Seven wonders of Cyprus


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  • Cape Greco is a rocky area located between the tourist resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras on the south east coast of Cyprus. With a stunning rocky coastline dotted with pirate caves as well as a wealth of plants and flowers, this area is ideal for nature lovers.
  • Urbanization has led to a decrease in wildlife habitats in Akamas. Small creatures you can see are bats, chameleons, foxes, snakes, and praying mantids.
  • Light and too much humidity consist the picture at the landscape in the narrow parts of the canyon Avakas
  • Cyprus is used by millions of birds specially flamingoes as a stopover during their migration from Europe to Africa and back. The main reason for that is the existence on the island of two wetlands, with unique and international importance, namely the Larnaka and Akrotiri salt lakes.
  • The main forest plant species found in Cyprus are the Brutia pine (Pinus brutia) and the Black pine (Pinus nigra) found in the Troodos mountain
  • The Cyclamen (Cyclamen cyprium) has been declared Cyprus’ national plant while the Golden oak (Quercus alnifolia) has become the island’s national tree.
  • Just outside the village of Platres, this waterfall is one of the most famous attractions in the area. Though it only stands 12m high, the cool, shady cascade is worth a visit
  • The waterfall Caledonian rocks is home to the only carnivorous plant of Europe, (feeds on small insects) called Pigkouilina
  • The Οld Venetian bridge called << Tzelefos >> is build over Diarizos river in Paphos. Diarizos is the only river that has water all year round something very unusual for Cyprus This is a small sample of what a visitor can see in our island.
  • Seven wonders of Cyprus

    1. 1. Cyprus beaches constituteone of the high value touristasset of the island.
    2. 2. Beaches in Cyprusare clean, and morethan 50 have beenawarded the BlueFlag eco-label.
    3. 3. Ayia Napa and Protarasare Cypruss mostpopular beach resorts,well known all overEurope.
    4. 4. With over 2 million tourist arrivals per year,Cyprus ranks 6th in the world in the list ofpopular destinations in regard to its localpopulation!
    5. 5. Cape Greco is a rocky area locatedbetween the tourist resorts of AyiaNapa and Protaras on the south eastcoast of Cyprus.
    6. 6. With a stunning rocky coastline dottedwith pirate caves as well as a wealth ofplants and flowers, this area is idealfor nature lovers.
    7. 7. The Akamas Peninsula is an areaof outstanding natural beauty -deep gorges, a wild landscape andwide sandy bays.
    8. 8. It is also an area of great biodiversity andecological significance. It is an unspoilt wildplace mostly due to its inaccessibility.
    9. 9. AKAMAS PENINSULAHome to 530 plantspecies, a third of thetotal for Cyprus, 126of which are endemicto Cyprus.
    10. 10. In the protected area of Lara around12,000 young Green turtles as well asthe famous Caretta-Caretta are borneach year.
    11. 11. Newborn turtles following the moon lightshinning on the surface of the sea are tryingto reach the water.
    12. 12. The Avakas Gorgeprovides a challengingwalking trail on theSouth part of theAkamas peninsula.
    13. 13. The Salt lake of Larnaca is themost distinctive landmark whileflying into Larnaca Airport with atotal surface area of 2.2 km².The lake is a complex network offour salt lakes of different sizesinterconnected together.
    14. 14. FLAMINGOESCyprus is used by millions of birds speciallyflamingoes as a stopover during theirmigration from Europe to Africa and back.
    15. 15. Scattered around theTroodos mountains thereare many ancient treeswhich are more than ahundred years old.
    16. 16. Few of them are even more than a thousand years old.Obviously they deserve ouradmiration and respect!
    17. 17. KALEDONIAFALLSJust outside thevillage of Platres,this waterfall is oneof the most famousattractions in thearea.
    18. 18. The waterfall Caledonian rocks is home to theonly carnivorous plant of Europe, (feeds on smallinsects) called Pigkouilina
    19. 19. CEDAR VALLEY ΚΟΙLΑDΑ ΤΟΝ ΚΕDRΟΝKoilada ton Kedron is situated inthe central part of Pafos Forest.
    20. 20. The site covers an area of 18286 haof forests and mountains with riversand streams.
    21. 21. At Paphos forest we can meet themuflon (agrino in Greek). It is a kindof wild sheep.
    22. 22. It’s an endangered endemic speciesand highly protected.
    23. 23. PETRA TOU ROMIOUPetra tou Romiou means "the Rock of theGreek" and refers to a myth that regards aByzantine hero Dighenis who threw the rocksat pirates to protect his lady.
    24. 24. It has also beenregarded since ancienttimes as the birthplaceof Aphrodite, goddess oflove and fertility.
    25. 25. According to legend, afterswimming in the crystalclear waters of the Bay,Aphrodite used to bathe inthis wonderful pond.
    26. 26. The legend also says that ifyou wash your face using thiswater you become beautifullike the goddess of love andbeauty Aphrodite!