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11-2 Mrs. Ruth Padilla PBL- Presentations Final Project
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11-2 Mrs. Ruth Padilla PBL- Presentations Final Project


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Students analize the problem of students lack of compromise with school.

Students analize the problem of students lack of compromise with school.

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  • 1. PBL -11-2Four situations that deal with commitment and lack of compromise ofeleventh grade students at the Ines Maria Mendoza High School in CaboRojo, P.R.
  • 2. English class of Mrs. Ruth Padilla,11-2,studied the problem lack of compromiseand commitment of 11th grade studentsat Inés Mendoza High School.They were divided in four groups andhave to prepare a presentation to showthe results of their investigation.This Movie Maker shows all fourpresentations they prepared…
  • 4. environmentEnvironment is all that can affect anorganism, that effect can be in favor orcontrast, good or bad. Garbage is lack ofcommitment to the environment.
  • 5. Causes Pollution is destroying the lives of many species. Every day increasestheir share our planet human being the major cause of thisfault, knowing that human being smarter would be so unable to carefor their own planet ... Now we are in the XXI century, has made thingsworse as they have invented many chemical materials that aredamaging our planet too.• Pollution, waste, destruction of the ozone layer are factors that destroythe environment. Main points in pollution, factories which produce asmoke that pollutes the air we breathe.* Overpopulation is destroying green areas, the excessive use ofagricultural land and forests not allow oxygenation of the environment.
  • 6. Causes• Vehicles also fired carbon dioxide polluting the air we breathe.• Burning garbage illogically, toxic waste factories are thrownunscrupulously polluting rivers and seas, reaching at certain times tokill the animals and fish that live in that habitat.• La consecuencia de toda esta contaminación esta haciendo quehaya un calentamiento global, se derriten los glaciales y esoprovoca cambios bruscos del clima, ocasionando tormentas quejamás han tenido tal intensidad y en lugares que hacía muchotiempo no sepresentaban, tornados, maremotos, terremotos, tifones…. Creandoel hueco de la capa de ozono, dejando entrar rayos ultravioletasque van directamente a la piel del humano provocandoenfermedades de la piel exactamente cáncer.
  • 7. The Lack of Compromisewith the EnvironmentAngelica Carlo VargasTaysha Carlo LucianoSaldinoshka Pagan AstacioRosa A. Rosario BritoGabriel A. Vazquez RodriguezNatalia Zapata Ramirez
  • 8. What is the environment?The environment is a system consisting of natural thatdetermines the way and artificial elementsinterrelated and that are modified by human action.This is the environment that determines the way of lifeof society and that includes the natural, social andcultural factors that exist in a given place and time.Living beings, soil, water, air, physical objectsmanmade and symbolic elements make theenvironment. The conservation of this is essential forthe sustainable life of current generations and thoseto come.
  • 9. EcologyEcology is another notion related to theenvironment, since it is the discipline thatstudies the relationships between livingthings and their environment. An ecologicalbehavior protects environmental resourcesto ensure the survival and future of livingbeings.
  • 10. CompromiseIt is used to describe an obligationthat one makes with another personor in this case with the environment.
  • 11. Lack of compromise to theenvironment by students in the schoolPeople are not really conscious about theimportance of the environment. Becauseof this people, not only in school buteverywhere, dont take the proper respectto the environment, trees, plants andanimals.
  • 12. Lack of compromise to the environment bystudents in the schoolStudents show little or no respectfor the environment in school.They constantly throw garbageon the floor instead of throwingin the garbage cans.
  • 13. Lack of compromise to the environment by students in theschoolThe school plants can’tgrow properly becausestudents throw garbageand step on them.
  • 14. PBL-Ines Maria MendozaLack of Commitment
  • 15. CommitmentThe act or an instance ofcommitting, especiallyThe act of referring a legislative bill tocommitteeOfficial consignment, as to a prision ormental health facility.A count order authorizing consignment aprision.
  • 16. Graffitis on the wallGraffiti at my school we regardit as disrespectful. The school isprivate property and we musttake care of it, as we take careof our homes.
  • 17. CausesIt gives a badimpression and makesit look more uglyschool.
  • 18. Commitment With TheEnvironmentFilberto A., Santos, Jose A., Jaime, Yamil
  • 20. CommitmentSituation, event orthing thatcompromise aperson.
  • 21. EnvironmentAtmosphere orair from oneplace.
  • 22. • Today we do not give muchimportance for the environmentwhat is wrong of us.We must not continue to pollutethe environment as it does notsuit us because it affects us inmany waysThe problem…
  • 23. Our problem in school…
  • 24. LitteringDirty BathroomsDirty Hallways
  • 25. Evidence…
  • 26. We have to be more responsibleand not littering….!!!!!!!!!! Solutions