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Fashion Show Presentation


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Final Project - FSP class

Final Project - FSP class

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  • 1. Rockapulco…Embrace your exotic beauty… The Five Sisters
  • 2. The ConceptRockapulco…Embrace your exotic beauty…The Five Sisters, a company founded by Lindsey Morrison, Nicole Loizzi, KatieSink, Anne Haley, and Maria DuartePinheiro, is showcasing Roberto Cavalli‟s Fall2012 RTW during the Rockapulco fashion show.Rockapulco is inspired by the true beauty and animalistic elements of a tropicalrainforest. By researching the different aspects of the Amazon and Acapulco,we developed our concept by the choices in venue, centerpieces, décor,performers, and music. The show will envelope the audience into the trueenvironment of the rainforest with a fashion flair from Roberto Cavalli in theexotic walls of Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier.Thunder and lightning in the background will begin the show followed by themusical performance of bongo and conga drummers. The drummers will beprovided by the charity we are highlighting – Rock for Kids. As the drumminghits its peak, the large banana leaves that the audience did not notice before willpart and the models will start to walk out. Their hair is wet in a messy fishtailbraid and their make up neutral with a slight smoky eye – the animals of therainforest.
  • 3. Not only will the fashion show have models walking on our “runway” madefrom tube lights, Plexiglas, and Cercropia leaves, but the show will alsohave acrobat performers in the closing of the show. Their make up will bebright and colorful like the birds of the forest as they dangle from theceiling. During the whole show music provided by Enclave will play with theessence of a jungle sound.After the show, guests will enjoy a variety of desserts from the venue alongwith Perrier-Jouet champagne. At this time, they may have the chance tospeak with Cavalli himself as well as purchase clothing from his collection.
  • 4. The Five Sisters invite you to Rockapaulco June 1st, 2012 The Crystal Gardens in Navy Pier Cocktail hour begins at 8pmPresentation of Roberto Cavalli‟s Fall 2012 collection at 830pm Post-show desserts and champagne will be served at 845pm Cost of Admission is $50 per personPlease help out our children by making a donation to our event in honor of the Rock For Kids Organization Please RSVP by May 23rd by calling (312)-203-3420 Or by email response at
  • 5. Chicago blogs and magazines receiving evite and VIP invitation to show: - Time-out Chicago, Second City Style, Racked!, Refinery29, Amy Creyer’s ChicagoStreet Style, TCW, and Chicago MagazineAll invited bloggers and journalists will be allowed to attend press conference, meet andgreet, fashion show, and any post-party eventsPre-show and post-show mention on above blogs and magazines are required in order forfree attendance
  • 6. Press ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:FIVE SISTERS Hosting Roberto Cavalli‟s Fall 2012 RTW Collection in„Rockapulco‟Chicago, Illinois – June 1, 2012 – The Five Sisters is hosting a rainforest-inspiredfashion show, Rockapulco, June 1st at Crystal Gardens in Navy Pier. The fashionshow will be showcasing Roberto Cavalli‟s Fall 2012 RTW collection.Beginning at 8pm, guests will enjoy a pre-show cocktail hour followed promptlyby the fashion show at 8:30pm. After the show concludes, the audience isinvited to indulge in various desserts as well as Champagne provided by Perrier-Jouet. During this time, guests will have a chance to meet Cavalli himself.Roberto Cavalli, an Italian designer from Florence, is known for his exotic printsand unique designs that become the norm for fashion. He created thesandblasted look for jeans, which are now a standard style for the majority ofjean manufacturers.Cavalli will be staying at the infamous W Hotel during his time in Chicago. Allpress interviews will take place at the W‟s conference room on May 30th.
  • 7. General admission tickets run at $50 per ticket, and the show will also belooking for any further donations the guests would like to give. All of theproceeds will be donated to Rock for Kids, a local charity in the city.Donations are warmly welcomed in honor of Rockapulco‟s sponsor, Rockfor Kids. Rock for Kids provides music education to underserved childrenin Chicago, sparking creativity and passion, teaching critical thinking,supporting academic achievement and enriching young lives.Contact:Lindsey Morrison, Pubic Relationslindseymorrison@fivesisters.com59 E. Van Buren St.Chicago, IL 60605Phone: 716-479-5720###
  • 8. 644 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60611-3017 Estados Unidos
  • 9. 600 East Grand Avenue Chicago, llinois
  • 10. Chicago blogs and magazines receiving evite and VIP invitation to show: -Time-out Chicago, Second City Style, Racked! Chicago, ChiCity Fashion, Amy Creyer‟s Chicago Street Style, CS, and Chicago MagazineAll invited bloggers and journalists will be allowed to attend press conference,meet and greet, fashion show, and any post-party eventsPre-show and post-show mention on above blogs and magazines are requiredin order for free attendance