Revising for the exam 2


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Revising for the exam 2

  1. 1. February 2011<br />Revisingfortheexam 2<br />
  2. 2. Antonia isforty-fouryearsold. Sheis Dutch. She has gotone son and onedaughter. Shelives in Amsterdam. Herfavouritefoodissquids and chicken curry.<br />Sheissmart and friendly. Sheisbeautiful, short and fat. She has got a round face and small, greeneyes.<br />She has gotlong, curly, red hair. Hernoseisverysmall. Herlips are full and hermouthisbig. <br />Antonia can singbutshecan’tride a horse. <br />Shelives a flat.<br />Exercise 1.<br />
  3. 3. Hisnameis Bryan. He isthirty-sevenyearsold. He isIrish. He has gottwobrothers. He lives in Cork. Hisfavouritefoodisroastlamb. He iskind and funny. He ishandsome, tall and obese. Hisfaceis round. He has gfot short, straighthair and big, browneyes. Hisnoseislong and hislips are thin.<br /> He can sing and playthe piano but he can’t drive. <br /> He lives in a detachedhouse.<br />Exercise 1b.<br />
  4. 4. Exercise 2.<br />He can surf. <br />He can’tcook.<br />He can’tswim.<br />They can sing.<br />
  5. 5. Exercise 3.<br />There are fiverooms in thishouse: a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen, a diningroom and a living room.<br />In thebathroomthereis a bath, a toilet, sometoiletpaper, a washbasin and a mirror.<br />In thebedroomthereis a wardobe, a bed, a mattress, a pillow , a duvet, a paperbin, a nighttable and a lamp.<br />In thekitchenthereis a cooker, an oven, a frying pan, a fridge, a cupboard and microwave.<br />In thediningroomthereis a table, twochairs, a plate, a glass, a jug, a forkand a picture.<br />In the living roomthereis a sofa, a TV set, a sidetable and a picture.<br />
  6. 6. Exercise 4.<br />Ontherightthereis a bath. Thereis a toiletoppositethebath. Thereis a matbetweenthebath and thetoilet. Abovethetoiletthereis a cupboard. Ontheright of thetoiletthereis a toiletbrush. Ontheleft of thetoiletthereis a towel. Abovethetowelthereis a picture. Ontheleft of thetowelthereis a washbasin. <br />Onthewashbasinthereis a toothbrushglass. In thetoothbrushglassthere are sometoothbrushes. Abovethewashbasin, thereis a mirror.<br />
  7. 7. Exercise 5.<br />Rachel isonthesixthfloor.<br />Tim isontheeighthfloor.<br />Charles and Sue are ontheseventhfloor.<br />Mary isonthefifthfloor.<br />Whichflooris Rachel on?<br />Whichflooris Tim on?<br />Whichfloor are Charles and Sueon?<br />Whichfloor are Mary on?<br />
  8. 8. Exercise 6.<br />Whois Jack to John?<br />Whois David to Betty?<br />WhoisCarolinetoMrs Smith?<br /> <br />WhoisMr Smith to Betty?<br />Whois Alice to John?<br />Whois Jack to Ann?<br />Whois Alice to Betty?<br />Who are Mr Smith and Mrs Smith to Ann?<br />Who are Peter and Alice to Betty?<br />Jack isJohn’sfather.<br />David isBetty’scousin.<br />CarolineisMrsSmith’sdaughter.<br />Mr Smith isBetty’sgrandfather.<br />Alice isJohn’saunt.<br />Jack isAnn’suncle.<br />Alice isBetty’smother.<br />Mr and Mrs Smith are Ann’sgrandparents.<br />Peter and Alice are Betty’sparents.<br />
  9. 9. Exercise 7.<br />Quieres saber si hay una librería en tu habitación. <br />Quieres saber si hay una o dos camas en tu habitación.<br />Quieres saber si tienen un plato, un vaso, una cuchara, un cuchillo y un tenedor para ti.<br />Quieres saber si saben navegar por la red.<br />Quieres saber a qué hora desayunan.<br />Quieres saber a qué hora comen.<br />Quieres saber si hay un supermercado cerca de su casa.<br />Isthere a bookshelf in my bedroom?<br />Isthereoneortwobeds in my bedroom?<br />Haveyougot a plate, a glass, a spoon, a knife and a forkfor me?<br />Can you surf the net?<br />What time do youhavebreakfast?<br />What time do youhave lunch?<br />Isthere a supermarketnearyourhouse?<br />
  10. 10. Exercise 8.<br /> Paulsetsthealarmclockforquartertoeightthenightbefore. Whentheclockringshe wakesup and he getsup immediately.<br />Then, hegoestothebathroom and takesoff hispyjamas. Next, he hasa bathwithcoldwater. He washeshimselfand drieshimselfwith a towel. He combshishair. <br />Thenhe goestothekitchen. He makeshisbreakfast. He hasa cup of tea, a glass of pineapplejuice and somebiscuitsforbreakfast. Next, he doesthewashing up and he goestohisroom.<br /> He tidieshisroom and makeshisbed. Then,heputsonhiscoat.Next, he saysgoodbyetohisfamilyand he goestoworkonfoot.<br /> In theafternoon, he has lunch, readsa book, worksonhiscomputer and drinks a cup of coffee.<br /> In theevening, he goeswithhiswifetothecinema, listenstomusic and hasdinner. Finally, he goestobed.<br />