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  1. 1. ELEMENTS OF ATRS The elements of art are a commonly used group of aspects of a work of art used in teaching and analysis, in combination with the principles of art, objects placed at a distances are rendered with less details, clarity, and intensity than the closer ones. Three-dimensional space work is created with the help of shading, which gives it a feeling of depth. Space can also be created by overlapping objects Texture
  2. 2. The texture is the quality of a surface or theway any work of art is represented. Lines andshading can be used to create differenttextures as well. For example, if one isportraying certain fabrics, one needs to givethe feeling of the right texture so that itclosely resembles what the artist is trying toconvey. It can be implied or real. What you canfeel with your sense of touch. Texture is thesurface treatment of an artistic work in orderto give variety and beauty to any work of art.
  3. 3. ColorColor pertains to the use of hue in artwork and design. Definedas primary colors (red, yellow, blue) which cannot be mixedin pigment from other hues, secondary colors (green, orange,violet) which are directly mixed from combinations of primarycolors. Further combinations of primary and secondary colorscreate tertiary (and more) hues. Tint and Shade are referencesto adding variations in Value; other tertiary colors are derived bymixing either a primary or secondary color with a neutral color.e.g. Red + White = Pink. Color is the quality of an object orsubstance with respect to the one reflected by it, and usuallydetermined visually by measurement of hue, saturation andbrightness of the reflected light.
  4. 4. Tone (Value)Value, or tone, refers to the use of light anddark, shade and highlight, in an artwork.Some people also refer the lightness anddarkness in an artwork as tints(light) andshades(dark). Black-and-white photographydepends entirely on value to define itssubjects. Value is directly related to contrast.Value is the relative degree of lightness in thegraphic work of art or painting.
  5. 5. Shape Shape pertains to the use of areas in two . dimensional space that can be defined by edges, setting one flat specific space apart from another. Shapes can be geometric (e.g.: square, circle, hexagon, etc.) or orShape ganic (such as the shape of a puddle, blob, leaf, boomerang, etc.) Shapes are defined by other elements of art: Space, Line, Texture, Value, Color, Form
  6. 6. SizeSize refers to variations in the proportions of objects,lines or shapes. There is a variation of sizes in objectseither real or imagined. (some sources listProportion/Scale as a Principle of Design)These elements are used to create the Principles ofDesign. Principles are the results of using the Elements.When you are working in a particular format (size andshape of the work surface) the principles are used tocreate interest, harmony and unity to the elements thatyou are using. You can use the Principles of design tocheck your composition to see if it has good structure.
  7. 7. Line is defined as a mark that spans a distance betweentwo points (or the path of a moving point), taking anyform along the way. As an art element, line pertains tothe use of various marks, outlines and implied lines inartwork and design, most often used to define shape intwo-dimensional work. Implied line is the path that theviewers eye takes as it follows shapes, colors, and formalong a path, but may not be continuous or physicallyconnected, such as the line created by a dancers arms,torso, and legs when performing an arabesque. Line is anelement of art that is simplest, most ancient, and mostuniversal means for creating visual arts.
  9. 9. Father of Filipino liturgical music?A. Fr. Eduardo HontiverosB. Diego De VelasquesLevi Celerio
  10. 10. In the mountainous regions of Northern Luzon a long tale sung during special occasion? A. Hudhud Lithurgical song Folk song
  11. 11. The endocrine system influence almost every cel,organ and function of our bodies Yes No
  12. 12. Good Nutrition can help prevent disease and promote health. Yes No
  13. 13. 2.Exercise is a great way to get moving as a family. Yes No
  14. 14. 3.Most children need at least an hour of physical activity every day. Yes No