Professional Experience - Letters of Recommendation - Marian Zinn, M.Sc.


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Marian Zinn’s Collection of Letters of Recommendation.

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Professional Experience - Letters of Recommendation - Marian Zinn, M.Sc.

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  2. 2. To Whom It May Concern, London, 23 February 2011 MR MARIAN ZINN (Date of Birth: 3 January 1987), BA Marketing and Music & Media Management As academic referee and course leader at London Metropolitan University Business School, I have known the applicant since 2 February 2009 when he enrolled full-time on our Joint degree programme in Marketing and Music & Media Management. He also has gained credits at another institution (University of Nicosia, Cyprus) and integrated two summer work experience placements within the media industries as part of his degree. He also currently plans to go on at least another student mobility programme involving a work placement/internship during his final year of studies in the United Kingdom. Effectively he should graduate in January 2012 depending on the timing of his placement. He is expected to graduate with at least an Upper Second Class Honours degree and although I do not have the final results in my possession I can confirm that a First Class is still well within his reach. Marian is a mature and academically very sound student, strongly motivated, well cultured and more travelled than most of his peers. He is very enthusiastic about his studies in Marketing and Media-related fields in which he will likely undertake work associated with his dissertation project during the course of the next academic year. His project tutor confirmed that he is extremely diligent and shows an understanding of subjects that is found only in the top graduates. I believe he has the intellectual abilities and personal qualities required for working in the framework of an internship and will definitely be a great asset to the people he will be working with in the future. His attendance and health records are excellent. His academic performance to date is notable in that he achieved 12 out of 16 A grades so far. At current trends he should be able to complete his degree with a very high profile indeed. Marian has already undertaken work placements or internships before, notably working for an organisation as a volunteer in Africa. What sets him apart from most other students with some international education or work experience is that he has both extensively built into his background. Marian comes across as very calm yet with a deep passion for sharing his experience and skills, committed in his university life and actively engaged in a number of causes promoting social and ethical justice. There is nothing that makes me doubt his integrity or honesty; in fact his whole attitude is upright and commendable, a real model for his generation. For any information, please contact me as per details below. E.M. Bresch, ETIENNE BRESCH, Academic Leader for Undergraduate Courses in Management & Marketing London Metropolitan University Business School 84 Moorgate LONDON EC2M6SQ T/F: +44 (0)20 7320 1607/1585 E:
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