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English projectfinal

  1. 1. MariannaVitalePeriod 7
  2. 2. What Is Reality TV?• Reality TV shows are unscripted and candid• People in reality television shows are notactors and they are not paid to portray acertain character
  3. 3. Popularity of Reality TV• Reality TV becamepopular in the late 90’sand early 2000’s withshows like The RealWorld and American Idol• 40 Percent of prime timetelevision shows areclassified as realityshows (Barnhart)
  4. 4. Negative Effects of Reality Television• Shows like MTV’s 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, glamorize teenagepregnancy.• Teenage girls believe that if they become pregnant, they will get famouswith their own TV show.• Amber Portwood, star of MTV’s Teen Mom, makes about $280,000 peryear between her MTV salary, endorsement deals, interviews, and otherfame related events. (Dr. Phil)
  5. 5. Negative Effects of Reality Television• Jersey Shore, another product of MTV, constantlypromotes indoor tanning• Since the show aired, there has been a 22% increasein the popularity of tanning salons (Seventeen.com)
  6. 6. The InterviewMy mom works ata local NYC high school. She deals withteenagers who watch reality TV everyday. She believesreality TV influences the students in her school.Me: Who do you think is more influenced by reality TV,boys or girls?Mom: Definitely the girls. Reality TV shows like RealHousewives and Keeping Up With The Kardashiansconstantly glamourize plastic surgery & endorse it. Theyfeed off of young girls self esteem issues. Girls constantlycomplain about their hair, body, and anything else theythink is wrong with them. I’ve seen girls as young as 15 gothrough plastic surgeries, wanting to look perfect.Me: Do you think reality TV relates to how your studentsact towards each other and the staff?Mom: Definitely. Reality TV shows that feature physicalfights between the stars have a lot to do with the physicalfights between students. I personally believe that if ateenager sees it happening on TV, with no consequencesfor their actions, then they believe it’s okay.
  7. 7. The Interview (Continued)Me: Do you watch reality TV?Mom: I do, but I’m more into thecompetition shows like Survivor andAmerican Idol. The drama of RealHousewives of New Jersey is good once in awhile, but it gets old very quickly.Me: Do you think parents should monitorwhat their kids watch?Mom: In a perfect world, sure. But it’s notvery realistic. Between Netflix, TV’s in everyroom and the 100+ channels to choosefrom, it’s not very likely that you can controleverything your child watches. With thatbeing said, parents should be kept up tospeed with current shows and look intothem so they know what their children arewatching. Parents should have opencommunication with their children aboutwhat they are watching.
  8. 8. Watching Reality TV Lowers Self-Esteem?• Journalist Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. wrote an article for CNN about astudy done on Reality TV and Self Esteem. He found that through a poll of19,000 people, the ones who watched reality TV shows that didn’t involvea competition (Hell’s Kitchen, The Voice, Big Brother, etc…) have lower selfesteem and are extroverted compared to those who watch those shows.
  9. 9. Questions?• What shows are considered reality shows?• Are some reality shows scripted?• Are all effects of reality shows negative?• Do you think the FCC should provide harsherrules for reality shows to follow?
  10. 10. Want More Information?• Psychology Magazine• Seventeen.com• http://www.statisticbrain.com/television-watching-statistics/
  11. 11. Work CitedBarnhart, Aaron. "How Reality TV Took over Prime Time Read More Here:Http://www.kansascity.com/2010/12/04/2497484/how-reality-tv-took-over-prime.html#storylink=cpy." Kansascity.com. N.p., n.d. Web.<http://www.kansascity.com/2010/12/04/2497484/how-reality-tv-took-over-prime.html>."The Real Teen Mom: Alarming Statistics." Drphil.com. N.p., n.d. Web.http://drphil.com/articles/article/684>"Jersey Shore Boosts Tanning Companies." Seventeen.com. N.p., 29 July 2010. Web.<http://www.seventeen.com/fashion/blog/jersey-shore-tanning>.Gwyn-Williams, Gregory, JR. "Reality Show Viewers Are More Neurotic, Have Lower Self-Esteem,Study Finds." Cnsnews.com. N.p., 13 Dec. 2012. Web. <http://cnsnews.com/blog/gregory-gwyn-williams-jr/reality-show-viewers-are-more-neurotic-have-lower-self-esteem-study>.
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