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Marian Vdw Presentation - Celine Dion Fandom 2014
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Marian Vdw Presentation - Celine Dion Fandom 2014


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  • 1. By: Marian Vanderwoude
  • 2. Background Information       Born on March 30, 1968 in Quebec Canada, Celine was the youngest of 14 children. Celine was raised in a musical family and was singing in a piano bar by age 5. At age 12 Celine along with her mother composed a song and sent it to Rene Angelil a music manager and producer. He signed her on. By age 18 Celine had recorded nine French albums. Celine’s first English language album Unison was recorded in 1990 with the popular single “Where does my heart beat now”. Her major breakthrough into stardom came in 1992 with the recording of the theme to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
  • 3. Background Information         Celine married Angelil her manager and producer in 1994. Celine continued to record music throughout the 1990’s. Number 1 hits include “Power of Love”, Because You Loved Me, My Heart Will Go On and I’m Your Angel. In 2000 Celine took a break from the music scene and in January 2001 Celine had her first child - Rene Charles. In 2003 Celine began a 36 month performing contract with Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. In October 2010 twin boys are born to Celine and Angelil. Celine returned to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 2011 to begin another performing contract for three years. Celine has continued to release numerous albums over the last decades. She has become one of the most influential female musicians and has garnered success all over the world.
  • 4. Awards    Celine Dion has won many awards in recognition of her musical talent. These include Grammy, Juno, American Music, Worldwide Music and Felix awards. In addition songs that she performed won Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards that were awarded to the songwriters.
  • 5. Albums     Celine Dion’s album collection includes: 26 studio albums 6 live albums 16 compilation albums
  • 6. Social Media Sites
  • 7. Social Media Sites Celine Dion’s Online Presence can be found in:  Websites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, My Space  Streaming music available through Groove shark, Jango, 8tracks, Sound cloud  Download music available for purchase via Celine’s website store called The Boutique or through I tunes, Amazon and The Music Store.
  • 8. Website  The official Celine Dion website is found at  Features in the website include: news, videos, music, album information, a boutique for merchandise and tours and events.  The “what’s going on” link gives up to date information and allows viewers and fans to post comments.  The site allows a viewer to connect to Celine Dion’s Face book and twitter pages to become a follower.
  • 9. Sharable Content     Celine Dion uses her official website to promote herself, her music and her shows. Tours and Events Link list all dates of performances and allows individuals to purchase tickets. Music Link provides details on each of her albums, with videos and reviews of each song and allows individuals to purchase music through various avenues. Facebook and Twitter allow conversations and interaction to happen.
  • 10. Twitter and Facebook Twitter  Joined on: 2013/08/22 2:31AM    Has 196K followers Posted 246 Tweets Fans can also view photos and videos. Facebook    17,176,851 likes and counting. Updates posted daily and fans can connect to videos, photos, online store and twitter. Can connect and listen Using Rdio to free music.
  • 11. You Tube  Over 1.5 entries found that relate to Celine Dion.  Example: A music video on You Tube with Celine Dion performing “Loved Me Back to Life” was viewed 6,855,135 times.  You Tube allow fans of Celine to share and watch originally created videos. It is also a platform that allows new fans to discover her music. Provides a safe forum for fans to connect with others. 
  • 12. Fan site Celine - Through the World  Unofficial site created exclusively and maintained by an audience that is passionate about her music.   “Celine Through the World” fans can also link to Face book and Twitter pages to exchange information.
  • 13. Engaging Fans – Fan Club   Fans must create an account to join but membership is free. Accessible through official website. Offers exclusive ticket offers, discounts on merchandise, exclusive content and a member blog which allows fans to connect with other fans to discuss and make comments through interactive forum.
  • 14. Where to find Celine Dion today   Celine Dion is currently performing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Her show features 31 musicians, consisting of a full orchestra and band. The show’s concept is oneof a kind and includes Celine’s biggest hits performed with a stunning visual presentation. Exclusive ticket deals are available for Team Dion Members.
  • 15. Consistency     Celine Dion’s social media presence is updated with current information, new tweets on Twitter and new statuses on Facebook. Fans can access relevant up to date information. YouTube videos are uploaded and the website is updated with new happenings, dates, and ticket sales availability. New albums and songs have for the most part been recorded and released consistently over 3 decades. The most current album Loved Me Back to Life was released on November 1, 2013.
  • 16. Celine Dion Foundation  Giving back to the communities.   Established the Celine Dion Foundation that supports various charitable organizations and medical foundations, with a focus on helping sick or underprivileged children. Celine Dion began promoting public awareness of cystic fibrosis back in 1982. Her commitment stems from her personal lose of her niece to the disease. Supports the Sainte-Justine Hospital
  • 17. References     