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  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Solutions “It is not the Strongest that will Survive, BUT the Most Adaptable” - Jong Yong Yun (CEO Samsung)© /2012
  2. 2. Do you have a business that needs a kick? I have a solution…© /2012
  3. 3. FACTS  According to the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 78% of marketers saw increased traffic with just six hours a week invested in social media.  Ask people what they use their smart phone for and you will hear a common answer ; browsing the internet, sending tweets on twitter, and checking face book. You will receive similar answers when you ask what they are doing on the computer when they are not working.  Social media enables you to build solid and genuine relationships online, which you can benefit from to grow your business.  Social media allows you to discover what consumers really think about your brand, products or services.  Social Media allows you to connect with your customers where they are spending their time.© /2012
  4. 4. THE GOAL  Create Strong Relationships : Social Media tools like facebook and twitter (and now Linkdin, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…) are used in the home and office usually when your customers are relaxed and comfortable. This is the time to talk to them and make your product or service valuable and worth sharing.  Listen : Hear what your customers say. Discover what they are saying about your brand or competitor, what are their needs and wants and create a conversation around it. Conversation leads to new customers and new sales.  Build Customer Loyalty : Use Social Media to make you stay connected with your customers and keep that buying relationship going for months and even years after the sale.© /2012
  5. 5. THE GOAL  Stay on Top of Customers Minds : By staying connected through Social Media you create a lingering presence. Post regularly even ideas and stories that have nothing to do with your business but has social relevance (ideally at the moment). This action alone will keep you remembered and your position at the top of your customers mind stay.  Generate Free Business : Loyal customers, users, and fans produced by your Social Media efforts will send you business. As they continue to think and talk about you and share you with their family and friends your build a network of prospects. As they say, the most effective way of marketing is by word of mouth … in this case Social Media interaction is making it happen.© /2012
  6. 6. STRATEGY Choose the right social media platforms to focus on with your time, energy and budget. Market where your customers are already in. Facebook is the most widely used social networking service with over 950 million active users Twitter is a social networking & micro blogging service that work around text based messages called tweets. It has at present 500 million active users. Tumblr is a micro blogging platform and social networking website that supports rich media, thus providing users with a stronger visual engagement. As of July 2012, there are 64 million tumblr. Blogs. Pinterest is practically a virtual pinboard where users share photos of their likes and interest. Barely 2 years and 10M unique visitors per month, it is the fastest growing social networking service to date. Businesses use Pinterest to promote their sites and to expand their network. Retailers claim to have generated huge sales from Pinterest.© /2012
  7. 7. HOW CAN I HELP YOU… Building full pages present your business and communicate with audience about your activities and how they will benefit when dealing with you. We will use photos, comments, slides or videos to express your business and what you provide According to researches of sales scientists in recent years. A customer thinks at least 7 times before he / she buys a product or service. Therefore you need to constantly engage and interact with your audience.  Build a full facebook page (150 USD)  Build a full Twitter Page (100 USD) SERVICES Build a Tumblr Page (150 USD) Build a Pinterest page (135 USD)  Content Management (150 USD / month)  Mailer Design (150 USD)© /2012
  8. 8. ADD ON Run facebook contest which are compliant with facebook contest rules so your page will not be deleted. Why run a contest?  Because everybody wants to WIN!  Encourage shares and invites to expand your network.  Raise awareness about your product or service.  Boost audience engagement. INTERESTED? Please feel free to contact me and we’ll get your competition running minus the stress.© /2012
  9. 9. SAMPLES Media Marketing SolutionsCONTACT:Marianne SilloriquezSocial Media Strategist, FacebookContest Specialist, Blogger andMarketer.E: strategist@gmail.comE:
  10. 10. FAQ What are the materials required to build the campaign?  All about your business; photos, proposals, and information. The more rich information the campaign has the more successful the campaign gets What are the payment methods?  50% upon confirmation / 50% after completion  Send payment via PAYPALL. Can I manage my activity on social media networks by myself?  Yes, because I build the pages and give you full information of it and you can manage the campaigns yourself© /2012