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Choose the Right

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Choose the right janyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  1. 1. The journey of life, love, and integrity By: Maria Ocegueda & Janeth Preciado Vargas
  2. 2.  Choosing the right is applying the skills we have built up in the pillar of life obtained with experiences.  We act upon these teachings as we struggle through the hardship of everyday life in this world.  A way of life.
  3. 3.  We should choose the right to succeed in a world     with greed and envy among our brothers and sisters. We choose the right to live in peace and keep a healthy frame of mind as we witness injustices in the world. We choose the right to unite with others with the same beliefs and reshape the view of what we can be as a community. We choose the right to inspire others and have them learn that the only true way to become worthy individuals is to fight against the obstacles we face. We choose the right to be the best we can be and aspire for more.
  4. 4.  Anyone can choose the right. The objective of this journey is to comprehend that we all have the power and potential to become someone important in life.  In addition, that it doesn’t matter what other people think or say to what you do if you believe that’s the right choice to do don’t give up on it.
  5. 5.  Choosing the right is way of life.  One should choose the right all day everyday.  In times of difficulty and uncertainly choosing the right might seem like an even steeper mountain to climb, but these tests of strength can only prove how strong you really are.
  6. 6.   This video demonstrates choosing the right. Choosing the right path by helping others to just finish the finish line like it shows in the video . Or to even give a pair of shoes to the ones in needed. Something very little can do a lot to someone.
  7. 7.  Helping others when they need it the most.  Being nice and generous to people who respect you.  Never giving up on something especially your dreams.  Staying away from people who make you feel bad about yourself.  Avoid doing drugs and people who do them.
  8. 8.  Choosing the right can happen anywhere and anytime. It only depends on its beholder.  For example, if your walking down your school hallway and someone's belongings fall on the floor, don’t just stand there help them. Being generous and helpful makes you feel better about yourself.
  9. 9.  Sometimes not choosing the right can lead to many consequences or even punishments.  For example, not listening to your teachers while there giving instructions is a demonstration of not choosing the right. Since you weren't paying attention now you don’t know what to do because you were talking.
  10. 10.  Choosing the right can be a positive thing and can bring awards. Such as inspiring people and making a change in your environment. You can feel good about yourself and people who surround you. In other words you are fighting against negativity.  Choosing the right makes you and other people feel proud of you and your actions that you took.
  11. 11.  Nelson Mandela is a really good example of a leader who of choosing the right. He once said “It always seems impossible until its done”, which defines that anything is possible in this life only if you make the right decisions and choices in life.  Nelson Mandela showed that with patience, wisdom, and willingness anything can become true no matter what your going through.
  12. 12.  Lance Armstrong is another great example of someone who chooses the right. He has a foundation called “ The Livestrong Foundation” in which helps people who are affected by cancer.  He also shows that you can overcome anything because he is a survivor of cancer. Even though he had cancer he still kept running and cycling like he usually did.