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Krifa webinarjuni2014
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Krifa webinarjuni2014



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  • 1995
    Kaare Danielsen – disruptive – i forhold til prissætning. CV-databaserne forstyrrede recruitment companies ”gold”. Linkedin har ændret reglerne for vores anonymitet.
    Vil annoncer forsvinde? Nej – vil de ændre karakter? Ja, det tror jeg. I forhold til indhold, budskab og svarmuligheder. Indholdet vil handle mere om kolleger og arbejdspladser. Budskabet være værdibåret. Svarmuligheder vil være konkrete opgaver.
  • For the first time in history we all have to consider how we will keep control of how and what we communicate. By all I mean all of us who have the power of being a media with a TV And for the first time in history communication is no longer tied to a document. Fragments of our communications are distributed – an collected and making the Big Data.
  • THE CHALLENGE: To cope with ”opløsning” and that Everything is possible for everybody.
    We talk about our brain still being like in the stone age. I just want to go back to the first public media in Denmark, Runestenen. Just to give an example of what I mean by communication going from something rock solid to.
    Late Viking period.

    Publishing was then for the few and the poweful. But as you can see ”people are people” even though the media is different and the time span a 1000 years.
  • Look at this ”update” – It has taken an awful lot of time to write but it says the same as a tweet would today. We are the powerful – and we promote each other through our social relations:
    people are people – and our minds are today exactly what they were when we were vikings. Better friends, I hope.
    And he has included who he is and who he is with (selfie) – in a we are very important way
  • When I look at my Timeline – my perception of the world – the sotries I have been told and the people I have met - let me show you what my mind relates to:
    For 100 år siden: Heldig hvis fik læst 50 bøger
    I’ll go back to my grandmothers. When I was a child I was dependent on my grandmothers for entertainment. They read for me or told me about their childhood.
  • In a 1000 years we have changed pur opinion from what is possible in communication in terms of Who can publish, what we publish, how much we publish and how we distribute and what is saved for later.
    ”The information you can read in one news paper equals the amount of information you received in a life time at medieval age” But have you considered how much it has developed in your life time?
  • Lets look at me here – I have 1123 tweets (minus replys) = social factor? An indication of my personality? A piece in the puzzle for another ”social signals” test.
  • you may have noticed
    algorithm - app
    (you have to do something actively to prevent this from happening to your profile)

  • Prediction accuracy of classification for dichotomous/dichotomized attributes expressed by the AUC.


  • 1. Du bliver, hvad du deler
  • 2. Marianne Steen Forfatter, konsulent, iværksætter 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 2 Sociale medier: Mød, connect eller følg: Bøger
  • 3. 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 3 1995 2005 2010
  • 4. 1997 CV og job-match 2009 2014 Data Aggregation Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 4 Det store jobmarked – ”lige nu” Nye teknologier trepreneur & pioner
  • 5. Poll 1: Erfaring med sociale medier Hvor længe har du været på 1. Facebook 2. Linkedin  < 3 år  3 – 5 år  > 5 år  Ved ikke  Har ikke en profil på ….. Hvor mange sociale medier er du registreret på?  1  2  3  4+  Ved ikke  Har ingen social media profiler 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 5
  • 6. Poll 2: Digital indfødt eller immigrant? Hvornår er du født?  I 50’erne  I 60’erne  I 70’erne  I 80’erne  I 90’erne 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 6
  • 7. ”Entropi”  Alt går mod en større grad af uorden Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 7  Vi mister kontrol  Vi får transparens
  • 8. Haraltr kunukr bath kaurua kubl thausi aft kurm fathur sin kumler auk aftthaurui muthur sina sa Haraltr ias sar uan tanmaurk Harald ala auk karthi nuruiak al auk tani karthi kristna 156 characters + an image Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 8 Jellingestenen
  • 9. Harald konge bød gøre disse efter Gormfader sin og efter Thyramoder sin den som sig vandt Danmark og Norge og danerne gjorde kristne Who we are with Our success Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 9 Times and media have changed. People have not.
  • 10. Mit første tweet 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 10 # hashtag
  • 11. Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 11 50 books in a life time Min IRL tidslinie går tilbage til….
  • 12. Information vi fistribuerer dagligt: 1986: 2,5 avissider 2008: 6 news papers Aar Daglig information vi får: 1986: 40 aviser 2007: 174 aviser. Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 12 (2011)
  • 13. Poll 3: Hvordan læser du helst… Nyheder 1. Avis 2. Internet 3. Sociale medier Bøger 1.Trykt (”rigtig” bog) 2. E-bøger (pdf) 3. iBooks eller Kindle 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 13
  • 14. 295 exabytes of data floating around the world Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 14 BIG DATA
  • 15. Eksempler på digitale spor  Photosugar: Samler billeder fra mine tweets  / billeder/videoer #mustsee #socialmediaexperiment  + Hootsuite (chrome) arbejder sammen om at sladre om…  hvem , der twitter i nærheden.  + 360Social browserudvidelse  Sladrer om den, der twitter 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 15
  • 16. 1. Google er dommer 2. Men er google en retfærdig dommer? 2/3 ”googler” jobsøgere For at forstå motivation og værdier Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 16
  • 17. Det perfekte match Jobsøger Virksomhed Kompetencer Organisatorisk Fit Motivation Faglige udfordringer Gode kolleger Mening 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 17
  • 18. Opsamler informationer om mennesker via deres social media profiler for at måle og evaluere Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 18
  • 19. Nogle analyserer og kvantificerer 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 19 Klout score
  • 20. Nogle visualiserer 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 20
  • 21. Nogle sladrer 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 21
  • 22. Poll 4: Om personlighedstest Har du prøvet 1. Ja, for mig selv (uden tilbagemelding) 2. Ja, professionelt (med tilbagemelding) 3. Nej Stoler du på resultatet?  Ja  Ja, når der er tilbagemelding  Nej  Måske  Kender ikke til personlighedstest 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 22
  • 23. Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 23
  • 24. Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 24
  • 25. Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 25
  • 26.  By liking, or by sharing this piece of personal information, you’ve now improved my ability to predict whether or not you get along well in the workplace Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 26
  • 27. Prediction accuracy based on “likes” on Facebook Kosinski M et al. PNAS 2013;110:5802-5805 ©2013 by National Academy of Sciences Jennifer Golbeck: The curly fry conundrum: Why social media “likes” say more than you might think TEDxMidAtlantic 2013 · 9:55 · Marianne Steen. 10-06-2014 27
  • 28. Hvilke signaler sender du? I din profil Gennem din adfærd 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 28
  • 29.  Analyserer  Visualiserer  Sladrer/ spejler 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 29
  • 30. Sociale Signaler 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 30 Bygger eget brand Researcher/ øger viden Vækster netværk Skaber feel good følelser Adfærd
  • 31. Next step Aktiv jobsøgning  Proaktiv jobsøgning    (NB! i beta!) 10-06-2014Marianne Steen. 31