Build and brand Your Social CV (social resume)

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The whole presentation: …

The whole presentation:

How to build and brand your own search and selectable social media cv (social media resume) and social reputation:

Empower your job search and next career move with your personal go to market plan.

For jobseekers, freelancers and small business entrepreneurs.

For e newer version: Go to Your Social CV (4 parts) Intro, step1, step 2 and 3 and step 4 and 5

Presented by Marianne Steen, @mariannesteen, expert in online recruitment and job search strategies.

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  • The site is also a great place to identify keywords for your resume. All you do is paste in your resume plus the job description, then Jobscan analyzes your job description for you automatically and identify the most important keywords for you! it literally takes seconds and it so worth the copy and paste. Saved me so much time AND I got more interviews using Jobscan! I recommend as well!
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    I would really like to correct this - but I have little clue of what to do. Any suggestions of yours is welcome! Thanks, Best regards, Marianne
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  • 1. Build and Brand your own ’Search & Selectable’ Social Media Resume Presented by Marianne Steen
  • 2. The Presenter
    • I live in Copenhagen, Denmark
    • I have worked with online media since 1997
    • I have written 2 books on job search
    • I excel in ’Go To Market’ for small business, entrepreneurs and individuals
    • What Social Media has done for me :
    • I am #1 on Google (Danish keywords)
    • I don’t (need to) write job applications
    • I get invitations to hold presentations
    • I get in touch with like-minded people
    • I learn, grow & have fun on my journey!
  • 3. Bits and pieces of a TRADITIONAL CV Bla bla History bla bla bla Boring bla bla exageration bla bla bla what I believe you want to read bla bla
  • 4. Bits and pieces from a SOCIAL CV Linkedin Who does she know? Who endorses her? What is she capable of? What is of interest to her? What does she look like? - And what does she watch? What is she working on (right now) - Who follows her and who does she follow?
    • Be in Charge
    • Convince
    • Take Control
    • Empower yourself
    • Help recruiters
    • Become a valued Employee
  • 6. Why a Social CV?
    • Take charge of your digital presence
      • When recruiters google your name (and they do!) – make sure they find, what you want them to find.
  • 7. Why a Social CV?
    • 2. Be a more convincing candidate
      • Main issues for recruiters: ”Can I trust this person?” A social CV not only tells about your skills, it shows how you actually use them
  • 8. Why a Social CV?
    • 3. Be in control of your next career move
      • Networking and unsolicited applications are effective in approaching jobs and companies you want to work for. A social CV is the perfect landing page for your personal branding- and marketing campaign.
  • 9. Why a Social CV?
    • 4. Empower yourself! Social media potentially has   6 times ”hiring”power: 
    • 90% of people trust peer recommendations Linkedin recommendations, sharing or retweeting your words and work are all forms of peer recommendations.
    • 14% trust advertising Y our career marketing documents (CV, cover letter) are your “advertising” (you speaking about yourself)
  • 10. Why a Social CV?
    • 5. Solve a time consuming recruiment challenge
    • ” What motivates you”?
      • A question asked by all recruiters
      • Why? Because motivation potentially means 40% higher performance
      • Capabilities are easily assessed, motivation isn’t
    • If you have taken your time to build a social CV – per default, you ARE motivated
  • 11. Why a Social CV?
    • 6. Be a more valued employee
    • Even when you are NOT looking for a new job, a social CV empowers you:
    • Your employer benefits from your social presence - putting you in a stronger position to negotiate salary and benefits
  • 12. Why a Social CV?
    • For you: Eventually – your social CV can be the gateway to the work or job of you dreams at a company that matches your core values
    • For the workplace: We KNOW you are motivated, all we have to do now is to review your capabilities
  • 13. It’s a win-win: You get your dream job – the company gets a dream employee A good friend was using LinkedIn…. (and) had populated her profile fully . She noticed one day that a job ad had popped up … which actually happened to be her perfect job utilising all of her skills…. She got the job, with both parties being over the moon at finding each other .
  • 14. Steps to build your social CV:
    • YOU
    • Define your TARGET AUDIENCE
    • Set your OBJECTIVES
    • Build your MEDIA platform
    • GROW
  • 15. YOU!
    • Know yourself to grow yourself - Where are you going
    • - What do you believe in
    • What do you offer
  • 16. Know yourself to grow yourself Logical Levels of change, read more:
  • 17. 1. Vision Where are you going? Where do you want to go?
    • A clear and concise vision helps you keep focus, ie.
    • You spent your time effectively
    • Your audience understands what YOU want
    • Ultimately helps you achieve your goals
  • 18.
      • S pecific
      • M easurable
      • A ttractive
      • R ealistic
      • T imed
    Make your vision
  • 19. 2. Identity Who are you, professionally?
    • Who you are, or who you achieve to be, is the core in your social CV
    • Your professional identity is what recruiters are looking for.
      • Search is the process that brings the recruiters to what they are looking for
  • 20. 2. Your professionel identity
      • is based on your CV
      • But is more than just a job title
      • may include your personality
      • can be described in a sentence
  • 21. 3. Values and beliefs What is important to you?
    • Regard your values as a GPS - when you wander off the path or lose direction - they bring you back on track.
    • When you are fully clear on your values, you attract to you people of like mind .
  • 22. Values and beliefs
    • The core values are those values you hold which form the foundation on which you perform, work and conduct yourself
    • What is MOST important to you in your work life?
  • 23. Capabilities What can you do?
    • Your skills are what recruiters are searching for (as in search on Google)
    • Being aware of your skills helps you search optimize your social cv targeting the work you want!
      • Skills and competences are important keywords in any CV!
  • 24. Capabilities
    • Keep your focus on
      • the skills and competences you need to achieve your vision
      • words and expressions as used by recruiters
    • What if I don’t have all the skills, I need?
      • No Problem! Just make a plan of how to get them!
  • 25. Behaviour How do you behave?
    • Your behaviour should reflect your vision and values.
    • If you ’do what you preach’, then you are trustworthy.
    • If not – you are on the wrong track!
      • Change your vision or change your behaviour!
  • 26. Behaviour
    • Behaviour is what you actually do – not what you say you do
    • In your social CV your behaviour shows in your
      • Profile (picture and resentation text)
      • Published content:
        • Posts, videos, presentations, comments… - what you say and do, and how often
      • Shares
      • Likes
  • 27. Surroundings Who, what and where
    • Your surroundings should support your vision and identity
    • Social media surroundings are:
      • Your connections
      • Choice of social networks
      • Group memberships
      • Your followers and who you follow
    Do your connections (Linkedin, Twitter, etc.) add value to your vision and identity?
  • 28.
    • Define the people you want to build a relation with
  • 29. Who is your audience?
    • Who are you trying to attract?
    • Where do they go online?
    • What are they looking and searching for?
  • 30. Think of your audience as people
    • When writing, forget statistics such as
      • Visitors, Page impressions, Users, clicks…
    • Using personas can be helpful in this proces
      • A persona is a description of a specific, however fictive, person.
        • Ask yourself, what would interest ”Tom”
  • 31. Where do your audience go?
    • Your target audience are probably
      • Recruiters
      • Company owners (Your future employer?)
      • People working in the same field as you (Your future colleagues?)
  • 32. Where do your audience go?
    • Do your research to define the media YOUR audience use online, such as:
      • Groups (like on Linkedin)
      • Forums
      • Communities (social network)
    • Have in mind:
      • Professional recruiters are (sometimes) first movers, HR consultants never are….
    • How do you want to change and develop your relationships?
  • 34. Strategies
    • What kind of relation do you want to build with your target audience?
      • Being aware of what relation you want to build helps you spend your time effectively
      • Time is always an issue when working with social media.
  • 35. What kind of relation do you want ?
    • Moving your audience from the outer circle to the inner circle takes time and ressources.
  • 36. Define and find your key words
      • Keywords are essential (without keywords – nobody finds you )
      • The trick is to ensure that your name pops up, whenever ”your” keywords are searched for
      • Which keywords do your target group use?
        • Recruiters usually search for job title, core skill(s) and geography (by city name or post code)
  • 37. Create a list of your key words
      • Use keywords and search strings (multiple words)
      • Jobtitles
        • Current, future, related
      • Skills (include synonyms)
    • Use the same 10 – 20 keywords in
      • Blog title and description
      • Posts,
      • Your social network profiles
      • Tags
    Entering keywords prepares your G o o g l e Juice
    • Choose the media that suits you - Your Landing Page
    • Your URL-identity
    • Build your social CV bit by bit
  • 39. A Social CV includes:
    • A landing page
      • With a personalised URL (your-full-name)
    • Content
      • Text, keywords, links, pictures
    • Feeds
      • From all of your media
      • From like minded media
  • 40. SUGGESTION * for a Social Media CV
    • *) Northern Europe and UK markets.
    • PHASE 1
    • Your Linkedin profile is your landing page
    • Make it content reach;
      • Picture
      • Endorsements
      • Portfolio (3 links )
      • Reading list (Amazon)
      • Group Memberships
    • Feed Twitter updates
    • Feed from your social networks
  • 41. Suggestion for a Social Media CV platform, Phase 2
    • For the more experienced
    • Make your blog your ”landing page ” (home page)
    • Retweet, like and comment from a social network
    • Become a contributing member in one/ more social networks
    • Feed your blog posts into your linkedin profile
    • Link to your media on your blog
    • Link to likewise media on your blog
  • 42. Make G o o g l e juice: Syndicate and link
    • Widgets are your new best friends
      • Find them on your blogs dashboard
    • Syndicate
      • Share information across your media
      • Integrate data from other sites/ networks
    • Link to sites and social networks you relate to
      • Size matters
      • Relevance matters
    Feeding and linking activates G o o g l e Juice
  • 43. GROW
    • Measure & maximise:
    • What impact do you make?
    • How visible are you?
  • 44. If you have 1 hour to spend…
    • PRODUCE: 40 min.
    • Produce content
      • Use your key words IN content
    • Present content
      • Use tags (key words)
    • Make a content summary
      • Blog post
        • Use categories and tags
    • SPREAD THE WORD: 20 min.
    • Spread the word
      • Tweet
      • Linkedin update
    • Ask for feedback
    • Refer (link) to your content when commenting on posts
      • Do it wisely and only when relevant
  • 45. Monitor your growth
    • 1. Keep track on Google
      • Search on your keywords and name
    • 2. Linkedin Search
      • How many read your profile
      • Growth in contacts
    • 2/3. Likes & RT’s
    • 3/4. Website statistics (blog)
      • How many finds you?
    • 3/4. Subscribers & Follower
  • 46. Tools to monitor (and enhance) your growth
    • Customised Google Search
    • Twitter impact and influence
    • Cross social media
    • Your social media history
  • 47. References, inspiration, examples and ”how to”
    • Putting together a Simple Social Media Plan
    • (Danish)
  • 48. Marianne Steen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Web entrepreneur & - business developer
    • 14 years as online professional
    • Present:
    • Investor, ( ,,,
    • Board member at JOB2SEA - Global jobportal for maritime professionals
    • Board member, Danish Association of Entrepreneurs
    • Web business developer consultant
    • Past:
    • Digital senior consultant
    • Owner, web consulting company
    • Director at, a jobboard software vendor
    • Masters degree in horticulture
  • 49. Thank you for your time!
    • Did you find this presentation useful?
    • I have more presentations (how to, examples)
    • Follow me on Twitter for updates: @mariannesteen
    • Meet, follow and comment on: