have reasons for not have going there. When we came back to school, our pupils were anxious to know many things about this country. We explained them our activities and so on, and the saw the photos. That way they could understand what we made and visited in Turkey. Now, we are working to create The Turkey corner, as we made after our visit to Romania and France. Belén Román
  10. 10. OUR MEETING IN TURKEY In my opinion, the trip to Turkia has been a great source of information about the education system, culture and customs of this country. The visit has been very satisfying and rewarding as it is a project with many possibilities and eager to make the group and work it up. I was impressed by the good reception by the group of teachers, the school management of local authorities, parents and students and the city in general. Everyone has made respect for the figure of the teacher and the work he does with the students for their future social life. I was struck by the discipline of the students in class in spite of being a large group, it is not difficult to work with them to be conscious on values of respect and discipline. This project has helped me to me personally to notice the importance of language, in this case English, and transmit to my students need to learn. I want to say thank to Harun and everybody that is involved in the project. Thank you very much. Conha Vazquez (Spanish team teacher) OUR MEETING IN TURKEY One of the most desired countries to visit in our project was for me, Turkey. Simply because its language, a different culture from mine, a different way of life, different beliefs and many singularities so special, made this country had something very special to me. And ... I was delighted! The first day's visit to Istanbul was wonderful. Impressive Hagias Sophia, Blue Mosque dreamlike, the Okapi palace with its wonderful views of the Bosphorus and Asia, The Spice Bazaar with its delicate and penetrating scents. Just as satisfactory subsequent visits to Ancient city of Troy and Assos, The Trojan Horse, and the winged horse... I liked Turkish gastronomy with healthy products (vegetables, fruits, fish, and cheese…) that I enjoyed and taste with spicy flavor of Turkish cooking.
  11. 11. From arrival to the last day I was delighted, because Turkey combines tradition with today, the old ways with the new, respect for everything. I liked the discipline in class, respect of students to teachers and vice versa. I have really enjoyed the dances of students and the welcome and reception of parents who have had to work hard to prepare for the festivities. And of course the reception with authorities of the city, who have dedicated to us a part of their time. I would like to express thanks to Harun, his colleagues, schoolchildren and everyone who were involved in organizing our stay in your country for your hospitality, warm welcoming, kindness, helpfulness and understanding. I appreciate your work and effort which has been very hard to be at all times with all of us. I’m looking forward to see you in Latvia. Mari Carmen (Coordinator Spanish team )
  12. 12. Tell me more about … France France (the French Republic) is a country in Western Europe with several overseas territories located in North America, in the Caribbean, South America, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The Metropolitan France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. From its shape, it is often referred to in French as l’Hexagone ("The Hexagon"). After Ukraine, France is the largest country in Europe (643,427 km² with its overseas départements). With a population of over 66 million inhabitants, France is the second most populous country in Western Europe (after Germany) and the 20th largest in the world. The capital is Paris, the most populous city in France with over 12 million people in its aire urbaine. French is the official language of France and also 41 countries over the world, most of which form what is called in French la Francophonie, the community of French-speaking nations. The inhabitants are called French people. With almost 82 million foreign tourists each year, France is the most popular international tourist destination in the world. The cultural and natural heritage is rich and diverse (Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Musée du Louvre, Lascaux Cave, Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, Calanques between Marseille and Cassis, Pont du Gard, etc.). France is also famous for its gastronomy, World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.
  13. 13. Factfile about the most Outstanting sportsmen in France Factfile about the most Outstanting sportsmen in France The French Handball Team Olympic Champion London 2012 Zinédine Zidane, french footballer, world champion 1998 Laure Manaudou, swimmer, several times rewarded Marie-José Perec, 200m and 400m athlete, Olympic and world champion Julie Bresset and Julien Absalon, VTT champions
  14. 14. Teddy Riner, famous french judoka Laura Flessel, fencer, called « the wasp » Marion Bartoli, tennis woman Doriane Vidal, half-pipe champion
  15. 15. Visit to Spain After the trip to France my head began to work thinking about our program and activities. Now it was our responsibility and we wanted to do the best, as they deserved the group of people who were going to visit. We had to organize activities with students, teachers, visits ... and all that entails. I personally was very excited, on Sunday 15th, when I went to the airport to pick up the project partners. I liked that they were here, in my country, to learn a little more about our culture, customs, habits, that is our life way . This way we approached closely and they would have a more comprehensive and open vision of us. The welcome at our school, both teachers and students, parents, and non teaching staff participated in the activities with enthusiasm and joy as possible. The whole school was awaiting our guests. Our students were eager and happy to host your students and every day they spoke with their friend about their exciting experience. We thought in attractive sports activities for students, in an appetizing and healthy food for everybody and within an affordable budget, visiting places with unique and singular characteristic. During times for meetings also we can see
  16. 16. the work that other countries did and we can prepare and agree on activities for the next meeting. Our city appreciated a lot the arrival of our guest and The Town Hall, Agency Tourist, Sports Center, accommodation places, the television, the radio, local newspaper and all news media were involved in our Project and they help us to organize part of the work. So it was very important for us that the countries suggest places to visit and activities they wanted to do before having established the program because once prepared was more difficult to change. They were a wonderful days which passed quickly. We hope you all have enjoyed and known a little more our culture and way of life. We thank all the students who came, for their good behavior and adapt to our life way, thank to teachers and everybody for your participation and understanding. We hope everything were as you like. We invite you to visit our city again, you are at home. I hope to see you in the next meeting. Mari Carmen (Coordinator of Spanish Project Team)
  17. 17. Spain Comenius mobility ! Departure of the EREA On Sunday, April 15th 2012 at 9 am We left in the airport of Marseille to Barcelona. For most of our students it was the first time they were taking the plane. Everyone was very happy to arrive in Spain ! Arrived at Seville, small rugby match improvised while waiting for the Lettish partners. To CHIPIONA, we were accomodated in youth hostel. All of our students appreciated it.
  18. 18. Within the framework of the project, we made sports activities: football, tennis, canoe....... With our Spanish and Lettish partners. For a large number of pupils, the morning canoe is a part of best wishes!
  19. 19. We have visiting city of Chipiona : the lighthouse and a magnificent cathedral, we had a walk in streets lined with orange trees and we visited an exhibition on the carnival (...Africa and trade with the New World), the visit of the reserve of chameleons and Cadiz.
  20. 20. The school of Lapachar Impressions on Spain Thank you to the Spanish team for a wonderful stay in Andalusia. We appreciate your kindness, your humor, your availability and usability. We loved Reme, Amanda, Nathalia, Ramon, Nora, Joaquin, Juan, Fran and Maria-Carmen, Andres, Aurora, Ana, Paco, José-Luis, Rafa .... We could discover your culture: el chorizo, las Galeras, el gazpacho, tortilla, paella, beards to Dad dances flamenco, magic tricks Paco ... Your holidays were joyful, warm. We enjoyed the activities proposed in the project COMENIUS sports activities were very interesting: football, kayaking, tennis, walking on the road of chameleons ... Visits were interesting: the lighthouse, the church, the Cathedral of Cadiz impressed us. Our students enjoyed the experience and feel more involved in the project "Eat smart, work more, be healphy" "The evenings were the best moments of my life, I liked the canoeing. "Jimmy "I loved the moments with Reme, Amanda and Nora, they were super nice. "Fanny "I keep a wonderful memory when Paco gave me magic tricks, I understood his technique to bend the spoon! "Fred "My most beautiful was the visit to the church: it was beautiful and I loved your culture. "Tawin "I have very fond memories of Ramon and others, it was easy. "Maxance "I remember the evening in the courtyard with all students stand to beard papa was great. My best memory was kayaking with Spanish students and Latvian. "Ozgür Thank you from my heart for the organization and for your kindness!